Meet Mr. Abhijeet Tuteja: An Enthusiast in the Realm to Transform the Perspectives of the Accounting Industry

Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

MMC Books

“A true leader has the persona to walk alone in the darkest times, courage to choose tough roads, and compassion to listen to the unheard voices.”

In our relentless search to find brands and leaders who have set an example of incubating real-time opportunities and created intuitive potentialities, we came across the brand story of MMC Group. MMC group started as M Mehta & Co, a CA firm in 1960 and diversified into international accounting-related services in 2010 with MMC Convert, a data migration company. Since 1960, the legacy has continued to grow exponentially and the brand has now ventured into 4 international divisions:-

  • MMC Convert – Data Migration Company
  • MMC Books – International Bookkeeping service
  • MMC Receipt – Receipt Capturing App
  • MMC Virtual Assist – Virtual Assistant Company

The brand serves all kinds of clients, especially CPA firms across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, HK, Kuwait, and Dubai. Having incredible exposure to working with more than 45,000 SMEs on various one-off or ongoing projects, the brand has built an exceptional reputation in the accounting industry. MMC Group has also garnered the highest-rated reviews on multiple forums and has endorsed exclusive tie-ups of its vertical MMC Convert with industry giants like Xero, QBO, Freshbooks, etc. To discuss more company’s highest levels of service standards and the enriching entrepreneurial saga of MMC Group, we invited the pivotal leadership panel Mr. Abhijeet Tuteja (Group CEO).

Mr. Abhijeet Tuteja was considerate enough to take time out of his hustling schedule and join us for a detailed conversation about MMC Group. He walked us through his inspiring journey of standing unconventionally strong despite being surrounded by daunting circumstances. As Prime Insights has always been a big appreciator of raw entrepreneurial motivation and excellence, we featured Mr. Abhijeet’s words under the special segment of “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023”.

Inception Tale

The idea of initiating the firm came when one of the co-founders got a chance to meet Rod Dury, founder of Xero- global accounting software, in New Zealand. Mr. Dury invited the co-founders over to visit his office. Mr. Ankit Mehta an enthusiastic CA, and Mrs. Shanu Mehta being a tech-savvy person, both were intrigued to see where the accounting world was heading and thus sowed the first seeds of the international division.

Stepping over Challenges

Talking about the business ecosystem growing extremely competitive for the CEOs around the world, Mr. Abhijeet asserts, “I feel everyone has gone through their share of struggles to be where they are and had their journeys. My journey too has been a roller coaster ride. I’m a perfect example of riches to rags and then rags-to-riches story. Born in a wealthy family, I was destined to take over 4 successful industries in my family which got changed over a span of 3 years and we lost all. During 2000, I had almost 100 crores of valuation companies doing exceptionally well. But things started going downhill and I had almost bottomed out to Rs 10 in my pocket. At that time I was just married and the real struggles began. From there to back again to where I’m today, I would say my struggle and my understanding of the fact that nothing lasts forever keeps me grounded and focused on work. I certainly assure you that I do not take anything for granted. Hence at MMC, I essentially keep these lessons in my head knowing that we need to be on top of our game always, every single day. No complacency!!”

Innovation is in the DNA

Mr. Abhijeet told us that traveling has played a major role in helping the entire team at MMC learn about adjusting and incorporating the brewing market trends in all organizational processes. The team attends almost 10 major conferences every year around the globe and gets a closer view of what’s happening in their industry.
“We try and inculcate what’s important to keep pace with industry norms and I can proudly say, we are always among the earliest adapters of technology. We have been working on AI being a part of accounting services for the last 4 years and have leveraged technology to garner immense client trust and stronger alliances. I would also like to highlight that 90% of our workforce are women. They are the backbone of our organization. With their support and natural expertise in handling multiple things at a time, the organizational culture is booming to new heights of magnificence. The perseverance and creativity of our workforce is the secret mantra of MMC’s success so far”, says the Group CEO of MMC, Mr. Abhijeet Tuteja.

Advent of Targets Lined up for Future

MMC Group is very optimistic about the future. The team is evolving by manifolds to bring in lots of technology in the accounting space to automate a lot of processes. They are also in talks with potential partners to open offices in US /Canada, Kuwait, and Ireland. The coming two years are very exciting and the entire workforce is looking forward to it.

Words for the Aspirers

Mr. Abhijeet believes that not just CEOs, no one should ever give up on their dreams.

“Following your passion is easier said than done. I say earn money, save time, and then spend some time on your passion. It might not become your profession but if you don’t spend some time on it then it haunts you. Be an avid learner and don’t be afraid of doing the necessary hard work to attain new heights.”

Giving Back to the Society

Mr. Shanu Mehta has opened the NGO ‘Arth Sangini’. Both the NGO and the team of MMC are on a mission to make rural women financially independent. So far, MMC has helped over 300 women to start their businesses, help them run their families, and see their dreams of educating their children come true. We can definitely see MMC Group growing both horizontally and vertically on a global level in the future.

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