Weather Fighter Pvt. Ltd: A Firm Dedicated To Provide Enduring Protection To Your Infrastructure


Weather Fighter Pvt. Ltd.

Headquartered in Pune, Weather Fighter is an eminent coating specialist company that has been the league’s leader in providing quality protective coating services. Giving a brief idea about protective coatings: These are Specialized Coatings designed to protect surfaces from harsh weathering conditions, UV Rays, High Temperature, Corrosion and Oxidation. These Coatings increases a Structure’s longevity, resistance to damage and adding aesthetic looks to it.
So as the name speaks, Weather Fighter is a fighter disguised as a protective layer. It is the one-stop destination to find diverse varieties of surface protection. What makes them unbeatable is their comprehensive service model churned out from modernistic standards and technology. The team of certified individuals pours in their sound knowledge in bestowing their services with technological advancements, sustainability, and energy-efficient ideology. The broad niches of coatings procure the requirements of industrial, residential, and commercial domains. So to elaborate further about the company’s service portfolio and other majestic elements aligned in the queue we have Mr. Sharad Purushottam Kathole- Founder of Weather Fighter Pvt. Ltd joining us today. What started as a small company in 2009, the small steps turned gigantic and now the company is handling massive industrial projects. So why wait any further? Let’s see the detailed yet crisp brand story of Weather Fighter and see what their legacy is all about.

Inception Story of the Company

It is well-said that human minds have the power to reach far-fledged and unimaginative ends. The power of believing in your dreams can turn them into reality. During the time exploring various businesses, Mr. Sharad ended up on the potential niche of the coating business and decided to venture into it.

Catering to Diverse Clientele

All of their products are known to offer distinct and top-notch “Techno-Commercial” benefits. The trust consumers have in the brand is purely derived from the company’s fulfilled promises and dedication to standing true to their morals. Weather Fighter delivers quality services under a fair price segment. The team knows how to quickly handle their client services’ issues which makes their clientele feel regarded at the best. Moreover, getting the n-number of repeated business and work orders from MNCs is a testimonial of their quality services. They enjoy an immense track of trusted services to huge brands. Weather Fighter’s team preserves perfect relations with their clients. To stay connected with their clients until the completion of the collaboration defines the barometer of trust.

Passion for Simplistic Marketing Initiatives

The company implemented many effective yet organic marketing strategies like –Email Marketing, Social media Marketing, Content Marketing, Referral Marketing, and Awareness in Chemical Companies.: Weather Fighter is a trust name in the Protective Coatings Industry. The foremost description of their business revolves around giving exact technical solutions and quality work.

An Insight of Initial Struggles

The road wasn’t easy like always. Lack of focused guidance to the industries was one of them. With non-technical and local contractors giving random guidance at that time, the decision-making systems suffered a lag. The traditional methodologies ate major chunks of the low budgets and price expectations weren’t satisfactory for the team. But with time, the team started to incorporate technology and exact practical approaches in the services. Their excellence is now shining like never before!

The Anecdote of X-Factors

Weather Fighter is the most preferred choice for heat-reducing coatings, Industrial Waterproofing, Epoxy Flooring, PU Flooring, Electrical Insulation Fire Retardant Coatings & Customized Coatings.
In many Industries; heat is challenging to tackle. Thus the essentiality of heat-reducing coatings becomes imperative. The brand has pledged to protect lives from this heat and provide all-around protection against it. Moreover, they also deal in waterproof coatings, shockproof coatings, fireproof coatings, and roof-protecting coatings. Such services are an integral part of modern day maintenance and construction projects as they prevent worst case scenarios of replacing the whole structure. Weather Fighter stands true to its environmental responsibility and heedfully works to make the cost & energy of its services efficient and technologically sufficient.

Goals for Future

Weather Fighter is expanding its footprints in the field of protective coatings. For them what deserves utmost attention is the quality offered to the clients. The entire team is working meticulously to achieve a turnover of 200 crores in the next decade. Furthermore, the size of the team will be doubled with more expert engineers joining to cater to multiple clients with resilience. The company is also going to start its manufacturing unit for project-specific products which are generally not easily available in the market.

A Short Tale of Mr. Sharad’s Years long Entrepreneurial Journey

During the conversation, Mr. Sharad talked about the struggles he had faced and fought with just like a true fighter. He used to work as a pizza delivery boy in 12th standard. But he was always motivated by his passion for fitness. Following this passion, he did various jobs in the field of Fitness, Education and Financial Institutes. While appearing for MBA in HR and Management he entered numerous fields like Event Management, Real Estate, Textile, Electronics & Telecommunication,FMCG. While exploring all these fields, he absorbed the sound knowledge of Industrial Protective Coating and decided to leap into this industry.

For the Readership Panel

Mr. Sharad says that- “If you don’t love what you do then don’t do it”. The reason why he believes that is because as an entrepreneur, one has to be audacious enough to pour in long hours of dedication and make sacrifices for the business. If a person is passionate about what he/she does, then putting your consistent efforts won’t feel like a sacrifice anymore. Entrepreneurs should know their choices and learn to recognize the risks that will work for the benefit of the company.

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