Nils Technologies Pvt Ltd: An Emerging Face in the Era of Innovative IT Solutions

Nils Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company overview and its offerings

Nils Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that operates in IT solutions and works to achieve a clear vision and strong commitment towards developing software in all major aspects. Its end-to-end technology competencies are highly capable of developing software across several platforms like Windows Applications, Embedded Applications and Web Applications to build CRM, Real Time, CIS, Wireless, Kiosk, ERP, IoT and Management Solutions. Being honoured with numerous prestigious awards in the New Delhi national seminars and other places, Nils Technologies is an award-winning innovative IT and ITeS organization that is now being recognized nationally by renowned news and paper media channels.

The inception of Nils Technologies

Founded in July 2013 by a skilled team of software professionals and consultants, Nils Technologies emerged from the City of Destiny, Vishakapatnam. It reaches out to its customers directly or indirectly by aiming to transform things to better prospects by executing and enabling reliable and significant tools, technologies and solutions into government bodies, leadership groups, the corporate world and other visionary associations.
The company firmly believes in word of mouth and provides its clients with the best possible system designed to enable transformation with smart and promising IT solutions. The Managing Director, Mr Santosh Kumar S who also leads the company as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Software Architect has dynamically led the company into the heights of success since 2013. Owing to his professional degrees of MCOM and MCA along with Higher Diploma in Software Application with a certificate in Electronics, he has stood as a strong and supportive pillar, training every sector of the company and turning them into a highly appreciated unit. He is the developer of the award-winning software application called “Revenue Protection System” which won “Nasscom Business Innovation Award”.
The Executive Director Ms Prem Lata S with her highly talented skills in resource management, office administration and record-keeping, has led the company as its Vice President since 2013. She has strengthened the Human Resource and Admin Departments.

A Smart Solutions Company Enabling System Transformation

About the CEO and his vision leading to success

As every house starts with a single brick, the journey of Nils Technologies began with a single thought of conceptualizing the tech world into a new dimension. The idea came to Mr Santosh during his first year of BCOM and by the end of the 2nd year, its name was already decided. Post his graduation along with doing MCOM, Mr Santosh started to work for the development of the company. Keeping a parallel balance between two lives was not only tough but also challenging yet he knew the equal values of both contributing to success and happiness. The most challenging part was to shape up himself into a successful Project Leader, Software Architect and Indian Entrepreneur. Life offered him numerous challenges from his family after MCA yet he succeeded in every venture and development of all software projects.

Rendering top-notch IT services

The company aims to provide its clients with the best IT solutions for any tech-related issue and apart from it, they -serve government bodies, leadership groups and other aspects of the corporate world. The team constantly works to design highly scalable and out of box software architecture that provides real-time solutions for both the business verticals of Projects & Products. The company maintains uniqueness in its products and offerings. The team is always available with useful tools and technologies and fits in consumer expectations.

Research and Development Team

The R&D team of Nils Technologies is primarily involved to keep up the business intact. It constantly works to achieve great innovations, happy and satisfied client base with the best solution optimizations. It never fails to research upcoming projects and is constantly engaged to channelize new ideas into the old architecture resulting in providing the most scalable solution. On grounds of handling large transactional data, the team ensures priority on skill up-gradation, positioning of the right skill and better human resource policy.

Creating values faster

Human resource development is an integral part of this organization upon which the future of the company is based. It aspires to provide equal opportunity policy improvising the work culture and environment, timely get-togethers, employee feedback evaluations and involvement of strategic planning and policies for its authentic recognization. Nils Technologies Pvt Ltd has set its objectives and vision to work for the future and not for the present. The company is likely to accept any great ideas and skills that can be converted into a reality. It believes in the words ‘Go Together & Grow Together’. Building a business is actually building a nation where participation and collaboration with the exchange of ideas and execution of strategies amongst entrepreneurs are important. With more market exploration, more employment and more client base, the company aspires to grow further and provide its IT partners with significant tools and technologies to provide hassle-free solutions.
As an important milestone, designing of highly scalable software architecture with real-time solutions has developed a future platform to convert its benefits into products. The company also contributes towards the society by creating capabilities, employment and self-development opportunities by having a direct impact indirectly.

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