SSLR Consultancy LLP: One of the Pre-eminent Consulting Firms of India

SSLR Consultancy LLP

Every company intends to add value and growth to its business, and a consultancy firm helps it do just that. Companies hire consultancy firms for achieving a multitude of business objectives. A consultancy firm has a team of market experts that analyze trends and accordingly devise ingenious growth strategies and business plans. They also help companies resolve technical hindrances and inefficiencies. Given their significance, a company should only hire a reputed consultancy – one that has a proven success record and a vast clientele.
SSLR Consultancy LLP is one of India’s leading Global Consultancy Companies which offers an array of different Business Solutions and Services. It is regarded as the “World’s First-Ever & the Only E-Commerce Marketplace for Business Solutions & Services.” One of SSLR’s Most Successful Initiatives

Established in 2019, SSLR Consultancy LLP is a registered company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (LLPIN: AAP-85-01). Through ( an SSLR initiative), the company has partnered with numerous business/resource solution providers, service providers, experts in the end to end solutions, and a strong network of professional experts. The purpose behind these collaborations is to:

  • Provide Business-centric Value
  • Invoke Growth-oriented Thinking
  • Encourage Business Creation & Expansion
  • Foster Business Transformation &
  • Thought Leadership with Outstanding Case Studies

Through these collaborations, the company offers a diverse range of services and solutions in the given sectors:

  • Retail Finance ( Secured & Unsecured)
  • Wealth Management (Insurance & Mutual Funds)
  • Human Resources
  • Event Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Learning & Development
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Printing Logistics- Domestic & International
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Photography
  • Health & Wellness
  • Coaching, Consulting & Training
  • Talent & Production
  • Real Estate and many.

At present, has a remarkable network of 25000+ Connects in the Industry. This has only been possible because of the Professional Management Team of the company, which works across all sectors and industries.

SSLR’s Inception Story

SSLR was founded by Dr. G. Rameshkumar to help Startups, Corporates, MSMEs overcome business challenges. He noticed that these companies struggled with a host of issues, both on the business and technical fronts. Some of the most common ones were related to idea generation, raising finance through debt or Private Equity, hiring Legal Experts, Logistics, Printing, etc. Their team would run from pillar to post to find the right professionals for their Business Eco-System. To ease these difficulties, Dr. Rameshkumar decided to launch an organization that’d help the companies avail all business-related solutions under one umbrella. In 2019, he established SSLR Consultancy LLP. The idea was to serve as a unique 360 Degree Business Solutions and Services Aggregator platform that’d be available to businesses 24/7.

SSLR’s Inspiring Success Journey

Every established business has had to face several obstacles in its success journey, especially in its initial days. The same was true for SSLR as well. Despite having 20+ years of Corporate Experience as an intrapreneur in the BFSI Industry, Dr. Rameshkumar had to undergo an arduous process while setting up the company.
“ My Personal Experience after 20+ Years Corporate Experience as an Intrapreneur in the BFSI Industry having worked for reputed brands viz.Indiabulls, Unicon, MFGlobal, and Muthoot Pappachan Group, and then starting my own Entrepreneur Business Venture had to run from pillar to post for putting up all the Systems, Processes, Compliances, Team Building, Website development, Printing and many.” Stated Mr. Rameshkumar.
Although it has been just one year since the company started its operations, it has managed to acquire over 1000 Professional Experts, 200+ Ambassadors across India, and 500+ Customers.

Dr. G.Rameshkumar and his Noteworthy

Dr. G. Rameshkumar comes from humble beginnings. He was born on 27th October 1976 in a small town in Kerala. Having grown up in a middle-class family, he was well-acquainted with the hardships experienced by the common man. They taught him the importance of serving others and being devoted to altruistic causes.
As a servant leader, Dr. G Rameshkumar’s Vision is To Serve and Empower the Society at large and bring comfort & convenience in the lives of billions of divine souls in the world. He also envisions building a very Strong Professional Leadership network globally across all industries through various Business and Management Associations.
A Philanthropist, Author, Thought Leader, and BFSI Expert for 2 Decades, Dr. Rameshkumar is a Serial Passionpreneur who aims to touch Billions of Lives with the Color of Blood i.e., RED. He serves as the Executive Director on the Board of National Council of News & Broadcasting and International Human Rights Advisory Council, besides serving as the Director General at All India MSME Association. He has also pledged to become an Organ Donor after his death.
In recent years, Dr. Rameshkumar has won numerous accolades owing to his rich experience in the BFSI Industry and a dedication to bringing about change. Here are some of the most notable ones:
Regarded as the REX Karmaveer Global Fellow on 27th Nov 2019.
Recipient of the Prestigious and Coveted ‘Karmaveer Chakra Award-2019’, Instituted by ICONGO and United Nations.
Awarded the ‘Business ICON-2019’ by FMBAF Awards Season-3 (Film, Media, Business, Academy & Fashion) in Dec 2020.
Honored with the “Symbol of Gratitude” during the ‘International Peace Conference and Awards’ in 2019, at Chennai.
Conferred with the “Human Rights Ambassador” during the 9th International Human Rights Summit Awards, by All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice in 2019, at Delhi.
Conferred with the Degree of “Doctor of Letters”, on 14th March 2020, by Global Human Peace University ( Accredited by United Nations Academic Impact & Planning Commission Government of India).
Conferred with “Indian Achievers Award 2020 for Promising MSME”.
On the spiritual front, Dr. Rameshkumar is a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and the phrase “Thought becomes Things”. He also strongly abides by the principle “I Change to bring Change in the World”.
His strong online presence has given him the title of “the most tech-savvy leader”. He is very active on all social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and other professional forums.
Dr. Rameshkumar is also actively involved in helping NGOs and Social Service Clubs like Giants Club, Rotaract Club, Rotary International, etc. In addition to this, he supports initiatives like Blood Donation camps, Cleanliness campaigns, Tree Plantation Drives, Fund Raising campaigns for Aged People, just to name a few.’s Customer-Centric Approach During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, the company has launched a Noble Social Initiative called “Yurja World Ambassador Program- Choose your Solutions to Promote, Refer, Earn, & Work From Home”. This initiative is meant for all the sections of society, from Corporate Houses, Business Entrepreneur, Students to Homemakers. It is also meant to empower ‘Divyanks’, Special Ambassadors who have physical or mental disabilities to be self-reliant (Atma Nirbhar).
“These Ambassadors can earn Revenue and Create Wealth – Straight 50% of the Net Revenue generated by Yurja through their Referred Customers across the Country. This would bring Societal transformation and catalyze the growing youth with the spirit of Society Centric Value in any of the Challenging times. “Being an Entrepreneur is Not restricted to Few’” Stated Dr. Rameshkumar.
Another initiative is the “Yurja World Ambassador Empowerment Program”, a B2B2C Distribution Model that reaches out to the brand’s target audience. Besides discussing interesting topics through webinars, the initiative aims to create awareness and visibility for

The Company’s Plans for The Future

In the future, the company aspires to focus on the growth of the business. “We want to grow consistently organically by taking up baby steps, geographically started in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Gujarat. We would have a Strong Branding and Visibility Organically and also through Social Media Marketing that is on our cards in the future,” stated Dr. Rameshkumar.

Dr.G.Rameshkumar’s Message to Aspiring

For the eager-beavers trying to make it big, Dr. Rameshkumar has some insightful advice. Heres’ what he has to say: “Consistent Followup and Patience is the key mantra for any Business Entrepreneur to achieve Success in any Project.”


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