Among the more than 15 million corporate pages on LinkedIn, our top virtual assistants have identified the 2023 top company pages in terms of popularity, as measured by the number of followers they have. The 10 most popular business pages on LinkedIn as of 2023 are shown below.

Harvard Business Review

If searching for useful management advice, go beyond the Harvard Business Review’s Linkedin business page. If you are a professional looking to make a difference in your organization’s management, check out this Linkedin page.


IBM is a full-service IT business that excels in AI, cloud computing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Its Linkedin corporate profile uses human anecdotes to foster engagement with its fans. Many of the posts they make on Linkedin centre around messages of innovation, diversity, and inclusion (one from Pride Week received a lot of attention). In addition, IBM highlights the achievements of its employees, particularly those who have been creative.


Apple’s Linkedin corporate profile is primarily used for advertising job openings, recruiting news, and employee advancement opportunities inside the firm. Furthermore, Apple highlights its endeavours in the areas of diversity and inclusion and sustainability. It is clear that Apple has done extensive study and has insightful observations to back up its claims. If you look at Instagram’s top brands, Apple is with them.


LinkedIn’s parent firm is a global technology and software powerhouse. Its corporate website reflects this with frequent updates, including news and stories in various content types, analyses, headlines, and recommendations for managers and workers. Workers or managers generally produce their posts and share a lot of stuff from other parts of the company.


Not everyone agrees that warnings about immigrants, the environment, and bullying are part of a company’s social obligation if they don’t reduce their use of disposable plastic.


The Forbes family, together with Integrated Whale Media Investments, publishes and operates the Forbes website and magazine in the United States. The magazine and website focus on business subjects, including money, production, investment and marketing. Technology, science, communication, politics, and the law are all covered by Forbes, among other relevant topics. For its part, Forbes is also among Instagram’s most-followed companies.

TED Conferences

By its meteoric rise to prominence, the TED Conferences brand on Linkedin provides more evidence that uplifting thought leadership from the world’s most influential people is a major draw for Linkedin members. Prerecorded films, essays, and breathtaking photos may all be found on the TED Conferences profile on LinkedIn. The advice offered on TED is true and helpful for contemporary professionals. Among the most followed companies on Instagram is none other than Ted Talks.


The fact that Linkedin needs to walk the walk should not come as a surprise to anybody. The company does what it preaches by providing valuable resources for business managers, owners, and workers. The company’s LinkedIn page provides advice on improving your profile, poses questions meant to encourage free-form discussion, and uses trending hashtags to attract new, interested followers.


Among the most well-known companies in the world is Google. The software giant maintains its Linkedin audience with fresh articles highlighting CSR projects, innovations, and business culture. Google places a premium on its employees because it knows that people are what customers connect with on a personal level. This tactic seems to have resulted in millions of new Linkedin followers. When it comes to Instagram, Google is also a top brand.


On its Linkedin corporate page, Amazon often shares positive stories about its customers and workers (known as “Amazonians”) to inspire and motivate them. On Linkedin, Amazon provides followers with information about upcoming corporate events and advice for acing job interviews and other career-related topics.

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