Newaetate Private Limited: Mr. Abhisek Pattnaik’s Vision To Provide Quality Educare Services to Students

Newaetate Private limited

The rise in number of students taking competitive exams along with the shortage of available tutors have negatively affected students’ academic performances. Although there are numerous online learning platforms available, most of them are unreliable. To add to the students’ difficulty, these platforms charge an unreasonably high subscription fee. Most students from poor and middle class backgrounds find it difficult to sustain such subscriptions for long.
Newaetate Private Limited is an innovative multi-dimensional platform that provides instant, affordable educare solutions to students. The company helps students across the country get in touch with trainers/tutors of their preference, as and when needed.

Newaetate: An All-Encompassing Educare Brand

Established in 2017, Newaetate is a multi-faceted learning platform that connects students with the tutor of their preference. The company aims at serving justice to the student community by offering them an assortment of advanced technology and innovative learning methodologies. One of the primary objectives of the company is to provide instant employment opportunities to educated individuals in their respective fields of study. In this way, the company focuses on hitting two birds with one stone – connecting students to the best trainers and offering employment to the educated, unemployed individuals.
Founder & CEO of Newaetate Private Limited, Mr. Abhisek Pattnaik stated, “We extend the maximum possible support to our associations and clients, and end consumers. Until our association lives and breathing, sometimes at personal costs, we tend to bridge the gap with our beliefs in tradition and ethics.”
With the adoption of innovative ideas, a watertight growth strategy, and respect for the user’s perception, the company aspires to reach a crescendo.

Mr. Abhisek’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

Being an entrepreneur, one has to face many trials and tribulations on the path to success. Mr. Abhisek too had to endure many difficulties while starting out on his entrepreneurship journey. One of his toughest challenges was earning the trust of his clients in the initial days of his company. He wanted his company to serve as a startup app in the education segment. However, in convincing the investors and rewarding them in the pursuit of doing so, the company often experienced a hand to mouth situation.
“We started with solving very small problems like finding a tutor, in any subject, from swimming to rocket science, we made sure to have a tutor available for anything that people wanted to learn.” Said Mr. Abhisek.
Since the very conception of Newaetate’s idea, Mr. Abhisek knew that the problems surrounding the availability of tutors could only be resolved by introducing better technology. He ensured that his team educated themselves consistently and covered as many domains as possible.
With persistent efforts from his team, the company managed to endure every hardship. Today, Newaetate is one of the most reputable names in Technology in Bhubhaneshwar. The company is now focusing on offering backend software solutions to support other major startups with their outsourcing processes.

How Mr. Abhisek Ensures the Satisfaction of His Employees

A successful company, in the truest sense, is one that cares about its employees’ well-being and growth. Mr. Abhisek owes a huge chunk of the company’s success to his team. “We learn, grow, and achieve together. It is with pride that we can say, our startup has become an enterprise this very particular year. Thanks to the strength of our team and our shared goals. Achieving goals together has been keeping us motivated to only climb higher.” stated Mr. Abhisek.
According to him, employee satisfaction is the need of the hour, given the grim market circumstance. This is why he aims at making its employees feel safe and belonged. In the last three and a half years, the company has managed to increase its team size from 12 to 400. Mr. Abhisek likes to compare his team to a pack of sturdy wolves, who fight, live, and breathe for the same goal, i.e, the growth of Newaetate.
“Our team dared to dream and we made sure, as a team to work together, educate ourselves and learn to carry forward those dreams together.” He added.

Mr. Abhisek’s Views on the current COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has disrupted the functioning of many companies, big and small. Mr. Abhisek believes that the situation is a rigorous test for companies. It has spurred them to prove their potency in every way possible. “A dire need has been created for companies and brands to showcase their competency and stand with their employees and the market in general.” He stated.
Mr. Abhisek also feels that a company should do their utmost in offering a helping hand to the needy. This, according to him, serves a dual purpose – it supports an altruistic cause and also helps in developing strong professional relationships with other organizations. This is why the company ensures to offer fund support to as many entities feasible.

Newaetate: A Company That Truly Cares About Its Customers

In today’s day and age, there are only a handful of companies that truly care about their customers. More often than not, companies are purely focused on achieving their monetary targets. They give little importance to tending to the needs of their customers. Mr. Abhisek, on the other hand, believes that the customer should be treated like God.
“We would like to believe in the words of our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s version of the same; Customer is God. One must feel it as a pleasure to serve the whims of a customer.” He said.Recently, the team at Newaetate managed to get the entire youth population of a small village in West Bengal on board to their live Pick Trainer App. Through this app, the youngsters got to showcase their talents in various fields. Not only did the company provide them a platform but also offered them daily cashback to further help them hone their craft.
“The biggest token that we could give our first-generation clients, the students wanting to find a tutor, was cashback and a referral. We made it a point to offer them small rewards but continuous rewards so that they don’t lose focus on their progress. The small continuously increasing incentives motivated them to keep using our platforms.” He added.

Mr. Abhisek’s Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Every aspiring entrepreneur looks for advice – some golden nuggets that would help him/her get through tough times. Mr. Abhisek, through his years of experience in the industry, has learnt that one thing is truly indispensable for any entrepreneur – a sustainable plan. He says, “Always have a plan. Let that plan be truly sustainable. Make sure that sustainability isn’t lost just because times are hard.”

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