Dnyanesh Sashte: Leading the IT Support Revolution with WTS (WIS TECHNOSAVVY PVT LTD) Commitment to Innovation and Trust

The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2024

Dnyanesh Sashte | WIS Technosavvy Pvt. Ltd.

The IT landscape is ever-evolving, demanding flexible and reliable support for businesses of all sizes. In today’s hyper-connected world, reliable IT infrastructure isn’t a luxury; it’s a lifeline.

WTS is a revolutionary force, redefining IT support. Founded in 2019 by the visionary Dnyanesh Sashte, WTS has transformed from a one-man operation into a powerhouse with 60+ strong teammates across three branches in India. Their main branch stands in Pune, and the other two are in Bombay and Goa. Their focus on extraordinary service has propelled them to become the trusted partner for IT infrastructure in diverse industries, from manufacturing giants to hospitals and software companies.

Behind this remarkable journey are key individuals driving the company forward: Pallavi Sashte, the CFO, brings strategic financial expertise; Gangadhar Sashte, Operation Head, ensures seamless operational efficiency; and Ashwini Godbole, Director of Business Development, spearheads growth initiatives with vision and acumen. Together, they form the dynamic leadership team steering Wisdom Tech towards continued success and innovation.

But what truly sets WTS apart? In this exclusive interview for our prestigious “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2024” edition, we delve deep into the mind of Dnyanesh Sashte. Get ready to glean invaluable insights from this industry leader, explore his leadership philosophy, and discover the secrets behind Wisdom Tech’s phenomenal success. Stay tuned, and learn from the leader himself!

Prime Insights: What inspired you to start WTS?

WTS was born out of my passion for exceptional customer service, with a focus on exceeding expectations and getting the job done right, on time. Witnessing a gap in the industry for impeccable IT services, I aimed to deliver timely and reliable solutions, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. I saw an opportunity to make a difference. And that’s how WTS started.

Prime Insights: What were the initial challenges faced by your business?

As with any startup, WTS’s early days were also full of challenges. Initially, I was single-handedly looking after all the tasks in business. Building a strong team, managing finances, and securing funding all required constant attention. But our diligent focus and commitment to superior service, client satisfaction, and going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service ultimately helped us overcome these hurdles.

Prime Insights: How does WTS define “trust” in the market?

We are in a service-based industry. At WTS, we build trust by providing flexible, responsive service that meets each client’s unique needs. We prioritize open communication and a ‘client comes first’ approach to giving services within a dedicated timeline to build long-lasting relationships.

Prime Insights: What are the services offered by Wisdom Tech?

At WTS, we’re your one-stop shop for all things IT. We provide a comprehensive range of IT support, from hardware, networking, and software support to advanced cybersecurity solutions and cloud services. We partner with industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, RedHat, HP, IBM, and Dell to give our clients the best access to technology.

Prime Insights: In an age of mistrust, how do you build consumer trust?

Customers majorly want good service within time, so forget about brands; anyone giving good service can make them loyal to you. We prioritize exceptional service over flashy branding. By delivering timely and reliable solutions, we build trust with clients, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Prime Insights: How has Wisdom Tech made its mark in the industry?

WTS has carved a niche by keeping our promises and prioritizing client satisfaction. We never make false commitments that we cannot fulfill for our clients. This builds trust and nurtures long-lasting client relationships, keeping them loyal.

Prime Insights: What defines a customer for WTS?

We live by the motto, “Always give people more than what they expect to get.” Customers are like God to us and are our top priority. They are our partners in success. We listen attentively to their needs, offering flexible solutions and competitive rates to ensure their satisfaction. It’s about building trust and exceeding expectations, not chasing a quick sale. We try to match customers’ demands for service even with budget constraints. They are the children we listen to and fulfill the demands of.

Dnyanesh Sashte
Pallavi Sashte | CFO |

Prime Insights: How well-connected are clients with WTS?

Flexibility is the key. We get loads of feedback from our customers, which we take constructively. We believe in open communication and regular review to improve our work and services. We value their input to continuously improve in the field. So most of the time, we pass the test, but sometimes we fail too. We never take it to heart but to the brain, and we implement strategies to improve our services by rectifying the mistake. It helps us remain best yet humble.

Prime Insights: What are the most effective marketing initiatives you use for your brand?

Face-to-face interaction remains our primary marketing tool, offering free consultations to showcase our expertise, build confidence, and foster long-term partnerships. Once they use our services and products in trials, they are confident enough to purchase them. We are also invested in digital marketing and social media.

Prime Insights: Any new categories or changes this year?

We’re expanding into cybersecurity and cloud security solutions, hiring talent skilled in the latest technologies to offer upgraded services to meet ever-changing client needs.

Dnyanesh Sashte
Gangadhar Sashte
| Operation Head |

Prime Insights: How do you measure consumer trust in WTS?

Client retention and referrals are key indicators of trust, reflecting our commitment to provide impeccable service and build trust in them. If I am giving services to company A and they are referring me to company B, then it’s about creating goodwill with your work, and that’s how you let your work and services speak for themselves. Clients positive feedback also plays a major role in measuring their trust.

Prime Insights: What’s the first thing consumers think of when they see your brand?

Flexibility, accessibility, and competitive pricing are synonymous with WTS, making sure that client needs are met with customized solutions and outstanding service.

Prime Insights: What are the future plans for WTS?

Our vision includes expanding nationwide, reaching more clients, and giving advanced services, aiming to exceed 500+ clients and expand globally.

Prime Insights: How has your journey as an entrepreneur been?

Entrepreneurship is challenging but rewarding. Overcoming obstacles, managing finances, and prioritizing customer satisfaction have been keys to our unmatched success.

Dnyanesh Sashte
Ashwini Godbole
| Director of Business Development |

Prime Insights: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year, from a personal as well as a professional point of view?

I aim to double our team size, upskill them, and stay updated with the latest technologies, ensuring WTS remains at the forefront of innovation and service excellence.

Prime Insights: A piece of advice for budding young entrepreneurs?

Take a leap of faith and just go for it. Stay confident, flexible, and face challenges head-on. Never underestimate the power of your confidence, as it plays a major role in your success. Prioritize service excellence, believe in yourself, and chase your dreams with determination. Good service and confidence are the keys to success and cracking the market.

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