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Medesun Healthcare Solutions is a provider of medical billing, medical coding, and training in subsequent fields. Established in 2009, Medesun has over 20+ trainers who have years of experience working for the US healthcare industry. Their expertise, international exposure, and knowledge help them to guide and train students in an exceptional manner. Medesun also offers BPO services, Auditing Services, HCC coding and training in HIM, HIPAA Compliance, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, Medical Coding Auditing, etc.

Dr. Santosh’s Native Contribution behind Medesun’s Success

Dr. Santosh, a world record holder with 40 certifications in medical coding billing, and health information management has enabled Medesun to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of healthcare. Leveraging his 20 years of experience in the medical coding and billing field, he has been a true pioneer in medical coding and ICD-10 training in India. Having trained over 5000 students who are presently employed as managers and VPs of coding companies, his masterful guidance has transformed Medesun into a bonafide industry leader in the healthcare space.

HCC Coding Training by Medesun for Risk Adjustment System

HCC coding training by Medesun prepares the coders to take the Risk Adjustment certification exam. Risk adjustment is a process used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that reimburses Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. CMS develops a hierarchy so that patients’ conditions are coded for the most severe manifestation among related diseases.
Risk adjustment is implemented to pay MA plans more accurately for the predicted health cost expenditures of members by adjusting payments based on the demographics (e.g., age and gender) as well as health status. The CMS risk adjustment model measures the disease burden that includes 79 HCC categories, which are correlated to diagnosis codes.
Importance of Joining Medesun’s HCC Coding
Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) correlates or links to corresponding diagnosis categories. The number of HCCs and affected ICD-10 codes can change year on year. Implementing an effective HCC coding program requires a disciplined and thorough approach, and is essential to strong financial and clinical performance under value-based reimbursement contracts. This coding is the revenue engine that empowers organizations to make the investments needed to succeed in value-based care.
Medesun training is offered by Certified Risk Adjustment Coders which is online and classroom, provides complete material and case studies. You must have a PC and the Internet. If you don’t have, you can use Internet centers.

Medesun’s HCC Coding Syllabus

The syllabus includes ICD-10-CM, HCC concepts, Risk Adjustment models, Star ratings, HEIDS, RADV Audits, ACA, CDPS, private payers risk models, determining the risk adjustment score, apply to trump in the risk adjustment hierarchy, data mining from data captured through risk adjustment coding, use of predictive modeling from data captured through risk adjustment coding, Documentation improvement for proper HCC data capture, identify documentation discrepancies, detailed training in process for prospective audits and retrospective audits.
Amputations atherosclerosis, COPD, DM, CHF, CKD, CVA, stroke, DVT, pneumonia, pressure ulcers, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary fibrosis, seizures, Identify common coding errors in risk adjustment, identify diagnosis codes that risk adjusts, specific conditions of OBGYN that risk adjusts, Pediatric specific conditions that risk adjust.

What Makes Medesun’s HCC Coding different from Other Programs?

Medesun HCC Training utilizes cutting edge LMS technology, each topic has PPTs, Assessments, Case studies, Forum discussions and feedbacks for the tests are given in real-time for a deeper understanding of the concepts. Post completion of the training program, there is also a comprehensive final exam. Further, students must demonstrate a high level of proficiency to pass the final examination. The USP of Medesun Healthcare Solutions lies in the fact that they render quality to the training they provide along with the on-time submission. Moreover, there is continuous updating of technologies and methodologies which helps them to bring out the best from the students. They have consistent competitive and financial performance.

Career Prospects after Joining Medesun’s HCC Coding Program

The advantage of associating and training with Medesun is that it is the only approved institute in India for teaching and CMRS-AMBA examination. It is the only institute offering Train the Trainers program for Medical Doctors. Medesun provides 100% Placement assistance. There is no job guarantee, as a job depends upon so many factors. Moreover, this is a recession-proof career and with healthcare taking a giant leap globally, this is an appropriate time to invest for the future by adopting Medesun as your training partner.

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