Manuj Adlakha: Ushering a Remarkable Shift in the International Logistics Scenario

Manuj Adlakha

The logistics industry today has witnessed a plethora of developments that’ve constituted holistic change. Over the course of the last few years especially, this change has been utmost conspicuous thanks to the relentless contributions of some innovative companies.

A great portion of these companies’ success can be attributed to the indefatigable efforts of their founders. Through their robust entrepreneurial vision, they’ve inspired thought reforms in their specific industry as well as the overall market.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one such entrepreneur, Manuj Adlakha, the Founder & Director of Cargopeople. The esteemed professional has been on the forefront of several palpable horizon-shifts in the logistics industry.

The visionary thought process of Manuj as well as his company’s various noteworthy facets have been extensively covered here for the benefit of our entrepreneur readers.

The Inception Idea Behind Cargopeople

Cargopeople Logistics & Shipping Pvt. Ltd is a freight-forwarding company that was established back in 2011. The company was born with the vision to help organizations globally.

Since there was a lot of ambiguity and ineffectiveness in the logistics industry at the time, the exporters were not able to manage their delivery commitment. In view of this glaring deficiency, Manuj wanted to bridge the gap in the market.

Manuj’s idea for the company wasn’t just limited to a narrow focus but rather a holistic approach. He also emphasized complete transparency with their partners so that they commit and deliver to their overseas buyers.

As of 2022, Cargopeople caters to all kind of logistics support for both exporters and importers. It offers Air freight/Sea freight/Trucking/Warehousing/Custom clearance for FCL/LCL/Exw/DDP/DDU shipments.

Cargopeople’s Versatile Services

Through his company’s diverse service range, Manuj has been able to carve a niche for his brand in his industry. Given below is an overview of the various facets of his services:

Air Freight: Cargopeople is the fastest-growing air freight forwarding specialist in China, Middle East, and USA. It covers all the major airports worldwide, and boasts of a strong global network of agents even in the remotest areas of the world.

Sea Freight: Consists of the most flexible sea freight services. This is executed through the company network of agents, carriers, and traceable shipments via the global info system.

Import Export Consultancy: Optimal education & assistance is provided to the company clients on all important rules & policies related to import/export procedures. It helps them avail benefits of exemptions/incentives by strategically decoding Govt. and International regulations.

Warehouse: Integrates all parts of the supply chain management by providing warehousing and custom-boned warehouses, contract-based warehouses.

Door-to-Door: Offers efficient door-to-door delivery services for customers who need to send cargo directly to the destined destination.

The company thus far has been able to serve a wide variety of clients including Corporates, Manufacturers & MSMEs. In the process, Manuj has constantly refined and fine-tuned its approach so as to meet the changing needs of the market.

Manuj’s Relentless Growth Mindset

Like any successful entrepreneur, Manuj is characterized by a strong growth mindset that’s evident on both the technological & business front.

He firstly emphasizes a constant & ever-evolving focus on the company’s R & D initiatives. Considering today’s cut-throat market competition, he views this as an unequivocal growth tool as well as a live indicator of the future of any industry.

Manuj furthermore gives paramount importance to harnessing new technological tools by staying abreast with market trends. He tactfully deploys these tools after understanding the clients’ needs in a holistic manner.

On the industry level, Manuj feels that competition from peers is actually a healthy precursor for growth. This, according to him, spurs CEOs to avoid stagnation and constantly grow themselves as well as their brand.

Outlook on Employees, Professionals & CEOs

A major defining quality of Manuj is his intuitive & accurate understanding of the demands of professional competence. This is firstly characterized by his commitment towards employee wellbeing.

Above all, he feels that a Happy Employee and a Happy Customer are essentially the same for him. While it is the responsibility of every employee to provide service to the customer, the quality & efficiency of service industry depends entirely on mental satisfaction level of employees in the end.

He furthermore holds immense significance & respect for the hard work of higher-level professionals like entrepreneurs & CEOs. According to him, they contribute the most in the economy of any country; they constitute the most vital part of the entire market ecosystem.

Manuj’s Vision for The Future

Going forward, Manuj envisions making his company the Best in the World to Work for Employees, as well as the Most Delightful Company to Work for with Clients. In terms of giving back to the society, he plans to do altruistic work via contributions to old age homes and orphanages.

Keeping the spark alive in entrepreneurship is a superlatively important attribute according to Manuj. For this, he recommends budding entrepreneurs read the biographies of successful CEOs – in order to learn how they dealt with challenges and think from their perspective.

He concludes by offering a short yet impactful message for spurring a growth-mindset in our readers:

“Keep investing in learning, as this is unquestionably the best investment. While a simple act, you have the potential to create a massive fortune with this one investment itself…”


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