AMRI HOSPITALS: Mr. Rupak Barua’s Vision to Reform India’s Healthcare Sector


In the digital era, several innovative technologies have been introduced, which have brought about a massive transformation in the way we conduct business. Like almost every aspect of our lives, the Healthcare sector has also been greatly influenced by this change. The introduction of AI and digitized systems has completely altered the dynamics of the industry.

Major players across India have been at the forefront of this paradigm-shift, AMRI Hospitals being one such healthcare group. A market leader in Eastern India, AMRI offers best-in-class treatment and clinical outcomes, treating around 4.5 lakh patients annually across its four tertiary hospitals, besides conducting surgeries, procedures and other treatment processes for another around 1.5 lakh more in-patients.

AMRI currently has three tertiary care hospitals in Kolkata, and one in Bhubaneshwar, besides a state-of-the-art day care centre, also at Kolkata. A part of the Emami Group, one of India’s largest business conglomerates, the healthcare group is regarded as one of the leading private healthcare networks in Eastern and North Eastern India.

The Story Behind AMRI’s Conception

AMRI Hospitals was established back in 1996 under the guidance of legendary physician, Dr. Mani Kumar Chhetri. The hospital chain was grown with guidance from several renowned doctors from Kolkata, which served as a strong foundational base for the brand.
After changing hands a few times, Emami Group took up the reins of the company as promoters, bringing about reforms in the brand’s modus operandi. Today, AMRI is counted among the best private healthcare networks in the region. So much so that it was the only private hospital from Eastern India enlisted in the prestigious American magazine Newsweek’s annual global hospital rankings survey in 2020.
In 2014, Mr. Rupak Barua assumed the role of Group CEO. Ever since he took up the reins, the brand adopted a fresh perspective in its operations, bringing about a complete transformation in most of its facets.
As of 2020, AMRI is among the top 2 hospitals in Kolkata, as adjudged by widely-read news magazine The Week’s annual survey for three consecutive years, since 2017, treating around 4.5 lakh people annually. The brand’s 4 tertiary hospitals are located at Dhakuria, Mukundapur, Saltlake (in Kolkata) and Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) and its day care center is located on Southern Avenue (Kolkata). It also features strong specialty facilities in fields like cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics.

AMRI’s Achievements As a Leading Healthcare Brand

Being a market leader in quality healthcare, AMRI Hospitals has introduced several new technologies to not just Eastern India but also the rest of the nation.
AMRI has been a pioneer in introducing several breakthrough technologies in different domains, such as the Renal Denervation Therapy, the latest in hypertension management, nano pacemakers and TAVI in cardiac care, and O-ARM in neuro care, to name a few.

Here are some of the brand’s most significant achievements and recognitions:

  • Only private hospital from Eastern India to feature in the Newsweek magazine’s ‘World’s Best Hospitals2020’ survey
  • A 2010 survey conducted by Quality Circle Forum of India ranked AMRI Hospitals Salt Lake 1st in Bio-Medical Waste Management, 2nd in Operational Excellence & Time Management and 2nd in Patient Services.
  • AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria, Mukundapur, and Bhubaneshwar were awarded accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
    Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification awarded AMRI hospitals Mukundapur and Bhubaneshwar the Green-OT certification for using eco-friendly anesthetics.
  • In The Week’s annual hospital rankings survey 2017, 2018 and 2019, AMRI Hospitals ranked 2nd among private hospitals in East Zone under the category ‘Best Tertiary Care Hospitals in India
  • AMRI constantly endeavors to provide its patients the best clinical outcomes at a reasonable price. Despite the numerous medical accolades, the brand holds the smiles on the faces of its patients to be its greatest achievement.

How AMRI Keeps Pace with Changing Market Trends

The introduction of AI and digitized systems has brought about a paradigm-shift in all industries. In the last few years, especially, the effect of this change has been more evident than ever before.
Keeping pace with current industrial trends, AMRI has integrated cutting-edge AI-based tech in its healthcare model. It has consistently upgraded its earlier treatment platforms and introduced more advanced versions over the years, and at present, much of its products are on digital platforms
The hospital chain is also striving to decrease its carbon footprint. Its R & D Teams are actively working on developing new ways of reducing its carbon footprint whilst maintaining maximum efficiency of its operations.

AMRI’s Humanitarian Endeavors

AMRI Hospitals has a patient welfare cell which actively works towards helping patients from lower economic backgrounds. The cell supports poor patients with economic support, enabling them to avail quality treatment at heavily discounted rates. It is aided by the brand’s partner network of NGOs and mother organization Emami.
From complex cardiac surgeries to simple dental procedures, the patient welfare cell covers a plethora of treatments for a broad range of ailments. At times, the patients can avail these treatments at almost no cost. This has proved to be a boon for economically challenged patients that need immediate and intensive medical care to improve their condition.

AMRI’s Advancements in R & D

Being a private healthcare service provider, AMRI doesn’t have much scope for R & D in the strictest sense. However, the brand does seek consistent advancement in healthcare technologies. It’s always working towards maximizing the effectiveness of its treatments whilst reducing the incidence of complications.
Over the years, AMRI has introduced several new technologies and treatment protocols so as to provide the best clinical outcomes to its patients. It constantly upgrades existing platforms and equipment to keep up with the industrial standards. With each new innovation, the brand strives to establish a new for benchmark healthcare providers throughout the nation.
Along with providing patients cutting-edge treatment options, the brand also ensures that their price is reasonable. This is the primary goal behind all of AMRI’s R & D initiatives – producing cutting-edge treatments in the most cost-effective manner.

How AMRI Ensures Maximum Employee Satisfaction

According to Mr. Rupak Barua, the CEO of AMRI Hospitals, the contentment of the employees is crucial for a brand’s success. He says “There’s a favorable causality that occurs while taking care of employees. It’s only when our employees are happy that we can function optimally, which in turn helps us serve our patients in the most powerful manner.”
Mr. Rupak believes that the most valuable feature of the company’s culture is that despite being a large organization with around 5,500 employees and more than 1,200 doctors, it has retained a familial atmosphere. All the doctors, nurses, and staff have a family-like bonding with each other.
Despite their station in the hierarchy, every worker in the hospital is valued and given due recognition. All employees are given ample opportunities for advancement and paid as per the prevailing industrial standards. The brand also takes particular care to promote/renumerate employees solely on the basis of their competence, credentials, and work experience. It is strictly against partiality and favoritism; corporate evils that’ve robbed talented employees of the positions they rightly deserved.

Mr. Barua’s Striking A Work-Life Balance

Working in the healthcare industry is a round-the-clock job. It necessitates dealing with uncalled-for emergencies, which can take place at any time, be it day or night.
Apart from being preoccupied with work, Mr. Rupak is also a prominent member in several national industry bodies like CII and FICCI. This entails a lot of responsibilities and commitments. To make the most productive use of his time, Mr. Rupak makes it a point to do tasks in the most efficient manner and manage his time well.
To strike a work-life balance, Mr. Rupak spends some time with his family, goes on annual trips, or does other leisurely activities like watching sports and movies, or reading.

Mr. Barua’s Source of Inspiration Behind Becoming an Industrial Leader

Despite being at such a powerful position, Mr. Barua makes it a point to acknowledge his roots. He feels that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the ideals of his father, which served as a strong foundation for his success.
Being a man of character and integrity, Mr. Barua’s father set a great example for him in his formative years. He endowed him with the necessary inspiration and grit to succeed. Moreover, he devoted his life to the fulfillment of altruistic endeavors. “All my life, I have looked up to my father, who inspired me with his determination and active involvement in helping others. Till his last breath, he was associated with many welfare activities. To him, his life was meant for doing something meaningful and constructive.” said Mr. Barua.
The life philosophy held by his father inspired Mr. Barua in both his personal and professional callings. It has made him eager to conquer new frontiers and take on challenges that are bigger than him. He adds “This is what I would like to tell those who look up to me, to make their life one of service, and to never be afraid of taking up new challenges, however, difficult it might seem at the beginning.”

The Company’s Vision for the Future

Since digitization and AI are being integrated in every facet of human existence, the brand is focusing its efforts in providing quality healthcare at affordable cost through the aid of advanced digital tools.
AMRI Hospitals is already working towards a paperless environment through the introduction of digitized systems and AI. This reform has also benefited its infrastructure by reducing human errors.
With the use of technology increasing in healthcare over the last few years, AMRI has plans of further scaling its operations by upgrading treatment platforms, acquiring and introducing more advanced techniques along the way.
The company is also quite invested in developing more sustainable solutions that are environment-friendly and decrease carbon footprint.

Mr. Rupak Barua’s Advice to Readers of Prime Insights Magazine

Emphasizing on the importance of safe, hygienic practices during the pandemic, Mr. Barua urges the readers of Prime Insights magazine to adopt all the necessary anti-covid measures to ensure their safety. He says “Given the pandemic situation, I would like to request all Prime Insight readers to stay alert and strictly follow the norms of social distancing. For the elderly, it’s better to not step out unless absolutely necessary”
Mr. Barua also advises ill people to immediately consult with their doctors to rule out the possibility of Covid-19 infection. “If you’re not feeling well, don’t suppress it, discuss with a qualified physician and visit a hospital for the right kind of treatment. Stay healthy! Stay Safe!”

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