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Thinksemi Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

The electronics manufacturing industry thrives on innovation and efficiency. Companies like Thinksemi play a critical role in bringing cutting-edge technology to life and transforming complex designs into reliable products.
Thinksemi Infotech Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2016 by Sudharsan Ramajeyam, is a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company headquartered in Chennai, India. Thinksemi takes pride in its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing a comprehensive range of services from design support to manufacturing and after-sales support.
Curious about what makes Thinksemi a phenomenal place to work? We’re thrilled to feature them in our esteemed “Best Place to Work for 2024” edition! In this exclusive interview, we delve deeper with Sudharsan Ramajeyam (Managing Director) to explore Thinksemi’s unique company culture, their approach to employee development, and the secrets behind their success. Get ready to discover valuable insights and key takeaways that can help you cultivate a thriving and rewarding work environment in your own organization. Stay tuned!

Prime Insights: What does it take for someone to be successful here?

Success at Thinksemi is about more than just skills and knowledge—it’s about having a strong work ethic, a passion for what you do, a sense of purpose, and being a team player. People who thrive here are dedicated to their work, genuinely love what they do, understand why it matters, and enjoy collaborating with others to achieve common goals. They’re not just focused on their individual success but on contributing to the success of the whole team and the company as a whole.

Prime Insights: What kinds of employee achievements are recognized by the company?

At Thinksemi, various employee achievements are recognized and celebrated. Here are a couple of examples:

Loyalty: Thinksemi values employees who have shown long-term dedication and commitment to the company. Recognizing their years of service and loyalty helps foster a strong sense of belonging and commitment among the staff.

Continuous Learning and Development: The company acknowledges and appreciates employees who actively engage in continuous learning and skill development. Whether it’s acquiring new skills, completing training programs, or obtaining certifications, the achievements in the personal and professional lives of our employees matter to us.

Prime Insights: Can you describe the environment here?

Thinksemi isn’t just a company—it’s more like a big family where everyone helps each other grow, both personally and professionally. People work together closely, supporting each other like family members. It’s a place where everyone feels like they belong and where they can develop their skills and careers while also forming strong bonds with others.

Prime Insights: How does the organization support its employees’ professional development and career growth?

At Thinksemi, we prioritize employee growth and career advancement. We offer comprehensive training programs, including IPC standards training, to ensure superior quality, reliability, and consistency in electronics manufacturing.

Prime Insights: How would you characterize the company’s overall management style?

Thinksemi By actively recruiting from rural areas, the company not only creates job opportunities but also uplifts living standards in these communities. Thinksemi’s mission is centered on providing comprehensive support to its employees, with a focus on cultivating leadership qualities in each individual. This approach fosters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and mutual growth within the organization.

Prime Insights: What is your company’s approach to team building and career development?

At Thinksemi, we prioritize team building and career development. We organize team activities, provide mentorship, offer training programs, assist with career planning, and recognize employee contributions. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where every team member can grow personally and professionally.

Prime Insights: How does your company respond to and overcome failures?

At Thinksemi, we embrace failures as learning opportunities. We conduct root cause analyses, encourage open communication, focus on continuous improvement, provide support to team members, and maintain accountability. Our goal is to turn setbacks into stepping stones for growth and innovation.

ThinksemiPrime Insights: How are employees recognized for their efforts?

Acknowledgment and Praise: We regularly acknowledge and praise employees for their hard work, dedication, and contributions. This can be through public shout-outs during team meetings, personalized thank-you notes, or informal recognition from managers and peers.

Performance Awards: We offer performance awards to employees who demonstrate exceptional performance or achieve significant milestones. These awards may include bonuses, certificates, or other forms of recognition tailored to individual accomplishments.

Career Advancement Opportunities: We provide opportunities for career advancement and professional growth to employees who consistently excel in their roles. This may involve promotions, increased responsibilities, or access to specialized training and development programs.

Employee Appreciation Events: We organize employee appreciation events and celebrations to recognize collective achievements and milestones. These events serve as a platform to express gratitude to the entire team for their hard work and dedication.

Customized Rewards and Incentives: We offer customized rewards and incentives based on employees’ preferences and interests. This can include gift cards, extra time off, or other perks that align with individual preferences and motivations.

ThinksemiPrime Insights: What is the work-life balance like?

At Thinksemi, we understand the importance of work-life balance. We promote flexible schedules and offer support for employees to manage their workload effectively. Additionally, we encourage employees to take time off when needed and prioritize self-care. Our aim is to create an environment where individuals can excel in their careers while also enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

Prime Insights: Does the company host social outings or events for employees?

Yes, at Thinksemi, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among our employees. To promote social connections and team bonding, we regularly host social outings and events. These may include team lunches, happy hours, sports activities, picnics, or volunteer opportunities in the community. These events provide opportunities for employees to relax, unwind, and connect with their colleagues outside of the workplace, fostering a positive and inclusive company culture.

Prime Insights: What personality traits do you look for in your ideal team members?

At Thinksemi, we value a diverse range of personality traits in our team members. Some of the key traits we look for include:

Collaborative: We value individuals who are team players and thrive in collaborative environments. Being able to work effectively with others, share ideas, and contribute to collective goals is essential.

Adaptable: In a dynamic and fast-paced work environment, adaptability is crucial. We look for individuals who can quickly adjust to change, navigate uncertainty, and remain resilient in the face of challenges.

Proactive: We seek team members who take initiative and are proactive in identifying opportunities for improvement or innovation. Being able to anticipate needs, problem-solve, and take action independently is highly valued.

Communicative: Strong communication skills are essential for effective collaboration and coordination within teams. We look for individuals who can express themselves clearly, listen actively, and communicate ideas and feedback effectively.
Passionate: Passion for our work and industry is contagious and drives us to achieve excellence. We seek team members who are genuinely passionate about what they do, motivated to make a positive impact, and committed to continuous learning and growth.

ThinksemiPrime Insights: Is the company’s strategic approach driven by processes or results?

The company’s strategic approach is likely driven by processes. This indicates a focus on establishing clear procedures, methodologies, and quality control measures to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes. They prioritize well-defined steps and adherence to those steps to achieve their goals.

Prime Insights: Do the company’s different departments ever collaborate with one another? What kinds of people seem to succeed in this company or department?

Yes, collaboration between different departments is encouraged at Thinksemi. We believe that strong communication and teamwork are essential for success. We foster a culture where different departments can easily share ideas and expertise. This cross-departmental collaboration allows us to be more efficient, innovative, and ultimately provide a better experience for our customers.

Prime Insights: Thinksemi has a remarkable growth trajectory. Can you share some of the milestones of the organization?

Definitely! We started small in Chennai back in 2016. Think Semi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Saidapet, Chennai, India. By 2017, we’d expanded domestically with a new regional office in Bangalore. A big step came in 2018 with our own EMS unit for manufacturing control. We then ventured overseas in 2019 with a Shenzhen office in China, followed by Hong Kong in 2020. Our success translated into a turnover of 5.7 million USD by 2021. We continued our international presence with a Singapore office in 2022, and just last year, we completed our new 55,000-square-foot corporate headquarters with manufacturing facilities for EMS and wiring harnesses in Siruseri, Sipcot IT Park, Chennai, India. It’s been an exciting journey, and we’re eager to see what’s next for Thinksemi.

Prime Insights: What are the road map and future plans of the company?

Thinksemi’s roadmap focuses on becoming the top EMS provider, delivering top-notch products with zero rejections. Key initiatives include continuous improvement, technology investment, talent development, strategic partnerships, and sustainability. Through these efforts, we aim to optimize operations, innovate, empower our team, collaborate effectively, and uphold environmental and social responsibility. Our vision is to be recognized globally for exceptional quality and value, driving success for both customers and partners.


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