Rajesh Gopinathan to be replaced by K Krithivasan as TCS’s new CEO:

According to the latest information published by The Times of India, the huge tech global giant TCS or popularly known as Tata Consultancy Services, based in Mumbai-Bengaluru announced on Thursday 16th March 2023 to replace its old CEO with K Krithivasan. The former CEO and MD of TCS Rajesh Gopinathan resigned suddenly departure after a long tenure of a 5-year term at the helm of the software services major.

The new face of TCS as the CEO will now be K Krithivasan, who already had been serving as the Senior Executive and also spearheads TCS’s biggest business division of banking plus financial and insurance services (BFSI). He has been effectively made the new CEO, effective from Thursday, 16th March 2023. He will thus take the charge as MD and CEO, subject to shareholder’s approval.

A man of 58, Krithivasan, also known to common men as Krithi, had joined this popular organization in 1989. He was in charge of various leadership roles owing to his intellectual spirit and ability to come up with witty solutions during the most difficult times. His role in the IT behemoth has always been worth observing. Gopinathan, a man of 52, was re-appointed last year as TCS’s CEO to serve till 20th February 2027. However, he is seen to resign and leave his designation from the software services arm of the Tata Group, to pursue ‘other interests, as sources have claimed that the company has told the media.

While in a technological world, with high pacing advancement in technology, a sudden change in the leading face demands a lot of other changes and also takes a drastic turnover. The change is leadership in a somewhat $227 billion industry in IT can also face challenges in its large overseas markets along with being under the scanner of other shareholding clients. As the company has significant exposure to the American banking sector which is itself in a crisis financially, this change has accounted for a huge turnover, reporters also remark.

Gopinathan, who occupied the former office on 21st February 2017, amid a board battle at TCS’s parent Tata Sons, has since then scaled the company’s growth up to 156%, zoomed its revenue sector to 73% with profits shot up to 65%. He joined TCS in 2002 from Tata Industries where we performed his role on multiple assignments with a wide variety of related Tata Companies since April 1996. Sources claim that it is awe as he is the first CEO at TCS to cut short his term and leave with an early exit. N Chandrasekaran, the previous CEO, who had also played a large role at Tata Sons, retired from this IT company long back.

The news also claims that there is no other story behind this retirement as Gopinathan was trying for a long time to leave his job and re-look at his life in his 50s. He always wanted a change and gets rid of his so-called lifestyle. So, he decided to move on. Chairman Chandrasekaran of Tata Sons claimed in an email to his employees that ‘Rajesh has distinguished himself with exemplary performance and laid a strong foundation for the next phase of TCS.’ Gopinathan has as of now 2760 of the company’s shares and he will have to give a six-month notice to the company before completing cutting off from the organization.


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