Sharade Kamalanathan: Pioneering Excellence in Technology and Security at Nuvento Inc.

The 10 Most Influential Women Leaders Making a Difference in 2024

Sharade Kamalanathan | Nuvento Inc.

Meet an influential leader shaping the landscape of technology and information security at Nuvento Inc. With a Master’s in Business Studies, specializing in Human Resources Management and Finance, Sharade brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her journey is marked by pivotal moments, from early exposure to technology to overcoming global challenges like COVID-19. Sharade’s leadership style prioritizes integrity, collaboration, and innovation, driving organizational success. As an advocate for continuous learning and diversity, she fosters a culture of empowerment and inclusion. With a passion for music and a dedication to information security, Sharade embodies resilience and purpose-driven leadership.
In the spotlight of “The 10 Most Influential Women Leaders Making a Difference in 2024,” we unveil the remarkable journey of Sharade Kamalanathan, igniting the entrepreneurial flame within us all. Join us as we delve into her compelling narrative, brimming with invaluable insights and boundless inspiration. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of empowerment and innovation. Let’s dive deep into the extraordinary story of Sharade Kamalanathan.

Q1: What pivotal moments in your leadership journey have shaped your approach to business and innovation?

Reflecting on pivotal moments, working for an organization such as Nuvento which is a data- and AI-driven company, got me early exposure to technology, which sparked curiosity, mentorship shaped my leadership style, failures taught resilience, cross-functional collaboration broadened my perspective, and customer-centric mindset drove innovation.
Each of these experiences occurred at different stages and contexts of my career, contributing to my growth as a leader.

Q2: Reflecting on your leadership style, what core values or principles do you prioritize in driving organizational success?

Prioritize integrity, vision, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, results-oriented focus, innovation, risk-taking, a customer-centric mindset, continuous learning, and resilience.
These values and principles are not just abstract ideals but integral components of my day-to-day decision-making and interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.

Q3: How do you envision the future of your industry, and what strategies are you implementing to stay at the forefront of innovation?

The future of the technology industry is dynamic, marked by trends like AI/ML, quantum computing, cybersecurity, HCI, and agile development.
As a data-driven organization, Nuvento focuses on 4 major areas of Technology i.e., AI, VI, Cloud, and Data Engineering. To stay at the forefront of innovation, strategies in our organization involve adaptability, curiosity, innovation, lifelong learning, and talent development.
We focus on the Power of Generative and Interactive AI, Robotic Automation, and Data Led Transformations. Trying to unlock loads of AI potential today through new possibilities – our approach is to game up above said strategies to turn these possibilities into reality.
These strategies are implemented through various initiatives and investments in research, development, and talent acquisition.

Q4: Share a significant leadership challenge you’ve overcome and the lessons learned from that experience.

Overcoming global risks amid COVID-19 emphasized the importance of data safeguarding and maintaining a security-first mindset. Addressing challenges such as maintaining the visibility of network assets, avoiding new risks when integrating apps, and recruiting and retaining skilled talent required strategic planning, collaboration, and agility.

Q5: What leadership qualities do you believe are essential for navigating today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape?

Adaptability, vision, emotional intelligence, resilience, and collaboration empower leaders to navigate dynamic landscapes. These qualities are cultivated through experience, self-reflection, and continuous development, serving as guiding principles in leadership roles.
Apart from these, up-scaling oneself and continuous learning are absolutely essential for the competitive business landscape.

Q6: Could you elaborate on a game-changing initiative or decision you’ve spearheaded that has had a profound impact on your organization?

A Game-changing initiative – definitely would-be early implementation and certification of PIMS and early understanding and steps to adopt DPDPA, as it strongly bonded our data security and privacy expertise to the next level, creating a profound impact in organization as well as business.

Q7 In what ways do you foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and empowerment within your team?

Our core team believes in collaboration, empowerment, recognition, diverse perspectives, experimentation, and leading by example to foster collaboration, creativity, and empowerment within teams. By creating a supportive environment where every voice is heard and valued, teams can achieve greater innovation and success.

Q8: How do you approach risk-taking and decision-making in your role as a leader, especially in times of uncertainty or disruption?

Bold decision-making, embracing uncertainty, decision-making frameworks, balancing risks and rewards, scenario planning, learning from failures, collaboration, resilience, and agility are essential components of risk management. By carefully assessing risks and opportunities, leaders can make informed decisions that drive organizational growth and resilience.

Q9: What advice would you give to aspiring leaders looking to make a significant impact in their respective industries?

Continuous learning, EQ development, networking, leading by example, embracing failure, visionary thinking, empowering others, adaptability, seeking feedback, and purpose-driven leadership are essential for aspiring leaders. By embodying these principles, aspiring leaders can cultivate their skills and make a positive impact in their respective industries.

Q10: How do you stay motivated and inspired as a leader, especially during challenging times or setbacks?

Purpose, resilience, self-care, learning from others, celebrating wins, surrounding oneself with positivity, adaptability, mind-set shift, leading by example, and reflecting on impact are strategies for staying motivated as a leader. By maintaining focus on the bigger picture and finding inspiration in both successes and setbacks, leaders can sustain their drive and effectiveness.

Q11: Share your insights on the importance of continuous learning and personal development in enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Continuous learning enhances leadership by promoting adaptability, broadening perspectives, skill enhancement, staying ahead, and modelling behaviour, improving risk management, fostering collaboration, inspiring others, and ensuring long-term success. By committing to lifelong learning, leaders can stay relevant and drive innovation in their organizations.

Q12: Reflecting on your legacy as a leader, what do you hope to be remembered for in your contributions to your organization and beyond?

A legacy of compassion, self-development, succession planning, and inspiring others defines impactful leadership. By prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders can create a positive organizational culture that fosters growth and innovation.

Q13: In what ways do you prioritize and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within your leadership practices and organizational culture?

Promoting DE&I within leadership practices and organizational culture is crucial for creating a positive workplace. By fostering an environment where every individual feels valued and respected, as organisations, we can harness the full potential of their diverse talent pool and drive greater success.

Q14: Lastly, what message or words of wisdom would you like to share with fellow leaders and aspiring professionals reading this interview?

Encourage lifelong learning, adaptability, and taking calculated risks. Leadership is about empowering others, fostering collaboration, and creating a growth environment. Aspiring professionals should challenge themselves, embrace failure, seek mentorship, and never stop learning. By embodying these principles, leaders can drive positive change and inspire others to reach their full potential.

Sharade Kamalanathan
Nuvento Inc.
Master in Business Studies in Human Resources Management and Finance (Gold Medalist—HRM Consistent Topper in UG and PG Certified), ISO 27001 LA.

Sharade is an entrepreneur, classical singer, and information security compliance expert with over 4 years of experience. She has contributed numerous articles about information security. She currently handles information security and privacy compliance for IT products and services.


Email ID: [email protected]


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