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Mind IT Systems

For every business out there, the real race is to stay ahead of the competition or at least be on the same pace as its competitors. To stay relevant, every business needs to have ever improving structures and processes. Custom software applications have proven track record to enhance and streamline the efficiency of an organization’s work processes and new business initiatives. Thus, customer software development becomes imperative at all costs to enjoy strategic advancements. Consulting, Product Development, CRM implementations, and access to technically superior teams for transforming business digitally are what we will be touching upon today! With that being highlighted, we welcome our readers to read the brand story of Mind IT Systems which is an emerging face of India’s most valuable web and mobile app development companies. Today, to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurial motivation we have Shailendra Gupta- Co-Founder and CEO of Mind IT Systems. The Technology Firm leader talked about many lesser-known facts about his company and its contribution to the IT development sector.

Beginning the Track

Mind IT® started with the purpose of empowering businesses with modernistic and innovative software solutions. Primary drivers of founding team were to generate employment opportunities, transform the listening of rest of the world about Indian IT companies and, serve clients without any compromises on values whatsoever. Team has grown stronger with passage of time as it has always been mindful about the organization culture and these primary drivers. We are a group of experienced professionals providing custom-built development services for businesses of all industries, scales, and sizes, serving clients globally.

Offering the Best-Of-Best Industry Practices

Mind IT Systems service portfolio, we broadly deal with-

  • Custom Software Development, which is about creating, designing, deploying, and maintaining software, particularly for a business. This is done solely as per the state of functioning of our client’s business. The customer software development includes collecting requirements, building code, testing the software, and deploying the aforementioned.
  • Consulting servicesfocusing on business and technical choices, and subsequently last mile execution. We help you pick the right technology, awesome UX, right architecture, building scalable solutions, as well as helping in bottlenecks which your team may have run into. The experts curate an effective execution strategy with their sound knowledge of Product Engineering, UI/UX Services, and enterprise IT Solutions.
  • The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Services are tailored to call for an excellent customer experience. These expand customer, partner, and employee commitment. Includes customization of Saleforce, SugarCRM etc. and integrations with third party solutions.

Mind IT Systems also provides development teams for our customers across the globe. We have our services spread across multiple domains like FinTech, Supply Chain, Healthcare, HR, among others. Access to the right teams and developers is quite a boost in the arm for new product companies as well as enterprises, for accomplishing specific timelines and roadmaps.

Overcoming Challenges

The major challenge was building an astute team to deliver our vision and mission with the utmost passion. Once we achieved the desired base team, things started to fall right into place. Building the right culture for technical teams, enforcing common set of values and providing right set of challenges to different teams, helps a lot.

Covering Miles to Support the Clientele

Our services have always left a mark on the hearts of our consumers. We simply deliver our promises with all values in place. We connect with our customers as a partner rather than a vendor. With multiple customers, we have a multi-year ongoing relationship. Our first customer is still a dear customer to us. We have observed that the biggest and most successful customers have a specific trait. They trust their partner, making achieving success together so much easier. We are aware and conscious of the mindset of our customers and we look forward to the basic alignment in values, and our customers look at us as reliable and trusted partners. To maintain the same trust we regularly conduct CSAT exercises and collect feedback from our clients. Great experience in all interactions, process maturity, and high commitment are the other points which our customers mention when we ask them why they continue to work with us.

Setting Plans for Future Milestones

Mind IT Systems is actively working to make brand experience similar across all stakeholders. We are in B2B business and our brand is well-acknowledged among businesses, corporates, and developer’s world. We are working to build our brand awareness with our among the public as well, and go beyond B2B circles, especially among upcoming product builders and new founders. Multiple initiatives like podcasts, video marketing, and experimentation with OOH advertising are to help us build our brand awareness at the grassroot level. Plan also include doubling our team size and increasing our global footprints by expanding to the European and MENA region.

Thoughts About Entrepreneurial Journey so far

The thrill of the unknown, building a challenge ready mindset and expanding my own skills and abilities are all part of the experiences of journey. Deeply fulfilling and exciting are the appropriate words to describe my journey so far!

A Note of Motivation for the Readers

Congratulations firstly on taking up this challenge. We need more and more entrepreneurs to make a sustainable impact on most of the world’s big problems today.

As a young entrepreneur, irrespective of whether bootstrapped or investor driven, being profitable is important along with building your business on values. Having mentors for different aspects of business can help in building your business better and faster. At an individual level, Entrepreneurship can be demanding on both body and mind. Cultivating a balanced mind, good health and conscious habits help immensely in building a better tomorrow, for yourself and for the world.




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