Golden Eagle Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Bringing an Immaculate Emblem of Revolution into the IT Realm


Golden Eagle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An organization that perceives real success in empowering its people, knows what wonders their potential can create if brought together. Today business leaders and brands are diligently focusing on adding imperative values to the professional spheres of their workforce. Standing true to this ethical conduct, today Prime Insights has brought the story of a brand that finds the real purpose of doing business in moving ahead with its employees. As ecstatic as we are to present numerous insights from the journey of Golden Eagle Technologies Private Limited, we were even more elated to have the opportunity of getting in touch with the company’s CEO, Mr. Chandan Kumar. He founded the company in 2015 and since then the tale of excellence is exponentially increasing. He also revealed many lesser-known facts about his brainchild and we could not stop from featuring Golden Eagle Technologies under the exclusive segment of “The Best Companies to Work for 2023”.

To begin with, Golden Eagle Technologies is a platform where businesses can join hands with a dedicated team of seasoned IT developers to enhance their projects and services. The pivotal areas of the team’s expertise are App Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Offshore Development, and DevOps Development amongst others. Combining years of experience, the IT solutions offered here are acknowledged for their competitive edge, exceptional resources, and top-notch quality. Till now, Golden Eagle has catered to more than 132 clients across the globe and has delivered more than 306 successful projects. The organization has a process-driven approach to complying with the latest trends and regulations of best practices. Golden Eagle is also certified with various process-driven certifications such as CMMI Level -3, ISO 9001-2015, and ISO 27001-2013.

Ethos of Team Building and Notable Work Ethics

We asked Mr. Kumar about the essential aspects of team building followed at Golden Eagle Technologies. He elaborated, “We are very particular about three major pillars of success which are Passion in our souls, Honesty in our work, and Integrity in our emotions. These values are so important for building the serene character of the team, right from the directors to every single employee of the organization. We strongly believe that if someone wants to be at the peak of success at GE, he/she needs to exhibit true passion, honesty, and integrity right at the core. Failures are an inseparable part of any business and life, as an entrepreneur. Falling and making a comeback should be imbibed in your mindset.
If you master the art of thriving amidst all the difficulties for your dream, then I think nothing can stop you from becoming a charm. We intricately understand that we as leaders need to pass on the same to our employees. We always encourage our employees to adopt a forward and positive attitude in any work they do. Frequent SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is also conducted to understand the current stature of our work culture. We also tell them to set SMART goals and develop achievable strategies to achieve them within a stipulated period. If they are ardently confident about their style of working, then keeping the customers contented becomes quite smooth. In addition to it, I would also like to mention that work-life balance is a cycle, not an achievement. We believe in continuous and constant efforts towards a common goal all while keeping human values intact. We provide our employees with a broad space and freedom to perform better with mandatory surveillance. The foremost step in team building is “Goal Setting”. A team with a clear goal is a team that knows what it must do to be successful. The second approach is role clarification. The team needs to have a sound understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities. The process is further followed by-

  • Problem-Solving
  • Interpersonal-Relationship Management
  • Developing good listening skills and taking feedback
  • Fostering trust, belonging, and inclusivity
  • Encouraging a growth-hungry mindset”

Footprints of Evolving Work Culture

Golden Eagle works with a very clear mandate that acknowledgment plays a quintessential role in the holistic development of an employee. Recognizing even the smallest achievements made motivates the individual to chase more opulence with a grounded ideology. GE has multiple rewards and recognition initiatives fulfilled within the organization such as Employee of the Month, Team of the Month, Employee of the Quarter, Outstanding player, and Initiatives of the Month. This propels its people to move an extra mile while the call of duty is on. Golden Eagle Technologies has a very discrete culture of “Employee First Policy” which is very well replicated in the form of:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Continues skill development
  • Health Awareness Programs
  • Medical benefits
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Paid Time Leaves

Employee Gratification is Mandatory at Golden Eagle

With the corporate world becoming more competitive, ensuring absolute employee satisfaction is the biggest challenge in the present scenario. GE has implemented the best possible initiatives with utmost transparency to ensure the same. The brand’s employee development policies are flexible, clear, well-documented, and objective oriented. These policies set an understandable and realistic set of expectations. The “Employee Development” process encompasses the following domains-

  • Rewards and Recognitions
  • Real-time Feedback and Improvement Plans
  • Impeccable Learning and Development Methodology
  • Mentor-based Coaching
  • Cross-Departmental Trainings
  • Paternalistic Management Style

“In this style, the manager acts with the best interests of their subordinates at heart. The higher management people of GE refer to the staff as ‘family’ and ask for loyalty and trust from the employees. Mr. Kumar highlighted the use of unilateral decision-making and the same is taught to the employees that the decision-makers are working from a place of expertise, and thus, legitimacy. Decisions are well-explained to employees, and there is always room for collaboration or questioning. Employees should also work on brushing up their efficiency, problem-solving skills, team player attributes, and efforts in performing extra for the company’s growth. If we see an employee standing true to these parameters then we recognize their contributions with grandeur and motivate them to handle bigger professional responsibilities within the organization”, says Mr. Chandan Kumar.

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