Vajra Global: Sparking a Revolution Via Outcome-based Digital Marketing Services

Vajra Global

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the online era today, digital marketing has mushroomed into a multibillion-dollar giant with lakhs of agencies providing these services on a worldwide scale. In our country especially, this boom has been very palpable as hundreds, if not thousands of new agencies are being conceived each day.

Despite the overwhelming abundance of such agencies, there has been a conspicuous lack of services that actually have an outcome-based emphasis. Most generally focus on a long list of arduous processes, giving little thought to factors like need-specificity, intricacies in the client’s niche, and above all the ability to intuitively understand the market beyond mere metrics & figures.

So as to bridge the glaring gap in the market, Vajra Global, a pioneer in outcome-based digital marketing, has come forth with an array of services that’re specifically tailored towards the multifarious & targeted demands of clients. A vision of entrepreneur Ganapathy Sankarabaaham, Vajra Global was established in the year 2016, and since then, it has provided 25,000+ Design and Content Deliveries, has had 300+ websites under management, and holds 3M USD in Annual Campaign Budgets.

The stellar market success of Vajra Global finds its roots in a remarkable inception idea that struck the Founder in its initial days.

The Formative Stages of the Brand

Vajra Global Consulting Services started as a Marketing Consulting Firm, helping startups develop a well-defined digital marketing strategy for brand-building, customer acquisition, and engagement. Shortly afterward, Ganapathy and his team identified an opportunity to expand into outcome-based digital marketing services, which many in the market do not offer.

In the early stages, the company found it quite challenging to stand out in the crowded space of digital marketing. Despite the apparent difficulty, the team continued to make progress by emphasizing aspects like deep domain knowledge, understanding customer goals/needs, strategic planning, authenticity, robust execution, and business values.

Fast-forward to 2022, Vajra Global has expanded its portfolio to serve a wide range of clients, covering medium to large enterprises in the space of IT, healthcare, eCommerce, retail, amongst others. It is especially renowned for its tailored framework & AIDA model for SaaS marketing.

The company’s services are also revered in its industry for a multitude of noteworthy aspects.

Salient Features of Vajra’s Services

As a holistic Digital Marketing Agency, Vajra Global helps clients bring a 360-degree digital transformation to make data-driven decisions and ensure that results are achieved at every level. The company has four pillars of marketing operation for maximal efficacy, viz:

  • Marketing Technology
  • Creative Communications (Visual Design and Content)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

The company follows a customer-first approach and believes in understanding the big picture and creating an excellent customer experience using its values of partnership, collaboration, and transparency.

The team furthermore spends a great deal of time understanding the customer business, product/service, goals, and timelines. They use a detailed workshop to document requirements and come up with recommended solutions and expected outcomes.

Every customer gets a dedicated “Customer Success Manager” (CSM) who works as a customer’s ambassador to ensure they get the best of Vajra. They also act as a single point of contact for the customers.

A testament to Vajra’s impactful work is its high percentage of repeat businesses and the longevity of client engagements. Over the years, it has garnered a consistent spree of awards, recommendations, and customer appreciation.

Kindling Trust Through an Integral Approach

Contrary to popular notions, the company’s team doesn’t believe that the default mindset of people is mistrust. If that was the case, companies like ‘Amazon’ would’ve been a straight-up failure. Consumers want to believe brands, it’s just that brands have to do their part and reward that belief.

The company emphasizes certain key questions to develop a robust brand strategy for customers:

  • When a brand just enters the market and is unknown, what should they do to get familiar with the target audience?
  • What steps should they take to encourage prospective customers to make a purchase?

Questions like these are pivotal in establishing trust whilst shaping a new customer experience.

To further bolster this trust, the company focuses greatly on customer relationships and satisfaction. By being authentic through brand storytelling, it ensures that the vision & mission of the brand are effectively conveyed to the target audience. Brand positioning and smooth communication with the audience are the key pillars to building brand trust.

Empowering Brands Through Digitization

In addition to a value-based approach, Vajra also boasts of an immensely tech-savvy nature that’s conspicuous on its R & D front. Its team is constantly exploring ways to digitize its operations using the latest technology developments.

At the moment, the company is working on AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and automation to improve productivity, quality, and employee experience. The digitization team brings to life the different ideas shared by the employees for improving operations. There are many examples of how this team has significantly impacted the marketing team’s work.

For one of its tech customers, the company’s online strategies included visualizing its user journey and maintaining the ability to launch new practices. For another MNC, they launched websites across practices and geographies to help them scale and deliver content.

Vajra is amid numerous other noteworthy developments that’re shaping a robust growth trajectory for the company.

Significant Developments and Future Vision

Marketing technology helps clients apply technology to their marketing needs. The company’s team on this front is constantly improving its approach in building websites, eCommerce portals, marketing automation, headless CRM & Ux 2.0 implementation, and low-code/no-code marketing apps. The company also has multiple technology partnerships in these areas.

One of the biggest challenges in the world of digital marketing was ensuring a measurable result. With ever-evolving targets, marketing automation has become critical to ensure seamless digital marketing.

Vajra Global endeavors to fill this pressing need of the market by constantly building practical tools to optimize tasks for higher efficiency and productivity. For instance, an agile task force was set up to build a tool to automate specific repetitive tasks for the in-house Content Team. A fully-functional customized tool for internal project management tasks was ready in under three weeks. This is just a glimpse of how the company proactively works to fructify new ideas.

For the future, Vajra holds the ultimate vision of being the answer to the Red Queen’s race in the world of digital marketing, i.e., helping them to compete and thrive in the modern marketing world where the rules of the game are amid constant updates.

The company’s Founder & CEO, Ganapathy Sankarabaaham, would like to share an empowering message on a conclusive note to the readers.

A Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

Ganapathy’s years of arduous struggle in entrepreneurship have yielded him rich lessons concerning the power of values & principles. He sums it up in a few zeal-laden words:

Believe, Create, Achieve. That is our guiding principle that we would recommend to young entrepreneurs. Never give up and always, always find the motivation to persevere and do whatever it takes.”

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