Sealy India: Springing To Success In The Mattress Industry With Technologically-Advanced Sleeping Solutions

Sealy India

The evolution of the human spine from its original hominid form gave us a survival edge. But, it was never meant to support the amount of duress we pile on it every day. There’s the tiring commute to work in crowded metros, followed by intermittent bouts of walking, pacing, and sitting at the office. Not to mention that hunched posture with which we stare at our laptop screens all day long. All of this only adds extra wear and tear to the fragile spinal disc.

The back is the first point of contact our body has with a mattress. And it’s also where most of us feel the strain along with the leg, neck, and head. Instead of offering comfort, old mattresses that are worn out (plus ones that were never so good, to begin with) work against your body by enforcing improper sleeping positions. Pretty soon, bad posture reduces work efficiency.

This is where Sealy comes in! Sealy is the 140+ year old brand and is the world’s largest bedding provider.

Company Overview & Offerings

Sealy is an American brand that Manufacture, markets and sells mattresses. It is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. While Sealy India is based in Hyderabad with Galleries, studios, and retail stores in major cities across the country.

From a consumer standpoint, Sealy offers the most premium products for those looking to improve their sleep quality. Besides mattresses, it offers bases, pillows and many other relaxation products. The company combines a proud history and ground breaking innovation and holds some of the most highly recognized brands in the industry: Palatial Crest, Unicased, Hybrid, Posture Premier and Posturelife.

The biggest brand name in bedding industry has travelled from far corners of America to Indian shores in 2012. The first store was opened in 2012 in New Delhi and since then rapidly expanding to major cities across India, completing 10 years of servicing customer with high quality sleep systems.

Sealy India’s offerings include a broad spectrum of mattresses; each collection caters to a specific range of requirements, budget, and buyers.

  • Retail Range: Consists of Sealy Posturelife, Posture Premier, Unicased, Hybrid and Palatial Crest range of mattresses.
  • Budget Range: Includes the Posturelife series mattresses.
  • Premium range: Comprises of Posture Premier, Unicased and Hybrid range of mattresses.
  • Luxury range: Features the Posturepedic Palatial Crest range of mattresses.

Each product, however, features the best quality foams, the highest level of targeted support, the most advanced motion-absorbing coils, and all-over cooling comfort that delivers deep, relaxing sleep.

Sealy is also one of the leading mattress suppliers for the hospitality industry, catering to 3-, 5- and 7-star hotels and resort chains. It offers sleep systems that ensure guests experience the quality sleep they desire. Each series in its Hospitality Range provides for a number of different levels in comfort and finish.

The Story Behind Sealy’s Conception

The company draws its name from the place it originally started – in a small town called ‘Sealy’ in Texas, USA. Its journey to succes begain in 1881. Founder and cotton gin builder Daniel Haynes began making cotton-filled mattresses for his friends and neighbours. In 1889, he patented an ingenious invention that compressed cotton for use in his mattresses. Eventually, the mattresses became so popular that he was able to sell the patents directly to manufacturers in other markets. The term “Mattress from Sealy” was thus coined to define the quality produced.

Meet the brain behinds’ Sealy’s worldwide and India success

Scott L. Thompson has served as the Chairman of Sealy International’s Board of Directors and as President & CEO since September 2015. He has decades of experience under the belt which has helped the company’s success worldwide.

G S S Jagannath is the Director of Sealy India, and he has been with the organization since May 2013. He has decades of experience under the belt and specifically in Mattress Industry which has helped the Indian operation to reach a level from where the company can grow multifold in coming years.

Sealy’s Achievements as a Leading Mattress Brand

In 1950, Sealy introduced Sealy Posturepedic, the only mattress in the industry that emphasized the importance of correct back support. Designed in cooperation with Orthopaedic Surgeons, it was a game-changing product that revolutionized the mattress market.

For the past 66 years, Sealy has been at the forefront of mattress technology, leveraging experience and innovations to make technology-advanced products that deliver deep, targeted support right where it’s needed.

Staying ahead with research and development

Since the beginning, Sealy has kept a zero-tolerance policy to maintain high product standards. Quality has never been compromised by lowering a specification or withdrawing components, and

Decades of R&D have led to Sealy’s patented technology that lies at the heart of its current product. No quality aspect is left to chance; every part is subjected to simulated time/wear and fatigue testing. The performance of every component – from the foams in the quilt on top of the bed to the castors on the base – is a known and proven factor.

All this and more has resulted in the brand leading the bedding industry in research and development.

The Company’s Vision for the Future

Since technology is being integrated into every facet of human existence, Sealy India is focusing its efforts on creating quality sleeping products at an affordable cost through the aid of advanced tools.

Future plans for Sealy India include putting up a manufacturing plant in Hyderabad and building a consumer-centric brand. The brand aims to deliver a personalized experience.

“The importance of sleep cannot be overlooked; we are passionate about bringing the power of good sleep to light. We wish to provide our customers with tailored recommendations based on their age, sleeping habits, mattress usage, sleeping issues (if any) and more”, says G S S Jagannath.

The company is thus working on honing the process further via constant improvement via feedback and re-engagement model.


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