Skynet Experts: An Emerging Pioneer In Educational Assessment

Skynet Experts

An efficient management system is essential for any organization or any business model seeking assessment and guidance on quality management. It helps the organization fulfill the needs and expectations of not only its customers but also other interested parties. Skynet Experts is a reputable ISO 9000:2015 that provides top-quality management system services like- Online training, Business Consultancy, Domestic and international Placements, AI-based Proctoring, Assessment and product development company, etc. Established by a team of highly qualified and experienced IIT, IIT Alumni, IIM, and Ph.D. Holders, Skynet Experts Pvt Ltd is a renowned ISO with top-level professionals at the forefront, like- the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Dr. Rajesh Joshi, an IIT, IIM, and Ph.D. holder in IT and Operations from Californian Public University, who has also worked in reputable companies like HCL and Microsoft. He also has nearly a decade’s experience in policy designing for the Central and State governments of India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Dr. Rupali Joshi, Chief Operative Officer and Director of Operations who Heads the entire Operations of the company has over 20 years of experience in diversified sectors such as Corporate Insurance Broking, Health Insurance, etc, apart from being a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and ICF Coach. Dr. Firoz Syed, Chief Marketing Officer and Director International Business the Head of International Business who has 20+ years of experience in IT services, Education & Placement Industry in India and abroad. Mr. Devdatta Sathe, Chief Information Officer and Director Information Technology who has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Information Systems, IT Product Developments, software programming, and Web & Applications Development. He has worked for top companies such as IBM and Lupin Pharma.
These professionals have years of expertise in the fields of technology, management, evaluation, skill development, etc. It is because of these exceptionally brilliant employees that Skynet Experts has collaborated with some of the top Skill Universities, Competency Councils, and States in the field.
Skynet Experts Pvt Ltd has expanded its reach to the different parts of the globe like the Middle East, Asia, Africa and UAE, bridging the gap between organizations and talented applicants.
Owing to its innovative approach towards educational assessment, it is regarded by many as the much-needed “game-changer” in the industry.

Skynet Experts’ AI-Powered Talent Acquisition

Skynet Experts utilize the latest, most advanced AI-based technological apparatus that helps any organization appraise talent and select the ideal workforce which would help them accelerate their growth and development. Through its advanced assessment platforms, the company caters to the needs of various Skill Universities, Central/State governments, Vocational Institutions, as well as NGO’s belonging to Skill Development platforms. The company has also established a record in the Indian Book of Records and ASIA Book of Records for the successful evaluation of 3000 candidates on 15th July, 2019 on World Skills Day.

Skynet’s Diverse Portfolio

Having access to over a million applicants through various online assessment platforms, Skynet Experts has conducted assessments on more than 15 states, with approximately 3.5 Million candidates across diverse sectors with the Sector Skills Council like Agriculture, Domestic Sector Skill Council, Telecom, Rubber, Sports, etc. The company has also affiliated and worked with various MNC’s under the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Project. In addition to this, the company has also supplied assessments to various fields like Capital Goods, Automotive, IT, Mining, Retail, Hospitality, Beauty & Wellness, Rubber, Telecom, Gem & Jewellery, and so on.

A Skills System That Inspires Reformative Change

A truly successful company is one that manages to inspire and help others through their services and policies. It focuses on adding value to its customer’s life and the society as a whole. Today, a great percentage of the companies only focus on reaching new financial highs. In a bid to gain huge profits, they sharply compromise on their ethics and customer satisfaction. They do not care about the inconveniences experienced by their employees, clientele or their customers. The core value of Skynet Experts is to inspire business models, organizations and talents to grow and excel in their area of expertise. The relentless focus on value-creation is what makes it stand out from its competitors. Its policies are geared towards generating measurable, reformative change in the educational assessment space. It provides a platform to millions of applicants as well as organizations to help get in touch with these talented applicants.
Skynet’s Skills System is like a breath of fresh air in the saturated educational industry. It is inspiring others in the field to adopt a more ethical, value-based approach to their business.

Skynet’s Strategic Approach Towards Marketing

For a business to run effectively, it is essential to understand the importance of the right kind of promotion. The kind of promotion a business would require for its goods and services can be identified through marketing initiatives. It also depends on the size and reach of your business, amongst other variables. Failing to take such variables into account, a lot of companies lose out on lucrative business opportunities and clientele growth. For this reason, it’s essential to strategize a promotion after a thorough market analysis
Skynet believes that for a Skills System, having frequent Tech Talks with deployment capabilities proves to be the most effective marketing initiative. It helps resolve a lot of hindrances that would otherwise interfere with the smooth execution of such activities.
Having highly qualified experts in the marketing forefront, Skynet is constantly improvising its marketing strategies in accordance with the changing demands of the industry. It adheres to the time-tested approach “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”.

Skynet: A Trustable Name In Educational Assessment

In today’s times, it is difficult to trust any brand as most of them are mainly focused on making a quick buck or tricking you into purchasing substandard services. What a client primarily looks for is a trusted, reputed company with years of experience and goodwill. Customers have ranked trust as one of the top factors when considering a purchase. For this reason, Skynet Experts gives utmost importance to qualities like reliability and integrity, which are vital for securing the customers’ trust. Skynet Experts is a ranked brand that has delivered quality services to its customers over the years. It is a brand that understands the concerns and issues of its customers and aims at providing the best possible solutions in any situation.
Skynet Experts has always aimed at maintaining stability and consistency in terms of not only delivering quality assessment tools and AI services to its current clientele, but also being supportive of its previous clientele, regardless of whether they are purchasing the company’s solutions or not. This assures the customers that the company is reliable in all senses. The company firmly believes in making a significant difference and adding value to its customers’ lives. Due to such consistent efforts, Skynet Experts has emerged as a trusted brand with a loyal customer base and a commendable reference record.
Overcoming Adversities as A Skill-System-Based Start-up
While venturing out, each and every company faces certain challenges. Being a Skill System-based company comes with its own trials and tribulations. Customers have great expectations in terms of the quality of training and assessment delivery the company offers. To add to this, Skill Systems in India rely heavily on 3rd party assessment bodies that operate independent of training providers, for their recognition and certification. This can prove to be exceptionally challenging, considering the lack of interest these 3rd party assessment bodies show to arising Skill Systems.
Like any other Skill System-based organization in the country, Skynet also had to face adversities during its initial days. Difficulties with funding and finding the right location to carry out its operations were two of the major concerns for the company. Also, most of the government funded programmes operate at national level and necessitate assessors to be deployed to different regions. This is also a major issue as oftentimes, freelance assessors possessing the appropriate skills are not available at such short notice. This causes delay in assessments and disrupts the initial plans of the company. In addition to this, the travel involved and the fee charged by the assessors prove to be too much for the company, especially during the initial stages.
In spite of being deterred by the aforementioned problems, Skynet Experts overcame the trying times with hard work, a collective team effort, and a customer-centric approach. The company’s persistent efforts to deliver only premium quality services to its clients and the desire to create an innovative Skill System is what helped the company reach where it is today. This approach can inspire many upcoming business models to never give up and follow what it believes in.
With the current pandemic, a lot of restrictions have been imposed on the business. In spite of the deterrents, the company believes in being patient and grabbing any opportunity as and when it comes their way. It is still optimistic about the year and has greater ambitions for the years to come.

Skynet’s Vision for The Future

While most companies are only focused on growing and expanding their businesses, few are concerned about giving back to the society. It is rare to see a company strive for the betterment of the country it has been established in. In a market which values thrift and selfish behaviour, patriotism is of secondary importance to a business. Skynet’s agenda for the future is to create space for education opportunities for the workforce of the country. The company also aims to work towards the development of the agricultural sector of the country by providing employment and self-Dependant, opportunities to Women and the farmers of India. This project is expected to have been started by April 2020. Apart from this, the company is also focusing on introducing programs for the Rural and Tribal populations of the country.
One of the most ambitious projects of the company is targeted towards Self-Development and Self-Defence for women. For this, the company has partnered with the State Government and Maharashtra Police.
Inspired by the Indian Government’s initiative of collaborating with international industrialized and developed countries, the company has plans of expanding its reach in the Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia. The idea is to imbibe the deep local knowledge and practices into business practices through global affiliations and collaborations.
Skynet in association with the UAE government, Saudi Government and the Middle East Government is about to launch a Gateway Portal for the Skilled Employees to be employed in respected countries
Skynet’s Grand Vision for the future is fuelled by a drive to integrate values like patriotism and equality with economic growth.

Dr. Rajesh Joshi’s Message To The Readers Of Prime Insights

Being a beacon of light for young entrepreneurs, Dr. Rajesh Joshi is always striving to provide upliftment and positivity to the community. According to him, our attitude is the precursor for all external change. He attributes his current position to his optimistic and dynamic attitude. Here’s a message from him to all aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking success:
“We are mostly influenced by the environment and our attitudes. Environment and attitudes are two inseparable entities and they influence each other. But the attitudes of the people exert more influence on the environment. Though we are responsible for moulding the environment in which we are placed, we always find it difficult to break the inherent barriers of development, thereby becoming the prisoner of the environment in which there is the creator. But the attitudes of man are not static, they are ever-changing. Man, in his attempt to improve his lot, constantly endeavours to conceive new ideas and better ideas and indulges in experiment on them. So, we should constantly look towards changing our attitude. This process leads to changed attitudes and the changed environment and further gives us wings to fly there up in the horizon and achieve our dreams. vision, focus, consistency, sustenance and family support are the things which has helped us to get where ever we are. I will advise all Youngsters to work on similar directions for their success.”

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