OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes and Industries with Outstanding Home Automation Benefits


OnWords Smart Solutions

With the world rapidly marching towards digital dominance, OnWords facilitates home automation’s benefits like comfort, convenience, and safety. The company ardently believes that automation of homes and lifestyles should not be exclusively preserved for the privileged but rather should be seen as a universal right for all. With fervent determination, OnWords has embarked on a mission to make smart living accessible to everyone, ensuring that advanced systems, often reserved for luxurious homes, are within the reach of common households.
This ambitious journey began in May 2020, armed with a highly motivated team of three. Fueled by their unwavering commitment to crafting affordable and intuitive automation solutions, OnWords Smart Solutions’ progress has been inspiring. The team has now grown into a formidable force of 82 dedicated associates, each sharing a common vision of democratized smart living and fostering an overall improvement in living standards.
Our editorial team engaged in a freewheeling conversation with the company’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Nikhil Deepak N to talk in complete detail about the brand’s inception tale. The dignitary walked us through the struggles of venturing into a domain that wasn’t much talked about. Our team was also intrigued to know how the brand succeeded in establishing several benchmarks in the home automation industry. He also highlighted the norms of the company’s work culture and corporate ethos, thereby startling us with his exemplary business acumen. We invite our readers to join us as we take this opportunity to feature OnWords under the exclusive segment “Iconic Brands of the Year 2023”.

OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes And Industries With Outstanding Home Automation Benefits

The Inception Tale

For OnWords, the impetus to initiate this venture was profoundly personal and rooted in past experiences. Mr. Nikhil Deepak N observed the wide disparity in the sphere of home automation, accessible only to an exclusive few, predominantly in developed countries. He perceived a broad bifurcation between the technologically advanced domiciles in affluent nations and the average abodes in developing regions.
It became a source of motivation for Mr. Nikhil Deepak N to make home automation universal and an economic reality for all. The sole aspiration was to employ technology not merely as an instrument of convenience but as a conduit to amplify the quality of life, bolster security, and enhance energy efficiency.

Entrepreneurial Resilience: Turning Adversity into Opportunities

As OnWords embarked upon a journey in the realm of IoT (the Internet of Things), it was met with a series of considerable challenges that tested its determination and resilience. As any startup knows, the initial stages of setting up a business are always the most difficult, and it was no exception for OnWords either.
The first major challenge was securing the necessary funding to kick-start its operations. In a world where capital often equates with opportunity, finding the resources to nurture ideas is easier said than done.
Once the company secured some funding, the next hurdle was finding the right talent. The hiring process for a startup, particularly one in a rapidly evolving field like IoT, requires a delicate balance of technical expertise, vision, and the willingness to venture into uncharted territory. It was a steep learning curve, but one that taught the value of a strong, dedicated team.
Finding the right technical resources was also a challenge. In its early days, the company lacked basic tools like laptops, which are integral to work. The team had to borrow these from friends just to keep its operations running. The shortage of these vital tools in the initial stage was a harsh reminder of the difficulties startups face.
The availability of components was another significant roadblock, especially during the lockdown period. Supply chain disruptions meant that procuring the necessary parts for the required devices was a constant struggle. This, however, taught the team about the importance of adaptability and foresight in business.
Lastly, despite having passion for IoT, the team found itself battling with a lack of knowledge in some areas. IoT is a complex field that requires an understanding of diverse technologies and their integration. Filling in these knowledge gaps became a priority, leading them to invest time and resources in adequate learning.

The Indelible USPs

OnWords’ unique business model sets it apart in the competitive IoT landscape. The key differentiators, like an inclusive customer-centric approach, delivering tailored IoT solutions to meet individual needs, and driving excellence, among others, make them stand apart from the competition. The company always prioritizes sustainability, integrating cutting-edge technology with environmentally conscious practices to contribute to a sustainable future.
OnWords takes profound pride in its ability to create tailored IoT solutions. The team’s technical expertise and creative problem-solving approach allow them to fulfill unique client requirements effectively. An illustration of this is one of its distinct initiatives, “Challenge OnWords”, under which the company invites its clients to present the team with any of their automation problems. This not only demonstrates the company’s confidence in its expertise but also reflects its commitment to providing bespoke solutions in the IoT industry.
Moreover, OnWords also offers end-to-end solutions, handling all aspects of IoT integration from design to ongoing support, ensuring seamless functionality and eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Data security and privacy are paramount; hence, the team has inculcated measures to safeguard customer information, thereby fostering unshakeable trust. Despite providing top-tier IoT solutions, affordability is kept at the core to make advanced technology accessible to all.

OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes And Industries With Outstanding Home Automation Benefits

Rising Above the Rest with a Remarkable Service Portfolio

OnWords has positioned itself as a transformation partner to foster shifts in the way people interact with their living space, morphing houses into smart homes that not only listen, respond, and adapt to needs and commands but also offer an unrivaled layer of security.

Futuristic and Customizable Home Automation:

As pioneers in the smart home industry, the company’s expertise lies in facilitating a smooth transition from a conventional living setup to a fully automated home environment. These services are exclusively customized to suit the client’s requirements, turning their manifestations into reality.

Elegant Gate Automation:

Security is an indispensable factor for any house, whether basic or automated. Hence, OnWords ensures that its customers’ premises are always safeguarded. From sliding to folding and swing gates, the secured range of automated gate solutions are designed to offer ease of access while maintaining the highest level of security. The gate systems offer superior reliability and can be fully integrated into your overall home automation system for uninterrupted functionality.

Impenetrable Security Systems:

The company also offers home security systems designed to monitor and prevent intrusion. With OnWords, customers can live with peace of mind knowing that they, their families, and their possessions are protected by intelligent security solutions that provide real-time alerts and quick response mechanisms.

Bespoke Digital Solutions:

In the digital age, businesses need strong online presences to engage with their audiences. At OnWords, there is a dedicated and adept team of developers committed to creating innovative, user-centric, and robust digital solutions. These bespoke solutions are designed to fit specific requirements, ensuring that every digital footprint created is impactful and aligned with clients’ business objectives.

Innovative Construction Services:

Excellence doesn’t stop here for OnWords. The construction team at OnWords is driven by a zeal to not just build structures but to create intelligent environments. They are proficient in infusing the latest technology into construction projects, integrating effectual home automation, security, and gate automation solutions from the get-go.

Captivating Visual Media Services:

OnWords’ visual media services are designed to encapsulate a brand’s story in the most engaging and impactful way possible. From conceptualization and content creation to production and post-production, the company manages the entire process.

OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes And Industries With Outstanding Home Automation BenefitsKnowing About the Marketing Initiatives

OnWords has implemented a range of successful marketing strategies to effectively communicate its services and engage with its customer base. Through content marketing, OnWords emphasizes educating its audience about the advantages of embracing technology through informative blog posts, articles, and compelling case studies.
This strategy has helped OnWords position itself as an industry thought leader. Social media engagement allows the team to build a vibrant community and directly interact with customers through regular posts, informative videos, and live Q&A sessions.
Additionally, investing in SEO and SEM has expanded OnWords’ online presence, attracting potential clients. Personalized email campaigns maintain direct communication and foster lasting relationships with customers, while showcasing real-life customer experiences through testimonials and case studies enhances trust and credibility. Collaborations with other businesses and influencers, along with hosting webinars and workshops, further contribute to the company’s reach and customer engagement.

Blueprint of the Future Plans

OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes And Industries With Outstanding Home Automation Benefits

OnWords is committed to meeting the dynamic needs of its esteemed clients, and with great excitement, the company announces a range of remarkable changes and new categories coming this year.
The foremost focus will be to further expand the company’s horizons into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Through these advancements, the aim is to enhance its home solutions and web and app development services.
Additionally, OnWords understands the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, which is why the company is enhancing its cybersecurity services. Clients can expect comprehensive security systems, improved data protection, and state-of-the-art privacy safeguards, ensuring their online safety and peace of mind.
In addition to upholding its responsibilities towards the serenity of the environment, OnWords is proud to introduce its line of sustainability initiatives, such as energy-efficient smart home solutions and eco-friendly construction practices, to minimize its environmental impact.
Moreover, OnWords is also introducing new web design packages and an “OnWords Community Portal” to foster client connections and upgrade customer support for an unparalleled experience.

OnWords: Equipping Contemporary Homes And Industries With Outstanding Home Automation Benefits

An Intellectual Repository for the Readers

Having Mr. Nikhil Deepak N onboard and getting to know his brand’s legacy was an absolute pleasure for Prime Insights. We were sure that his entrepreneurial perspectives would be of immense value to our audience. We requested the dignitary to spare a few words for the enlightenment of our global readership panel, to which he says,
“As a pioneering firm in the smart home and IoT sectors, OnWords sends a clear and inspiring message to young entrepreneurs. The first takeaway is the importance of innovation and adaptation in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape. OnWords started as a company focused on home automation, but we recognized early on the potential of technologies such as IoT, AI, and ML. We adapted and integrated these technologies into our offerings, staying ahead of the curve.
In a nutshell, the journey of OnWords serves as a testament to the power of innovation, customer-centricity, social responsibility, and a dedicated team. It’s a reminder that success is not just about what you do but also how you do it and who you do it for. As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, we hope you take these lessons to heart and build ventures that make a real difference.”

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