vCommission: A Company That’s Redefining Work Culture Norms Through Novel Practices


In the modern business world, the success of a company is largely determined by the atmosphere at its workplace. An overall growth-centric attitude is a strong indicator of high employee performance levels in a company. Such an attitude can only be created and sustained through the rigorous implementation of an integral work culture.
As we near the onset of 2022, some illustrious companies have ushered a remarkable paradigm-shift in the prevailing work culture norms in their industry. Through their reformative work policies, they’ve not only enhanced employee wellbeing but also raised the collective quality standards of the market.
One among such companies is vCommission, an esteemed Gurgaon-based affiliate marketing firm. Reverred as India’s Leading Global Affiliate Network, vCommission has paved the way for a whole new work culture paradigm through its heavily employee-centric practices.
A vision of entrepreneurs Tarang & Parul Bhargava, vCommission was conceived back in 2008 when the affiliate industry in India was in its infancy. Fast-forward to 2021, it has garnered 80 M visits in Monthly Global traffic, 2.5 M in Monthly Conversions, and $2B in Monthly GMV.
The stellar success of the brand can be attributed to various key elements within its workspace:

The Relentless Winning Spirit of vCommission

According to Parul Bhargava, the Co-Founder & CEO of vCommission, it’s the will to prove themselves and become a leader that determines whether a member at will be truly successful at the company. Also, traits like the right behaviour, willingness to learn, follow processes, the ability to synergize, and thinking outside-the-box are greatly appreciated.
The culture at vCommission revolves around 9 strong values. Inculcating them in one’s work ethics is paramount to success at the company. These values are:

  • Integrity
  • A Win-Win Approach
  • Team Work
  • Closure
  • Knowledge
  • K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly)
  • Innovation
  • Celebration

In addition to such a strong work credo, the company also boasts of an environment that’s conducive to maximal efficacy. This is elucidated in more detail below.

A Well-Rounded Work Environment

Parul describes the work environment at vCommission as very chilled out. She believes that a positive work environment, not bound by draconian restrictions, can have a massive impact on a person’s overall motivation, team morale, and satisfaction levels. This, in turn, boosts the productivity levels of all members. In addition to this, the members are always encouraged to come with better ideas and are given freedom on how they want to work.
The company furthermore exercises an efficacious management style that blends discipline and empathy. It ensures that the members feel comfortable and appreciated at all times. At the same time, however, it makes certain that they don’t lack focus and are always committed to their work. Through its inclusive environment, the company strives to holistically achieve goals, take the right decisions, and execute plans with the right mindset and integrity.

Emphasis on Professional & Social Development

To constantly sharpen the professional acumen of team members, Parul believes in training people with the right knowledge and inculcating skills in them. This helps them not only develop at a professional level but also foster substantial personal growth. Training sessions are given from time to time so that member performance can be effectively monitored. If there is some kind of lack, it is worked upon immediately with utmost care & diligence.
In addition to the relentless professional development, vCommission also emphasizes a great deal on social development by fostering community interactions. From time to time, the company hosts social events for the members. Be it festive celebrations like Diwali to townhall events, every event is an opportunity for the members to collaborate, bond, and create some really amazing memories. This eventually brings about a strong sense of belonging within the organization.

The Team’s Never-Back-Down-Attitude

Having a flexible growth mindset, the company’s team acknowledges that failures and a part & parcel of anyone’s journey. One cannot expect to be successful in every move they make. However, they realize that it’s highly important to learn from failures and bounce back with an improved game. A failure can be small or even quite grand. The point of power, they believe, lies in how tactfully we rise from each failure. Furthermore, they feel it’s important to own one’s mistakes and fix them, instead of perpetually dwelling on what went wrong.
The team moreover emphasizes the same kind of growth mentality in developing its operational processes as well. It utilizes a kind of synergy in its approach

A Synergistic Process Strategy

vCommission’s process strategy is strikingly unique in that it blends a results and process-driven approach. As a pioneer in affiliate marketing, it deploys a strategic synergy of analytical skills and workable business thinking. The company incorporates its core values along with hands-on affiliate marketing knowledge to best determine the ideal growth trajectory.
In addition to right execution of properly crafted processes, vCommission also focuses on harmonious coordination between its different departments. Without collaboration, nothing substantial can be truly achieved. The company is cognizant of this fact, hence leaders of different departments ensure that there’s streamlined communication happening within the teams and departments as well.
As a testament to its efficacious strategies, vCommission has garnered numerous milestones which are especially noteworthy in the industry.

Significant Milestones of The Company

In 2008, vCommission was conceptualized by Tarang & Parul Bhargava with the vision to achieve aspirational heights; its goal wasn’t merely to chase numbers but establish redefining milestones in its respective market space. Thus far, the company has been remarkably successful on this front.

  • In 2013, vCommission saw its merger with Adways, which is one of the pioneers in mobile marketing in all of Asia.
  • By 2015, the company was listed within the Top 50 Alexa rankings.
  • In 2016, the company invested in 10 different startups.
  • By 2018, it was awarded for “Best International E-commerce Campaign” at the Indian Affiliate Awards.

Today, vCommission stands as India’s leading global affiliate network with 100 K+ affiliates across the globe. Its team too has grown considerably, to a size of over 100 members.
The company was also recognized as the “Brand of The Year 2021” and among the “30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2021”.
Going forward, both Tarang & Parul have an ambitious vision for growth that they’ll systematically achieve in the coming years.

Vision For The Future

Fructifying their core ideals, Parul, as the CEO of the company, intends to continue working with the zeal to expand their venture by manifolds. For this, she’s mixing a bit of both imaginative and analytical thinking to come up with the best-possible solutions that’re path-breaking. She further says that as a leading organization, they’re never complacent with what they’ve achieved. Instead, it’s always about “What’s Next!”. This is what makes them tick and put their best foot forward in every situation.
Talking about the road map of the company’s future, she says that the next decade’s target is to hit a $ 1 Billion revenue milestone. The company’s ultimate vision is to lead the digital space and become a trendsetter for the industry values, wisdom, and revolution, and in turn spurring the transformation of digitization.
On a conclusive note, Parul shares an impactful quote by Steve Jobs for budding entrepreneurs:
“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


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