MERCYDA’Z International Pvt. Ltd : A Power-Brand That’s Challenging The Status Quo Within India’s Tech & Engg Sector

MERCYDA’Z International Pvt. Ltd.

In this technological age, a majority of the products and services offered by companies have at least some element of engineering involved in their conception.
Mercyda’z International Pvt. Ltd is an ISO9001-2015, ISO 24510.IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and UN regulation ECR 10 approved and certified company that specializes in manufacturing various types of communication, industrial, automotive, electrical and electronic products.
Mercyda’z was founded by Mr. Biju Poulose back in 1994 and is currently situated in Sulthan Bathery, North Kerala. The company’s vision is to be the preferred technological & engineering solutions provider to its clients, and also work closely with them to create value for its stakeholders. It strives to maintain its leadership position in the industry by delivering cutting-edge technology, tailor made solutions, quality products and cost-effective services to drive results and achieve excellence.
Since its establishment, Mercyda’z has catered to the technological needs of dozens of clients, providing them top-notch service quality and consistent support. Owing to its exceptional performance, it has carved a niche for itself in India’s Tech & Engg Sector.

Mercyda’z International Pvt.Ltd.: A One-Stop Technological and Engineering Solutions Provider

Mercyda’z International Pvt. Ltd is a leading technological and engineering solutions provider in India. The company is also a manufacturer of AIS 018 certified Electronic vehicle speed governors, AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking system, and Reverse Osmosis RO Water Purifiers, under the brand name of MERCYDA.
The company has been approved and certified by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), SAMEER CHENNAI (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research), ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology, Department of Telecommunication Govt. of India, GSO (GCC STANDARD ORGANISATION) , and the Ministry of Spain. The company is also a certified member of the WQA (Water Quality Association) India and has been approved by the Govt. of India under the Trademark Act, 1999.
Mercyda’z International Pvt.Ltd. has an advanced, state-of-the-art infrastructure facilitated with some of the latest machines and amenities that help effectively carry out procedures. Their infrastructure encompasses various departments like Production Research and Development, Quality Control, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Designing, and so on. All of these departments are handled by the company’s highly experienced team of professionals.
Covering the technical specialties and regional outreach of the brand, Mr. Biju Poulose says, “We have channel partners across India, Middle East and African countries. We provide one-to-one solution for every customer. Our specialties include 24*7 customer service, online technical assistance, customized designs as per requirements and cost-effective services.”
Owing to the brand’s vast outreach and cutting-edge technological solutions, it has established itself as a top brand in both national and international markets. Over the years, Mercyda’z has served dozens of clients and catered to their unique engineering and technology needs. It has made its mark as a brand which gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction and trust building.

How Mercyda’z Stands Out From Its Competitors

In this growing age of mistrust and fraudulent activities, it can be extremely difficult to find a company that delivers what it promises. When asked about what makes Mercyda’z stand out amongst its competitors, Mr. Biju Poulose said “In my opinion, every manufacturer must be socially responsible. We are all buyers of one product or another, so I always put myself in the customer’s shoes. I think about what my requirements would be as a buyer and then I plan accordingly. It’s important to be specific and transparent with the information you provide to the customers. From 1994 till date, our customers are our advertisers, it’s the quality of the product or simply quality of the product determine the market.”
It is this relentless commitment towards trust building, transparency, and quality that has made Mercyda’z a favourite among its customers. The brand believes in creating value and being conducive to the long-term success of clients. By placing itself in its customer’s shoes and delivering optimal results, Mercyda’z has been able to gain a consistent flow of customers through word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of spending hefty sums on advertising, Mercyda’z relies on providing maximum customer satisfaction to expand its customer base.
Mr. Biju Poulose equates the company’s developmental process to the life cycle of a banyan tree. In order for a sapling to become a huge tree, it has to withstand many ordeals. The longer it can survive, the deeper the roots can penetrate the soil. In a similar manner, the longer the brand can cope up with the market’s challenges, the deeper it can penetrate into it. Not only does this help a brand in establishing a solid reputation in the market but it also helps it better understand the long-term issues faced by the customers.
Mercyda’z commitment towards constant growth and adaptation has kept it afloat during market uncertainties. The brand believes that a customer-centric approach is a primary predeterminant of lasting success. Bringing a smile on the customer’s face and relieving them of their issues is both soulfully and monetarily rewarding.

Mr. Biju Poulose Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

Mr. Biju Poulose dreamt of being an industrialist ever since he was a little kid. During his childhood playtime sessions, he used to indulge in this fantasy by envisioning himself as the director of a huge organization. Although these “playtime ponderings” were frivolous, Mr. Biju Poulose was very vivid in his imagination. Little did he know that his childlike dreams shall one day come to fruition!
After completing his graduation, he began his career as a communication equipment reseller in Kerala. The company he was working for at the time was facing issues with meeting the needs of their customers. The company’s failure resulted in Mr. Biju Poulose backing out of his job. The incident also brought back a flood of memories; he recollected his childhood days when he dreamt of becoming an industrialist. Inspired by the nostalgic episode, he decided to chase his dream and become a renowned entrepreneur.

Initially, Mr. Biju Poulose had to face numerous financial issues, and to add to this, he was struggling to repay the loan he had taken for his business. In an attempt to get out of this mess, he decided to find a new financer for his projects. To raise funds for his project, he approached a bank, however, his application was rejected. With this began a spree of rejections for Mr. Biju Poulose. He was even mocked for his efforts by some banks, who undermined his worth because he was from a small village. Recollecting his initial struggle days, he says: “I contacted several other banks, but if some were okay with my project, they were not okay with my place of choice, my own native a backward rural village in Kerala, Sulthan Bathery. Some of them even mocked me by saying ‘look at him he is going to make payphone or Coin box from this village’” However, after numerous attempts, the finances for his project finally got approved. It was a moment of sheer delight for Mr. Biju Poulose, who finally got an auspicious sign after being demotivated by innumerable naysayers.

Mr. Biju Poulose also has an interesting story behind the conception of his brand’s name. When asked about what inspired him to name his company “Mercyda’z”, Mr. Biju said “I love my Amma, she had to face numerous hardships in bringing me up. The brand name MERCYDA stands for Mercy Dear Amma. Every mother trusts her child, it’s the duty of a child to prove the trust, and as son I am fulfilling my duty. I feel happy and proud when others praise my mother’s name through my brand name. This is the surety I give to my customers.” Mr. Biju Poulose believes that it was his undying love for his mother that propelled him forward and helped him stay grounded in the face of adversity.
In 2006, Mr. Biju Poulose was awarded with the “Best Entrepreneur Award” by the Government of Kerala, as a means to recognize the top-notch quality of products offered by Mercyda’z. Since then, the brand has consistently scaled and grown, expanding its reach across several states and countries, and has claimed over a dozen of certifications from national as well as international bodies.

How Mercyda’z Ensures Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Mercyda’z International believes in meeting the unique wants and needs of its customers. Through thorough market study and upgradation of technology, the company aims at satisfying the needs of its customers whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with them. It regards customers as its family, treating their happiness as the topmost priority. “Our Customers are our family. Happiness of our clients is what the company aims at achieving. Without the happiness of customers there is no MERCYDA.” said Mr. Biju Poulose.

The team of professionals at Mercyda’z personally communicate with the customers by conducting annual surveys. If a customer is facing difficulties, the team works on providing timely solutions in accordance with their issues. The process is coordinated seamlessly and addresses all the problematic areas that are bothering the customers. Along with the surveys, real-time tracking and monitoring of customers is also conducted frequently. All aspects of the procedure are methodical and carried out in systematic steps. It is devoid of any hassle or complications. Over the years, the brand has constantly refined and evolved its process to take care of any technical shortcomings or errors.

Owing to Mercyda’z timely customer feedback and assistance, the brand has generated a string of long-term clients. It has also helped in bringing about a reform in the industry. Most companies were just focused on increasing their sales and achieving monetary goals. Mercyda’z, on the other hand, prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality service. Taking inspiration from Mercyda’z thoughtful business approach, other brands in the industry have started focusing on value-creation and building long-term relations with clients. They’ve realized that mindlessly chasing numbers and financial targets won’t help them attain long-term success.

Mr. Biju Poulose Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Emphasising the importance of teamwork, Mr. Biju Poulose attributes the brand’s success to his team’s hard work and dedication. He says that his brand wouldn’t have been able to attain its current position without the constant support and upliftment provided by his team members. He also urges us to make the nation self-reliant so that it will be less dependent on other nations for material resources. This would not only strengthen our economy but also accelerate our development.

Here’s his message to the readers of Prime Insights magazine: “You should motivate yourself by saying I can and I will. Recognize your talent and boost it, an entrepreneur needs a good team to support him. My success is dedicated to my team’s hard work, dedication and determination is the success mantra. Self-reliance is what our nation needs right know. We depend upon china for most of the things, we should develop our country. I pledge solemnly for make in INDIA.”

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