Good-quality and well-designed furniture can give any space, magnificent and aesthetic vibes at an instant. The extra element of finesses is added because your furniture has the power to leave an ever-lasting impression. So, our Prime Insights team is back again with another story of success and dedication by featuring Durian Industries Pvt. Ltd. The brand holds the pioneer position in devising veneer to plywood, home-to-office furniture, modular furniture to office furniture, and workplace solutions.
Durian Furniture is a company that coalesces its passion for client satisfaction along with industry expertise to bring quality products on board. With an impressive catalog of 700- products ranging from factory-made to imported furniture, the company is relentlessly working in their realms. Mr. Sajjan Dokania- the Chairman and Managing Director of Durian Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been the strongest pillar of support over these years and his motivation has always been the love for the work he does. His proactive vision inspired us to make them a special part of our exclusive edition of “Iconic Business Leaders of the Year 2022”. The unmatched service portfolio and the spirit for serving the best are all set to captivate our readers.

A Glimpse of the Luminary

Previously engaged as a business analyst for the business in Kolkata, Mr. Dokania has hand-held the firm since its inception in Mumbai in 1981. He has had a significant role in transforming the business into a fully-fledged interior solution firm over the last four decades. Having understood the market requirements; Mr. Dokania has set up nine major manufacturing units. These units manufacture Plywood, Veneer, Laminates, Doors, and World Class Furniture right here in India. Leading by example, Mr. Dokania personally looks into every business vertical. Many times he selects products and materials from across the world to ensure the quality check. His ardent conviction, far-fledged ideology, and positive attitude have contributed to establishing the firm at massive heights.

Beginning the Journey

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: The Company made its first move in the wholesale and retail trade of plywood in 1981. Later in 1985, we started creating majestic spaces for homes and offices. From the days of importing furniture, we now ventured into setting up our manufacturing unit. We manufacture our range of ergonomic sofas, beds, chairs, and tables. After the inception of our modular factory, we have evolved into a trusted provider of colossal office desks and shelving systems. We have handled multiple turnkey projects of all scales and sizes across both the public and private sectors of India. The roots of our company have absorbed over 40 years of expertise and knowledge in crafting basic spaces.

Standing Strong Against the Obstacles

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: The times are changing and becoming challenging for new CEOs. The current leaders are much more confident with efficient management skills and education in hand. The modern go-getter attitude is helping the c-suites to overcome all of these challenges. Just having a thorough understanding of the market in terms of knowing the ROI helps germinating lucrative actions and realistic goals. With that being said, the right balance between your successes and failures can prove equally fruitful. Since the beginning of the company, I have always worked with the same conviction, and facing doubts all the way is obvious. However, we need to stick to our confidence and vigor. Every endeavor might not give similar results. But having agility along with that positive attitude will go a long way to determining true success.

Talking about the Achievements with Pride

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: Our Company is glad to have enjoyed an incredible journey over these years along with adding many feathers to the cap of achievements. We will be taking it year by year!

  • In 1985, Durian started plywood production and opened the doors to the first manufacturing unit in Palghar.
  • In 1998, an entire timber-peeling plant was installed in Wada, Maharashtra. After the course of years, our quality made its mark and we saw an immense spike in demand. By 1991 we set up in total four manufacturing units in Palghar.
  • In 1998, Durian ventured into the manufacturing of PVC for Door Skin and Molded Doors with an exquisite art facility at Wada, Maharashtra.
  • In 1999 Durian created an exclusive Home Furniture Showroom in Ahmedabad with an imported-centric home furniture vibe to it.
  • In 2001, our largest flagship store was launched in Mumbai.
  • 2006 was our year of introducing Modular Furniture and we saw an optimistic beginning of modular workstation production.
  • In 2010 we were felicitated with the prestigious FSC certificates.
  • 2012 welcomed another milestone of setting up a Secondary ETP Plant which enables us to recycle over 10 lakh liters of water each month.
  • Our team and customer panel witnessed the inception of Wink Mattress and Beddings from Durian. It included a dense range of décor products and interior designing consultation services. We started delivering our services to over 7000+ pin codes country-wide.

As we discussed, our conviction has made us what we are today and many more goals are in the queue of making their sparkle.

Research and Development Form the Backbone

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: Durian Industries mixes the passion for client satisfaction with industry expertise to come up with quality products. Every time we try to elevate our creativity and exceed the previous ones. Challenging the way we perform and perceive things with a different approach helps us to dive deeper into business innovations. The company is collaborating with the reputed ones in the industry to know how people think. Our classic range of designed and handcrafted veneer beds comes with intricate Marquetry work. These veneer beds are the epitome of creativity and we have created marvels with veneer.

Digitalization for the Win

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: Digitalization has many benefits as well as challenges associated with it. For us standing true to the basic DNA and mission of the company while adapting to the continuous cycle of digitalization was quite a task. The company needs to move along with these numerous changes. The leader has to take those lessons along and have the vision to lead the team. The ultimate goal is to have a sound clarity of achievements and the roads that lead us to them. Digital is a powerful tool to interact with a wider audience and serve consumers with authenticity. The pandemic pushed the pedal of our digital journey. Leveraging it, we were able to recognize the purchasing patterns of our consumers. When this edge is understood and implemented in the right direction, then it has the strength to surpass all those tough ceilings.

Amplifying Client Satisfaction

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: It is our personal belief that when someone purchases a piece of furniture, it leaves a surreal memory behind. For these satisfying experiences, we go miles ahead to serve our consumers with integrity and values. Our evergreen creations are fabricated with a blend of form and functionality to enhance the paradigms of the Indian lifestyle. We have the call to invest in our people and resources thereby bringing new things every day!

Aspirations for the Future

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: We are working to grip our hold on PAN India by creating various touch points for our customers in the form of brick-and-mortar stores. Our near goal is to become the first and trusted choice for exemplary interior solutions. Expanding the range of products and services offered will let the consumers choose from the pool as per their choices. Building an ardent online presence and enhancing our performance will also be on our target list. Marching towards digitalization and leveraging it to curate an upstanding experience for the online audience is another significant strive for us. We want our online audience to enjoy a simplified and hassle-free ordering process.

Motivating the Team to Keep Flourishing

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: The business space is becoming challenging and the only way to stay relevant is to maintain consistent quality and service for decades on end. The other challenge is to keep moving with time and learn new things. With an ebullient team of professionals, Durian has forayed into e-commerce platforms and made our presence across India with more than 40 stores. We launched our website in 2015 and brought a rigorous flow of ideas, thoughts, and discussions with a focused goal of creative ideology. Every employee needs to feel that they are the building blocks of the big picture and have a sense of individual ownership in the company’s growth.

Parting Words for the Readers

Mr. Sajjan Dokania: To have that edge over the peers, all entrepreneurs need to have a vision that stands true to its purpose. You have to be daring to dream big and aim at higher heights on realistic grounds. Always have the energy to work as a robust team with mutual trust and shared accountability toward a common goal. The environment needs to be collaborative and productive to achieve fresh perspectives. To be able to see the brighter side of challenges, we can inspire to create a business innovation that drives sustainable efficiencies and delivers indomitable product offerings.




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