The 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World 2024

The 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World 2024

Starting a digital journey across the big ocean, we’re revealing the giant ships ruling the waves in 2024. These super-sized cruise boats redefine fancy vacations, size, and cool ideas, promising an amazing adventure for people who want luxury on big ships.

Let’s dive into the details of the top 10 biggest cruise ships, talking about their ranks, ship names, launch years, size, rooms, and cool things that make each ship a big deal.

1. Icon of the Seas (2024)

In 2024, the “Icon of the Seas” is the leader with a super big size of 248,663 and a long length of 364.75 meters. Just started in the same year, it has 5,610 rooms and fits a whopping 7,600 people. This massive ship is not just really big but also super cool, giving people a new way to cruise.

The “Icon of the Seas” is more than just size. It has cool things like fun areas, theaters, water parks, and pretend reality adventures. With lots of places to eat, from fancy restaurants to easy places, everyone can try yummy foods from around the world. The ship also cares about the Earth, doing things to keep the ocean clean.

2. Wonder of the Seas (2022)

In 2022, the “Wonder of the Seas” sails into second place with a big size of 236,857. Stretching 362.04 meters, this awesome wonder has 5,734 rooms, making room for 6,988 people with lots of luxury and cool things. The ship’s start is a special time in cruise ship history, giving people a chance to explore the sea in a fancy way.

The “Wonder of the Seas” is not just big; it loves having special areas. There are fun zones for families and secret places for grown-ups. People can see shows, join workshops, and eat yummy meals from chefs everyone knows. The ship also has a spa for relaxing and feeling good.

3. Symphony of the Seas (2018)

Third on the list is the “Symphony of the Seas,” starting in 2018. With a big size of 228,081 and a length of 361.011 meters, it offers 5,518 rooms, making a mix of fancy and new ideas for 6,680 people. This boat is like a floating fun place, showing that cruises can have lots of cool things to do.

The “Symphony of the Seas” is not just a ship; it’s like a technology wonderland. There are robot bartenders and games with pretend reality. The ship has different shows, like Broadway and ice-skating, making everyone happy. With lots of special restaurants and themed lounges, the Symphony takes people on a tasty trip around the world.

4. Harmony of the Seas (2016)

Sailing in gracefully at number four is the “Harmony of the Seas,” starting in 2016 with a big size of 226,963. It’s long at 362.12 meters, providing 5,494 rooms for 6,687 people. The “Harmony” shows how a cruise can be both big and fancy, giving people a grand experience on the sea.

The “Harmony” is known for its cool areas, like Central Park with plants and the Boardwalk with fun games. The ship has exciting things like a thrilling slide and a water park. With lots of pools, sports things, and places for relaxing, the “Harmony” lets everyone find their perfect way to have fun.

5. Oasis of the Seas (2009)

Starting the trend of big cruise ships, the “Oasis of the Seas” grabs the fifth spot. Launched in 2009, it’s big with a size of 226,838 and a length of 360 meters. It has 5,484 rooms for 6,771 people, setting the standard for cool cruising. The “Oasis” is like a classic, influencing how other big ships look and what cool things they have.

The “Oasis” is famous for its Central Park, a quiet spot with plants, fancy dining, and live shows. The ship also has a special AquaTheater for amazing water shows. With a nostalgic Boardwalk and fun family attractions, it’s all about having a good time. The ship loves entertaining everyone with tasty food and different things to do.

6. Allure of the Seas (2010)

Sailing into the sixth spot is the “Allure of the Seas,” starting in 2010 with a big size of 225,282. Just like its sister ship, the Oasis, it has 5,484 rooms for 6,780 people. The “Allure” is all about fancy adventures on the big sea, making sure everyone has a great time.

The “Allure” has lots of places to eat, from fancy spots to easy places for good food. The ship has a big spa for feeling relaxed and happy. With Broadway-style shows, ice performances, and fun parties, the “Allure” makes sure everyone has fun while cruising.

7. MSC World Europa (2022)

Making a cool entrance is the “MSC World Europa,” starting in 2022. With a size of 215,863, this ship is 333.3 meters long and has 2,626 rooms for 6,762 people. MSC Cruises shows off its size and style with the “MSC World Europa.” This ship is all about looking good and giving people a new way to cruise.

The “MSC World Europa” is different because it cares about the Earth. It has special things to make sure the air is clean and uses energy in a smart way. People can expect yummy food, cool shows, and a spa for feeling good, all in a stylish way that’s good for the Earth too.

8. Costa Smeralda (2019) & Costa Toscana (2021)

Tied for eighth place are the Italian gems, “Costa Smeralda” and “Costa Toscana.” Starting in 2019 and 2021, they both have a size of 185,010 and are 337 meters long. With 2,612 rooms each for 6,554 people, these ships are like a bit of Italy on the big sea. Costa Cruises adds Italian charm to the cruise experience, making it a bit more special.

The “Costa Smeralda” loves great food, with many restaurants serving real Italian dishes. The ship also has fun things, like the CoDe – Costa Design Museum, showing off art and design. The “Costa Toscana” keeps the Italian vibe going with tasty meals and fun things to do inspired by Italian culture.

10. Arvia (2022)

Finishing off the top 10 is the “Arvia,” arriving in 2022. With a size of 184,700 and a length of 344.5 meters, this ship has 2,614 rooms for 6,685 people. The “Arvia” brings a touch of grandness to cruising. P&O Cruises introduces the “Arvia” to give people a fancy and enriching cruise experience.

The “Arvia” stands out with its cool design, featuring the SkyDome – a glass-roofed place with amazing views and a unique spot for fun and relaxation. The ship has yummy food, fun things to do, and wellness spots, making sure everyone feels good in the big ocean.


As we explore the stories of these huge cruise ships, it’s clear that the cruise world is sailing into a new time of sea luxury. The top 10 biggest cruise ships of 2024 not only show off their big sizes but also care about cool ideas, taking care of the Earth, and making sure everyone has a great time.

From the smart technology of the “Icon of the Seas” to the themed fun of the “Wonder of the Seas,” each ship has its way of giving people a cruise to remember. As cruises keep getting better, these big ships guide the way to a future where cruising isn’t just about traveling but about having a cool and enriching time on the world’s big oceans. Enjoy the endless adventures waiting on these huge floating cities!

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