Historically Speaking: Revisiting The Glorious Past of 27th December

Unlike the 25th, its proximal festive holiday – the 27th – is not given much limelight for obvious reasons.A seemingly normal odd-digit date: what’s much to think about it?

Besides, the fervor and joy of the festive season has indulged most of us in the spirit of delight.

Plum cakes and jinglebells aside, there are some eventful occurrences that’ve transpired towards the year end – from a historical standpoint.

In this article, we’ll be covering a few such pivotal events.

Collectively, these make for an interesting Xmas treat for the readers – giving them a taste of some rich nostalgia.

The First Public Occurrence of the National Anthem

Prior to 1911, the Indian National Anthem: “ Jana Gana Manna was never sung on a public avenue.

For the first time in history, the national anthem was sung on 27th December at the Calcutta session of the INC or Indian National Congress.

The event was all the more significant owing to its pre-Independence occurrence.

Spain Claimed Its Independence

After a four-decade-long rule of a dictator government, Spain in 1978 gained its independence after a upheaval of the constitution by King Juan Carlos.

initiative – which was a collective victory for the democratic movement in Europe – was one of the most impactful global events in the 1970s.

The Colossal Turkey Earthquake

In the 1939, an Earthquake of Colossal proportions rocked the Turkish mainland killing over thousands of people.

It was estimated that over 30,000 people lost their lives owing to its destructive effects.

Official Release of “The Pretenders”

The notable rock band of the 70s – The Pretenders released their debut album on this eventful day in 1979.

The move garnered mass attention from the press, public & the international music fraternity.

Survival of The Fittest

Globally renowned as the Father of Modern Biology – Charles Darwin – with his survival of the fittest theory – began on his voyage as a naturalist on the HMS Beagle.

This journey eventually led to him founding of the theory of evolution. It is the most commonly accepted paradigm in modern biology – in terms of explaining animal species and their lineage.

Bhaijaan’s Birthday

Arguably the most cherished actor in the Indian film fraternity – Salman Khan – known for his signature style & latke-jhatke – was born on 27th December, 1965.

In his 50s at the moment, the actor has been a part of 114 movies so far in the industry. His most iconic features include Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hello Brother, Tere Naam, as well as modern ones like Sultan.




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