Rillusion: A Power-Brand That’s Redefining India’s UX/UI Design Scene


A Power-Brand That’s Redefining India’s UX/UI Design Scenesiness’s ultimate goal is to increase its sales and its overall growth. With so many competitors existent in the market, it can often be difficult to stand out and do so. While many factors come into play to achieve this, the UX/UI Design of the application is one of the most essential ones. An appropriate UX/UI Design enhances the user experience, improves customer satisfaction, and ultimately helps increase the number of users of any application.
Rillusion is one of India’s best UI/UX Design agencies. The company offers digital design solutions like UX Consulting, Product Design, Web App UX/UI design, Mobile App UX/UI design, UI Development, etc.

Rillusion: A One-Stop-Shop for UX/UI Design solutions 

Established in 2010, Rillusion specializes in UX and UI Design, Strategic UX Consulting, and Digital Product Design. The company’s primary agenda is to craft delightful and meaningful user experiences for IoT, Web, and Mobile platforms. Here are some of the most sought-after services of the company:
UX Consulting: Features strategic plans for the clients’ products that assure the best user experience.
UX & UI Design of Digital Products: Bespoke UX/UI Design solutions that help clients resolve complex problems and build a relevant interface.
UI Development: Encompasses a broad range of services like Web Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, and E-commerce Development. These services help the client launch across various platforms most effectively.
By offering such diverse services, the company aspires to craft digital interactions that help clients gain the recognition that they deserve. CEO & Creative Director of the company, Mr. Rambal stated, “We love what we do and our 10+ years of observing, learning, and evolving in the field have only made our drive stronger to help startups & enterprises build ideas.”

Rillusion’s Decade-Long Success Journey

A decade ago, the concept of UX was unheard of. Despite its unpopularity, however, Mr.Rambal was determined about creating market awareness about the importance and advantages of a user-centered design. To achieve this goal, he conceived Rillusion in 2010. The brand started serving several clients in Indian as well as overseas markets.
In 2015, the company witnessed a huge surge in the demand for UX/UI designs in the market. Being one of the few sought-after UX/UI Design companies in the country, Rillusion started getting a lot of projects. From then on, the company has experienced consistent growth.
Rillusion’s innovative approach, top-notch client support, personalized communication, and quick customer response time has helped it make a mark in the industry.
At present, Rillusion caters to a broad variety of clients, from emerging startups to Fortune 500 companies. The company aims to utilize its expertise in understanding the unique needs of its clients.

Rillusion: A company that Values Its Clients

It’s no secret that good customer service increases the revenue of a business. Despite this being an obvious fact, most companies neglect the importance of paying attention to their customers’ needs.
Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Rillusion has nearly 80% of advocacy and 85% of recurring clients. This is a testament to the incredible amount of faith clients have in the company. The company’s approach is designed to build trust and credibility by:
Partnering with the clients, understanding their business goals, and their customer needs instead of simply collaborating with them.
Enabling clients to have direct interaction with all the professionals/resources involved in the project.
Keeping the clients updated on the progress of product design development consistently.
Being transparent about its costs.
Offering payment flexibility.
In addition to these aspects, Rillusion’s impressive record of successful projects helps generate a stronger trust factor among potential customers. “ At the initial stage, the client wants proof of concept or an MVP to trust the work and services that we provide. Clients are our brand ambassadors and the heart of the company. Listening to our Customer Feedback has helped us grow.” Stated Mr. Rambal.

Mr. Rambal’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

Every entrepreneur’s journey is filled with ups and downs. While some manage to endure the hardships, many give up upon facing the slightest inconvenience. When asked about what lessons he has learnt in his entrepreneurship journey, Mr. Rambal said, “Entrepreneurship is not a goal that we achieve. It’s a rigorously evolving process. Always in learning, observing, implementing, and improving. I’m thoroughly enjoying this process. Because Change is the only constant.”

Rillusion’s Plans For The Future

With the help of strategic planning and contextual marketing, Rillusion has made its way to the top 5 UX UI Design Studios in the clutch (A global feedback platform for design studios). Currently, the company is working on its new model, alongside R&D to enhance its skill in VR/AR/MR.
Since the company has numerous clients in Dubai and other parts of UAE, it plans on setting up its office in UAE as well as Singapore. “As a personal accomplishment, I’m writing 2 books, based on UX”

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