FOSS India Private Limited: A Global Eminent Player in Analytics for the Food and Agriculture Sectors


FOSS India Private Limited.

Analytics is an excellent domain to scrutinize and optimize the food and agriculture sectors. Not only it is cost and time-efficient, but analytics also leverages information management and runs data-driven productions with minimal wastage of resources and yields hefty production. In such scenarios, where food and agricultural processes need to be optimized with the power of analytics, FOSS steals the show with its simplistic, comprehensive, and sustainable analytics services.

FOSS is a global provider of astute and accurate analytics, curated to maximize the value of agricultural production all while leveraging natural resources judiciously. Today our editorial team sat down to have a detailed conversation with Mr. Bharat Aswani- Managing Director at FOSS India Private Limited. The star attraction of this conversation was Mr. Bharat’s pride in his organization’s work culture. With dedicated and eminent efforts, FOSS has created a workplace that fosters the empowerment of its employees. He shared numerous facts about the particular aspects of FOSS’s corporate ethos and practices. He also brought light to the importance of having a grounded, cohesive and motivated workforce in expanding an organization’s growth.

A Methodological Approach to Team Building

The company’s approach to team building varies with the kind of team involved in it. Perfect for a new team with all new members, a communication-based team-building approach can be a great icebreaker. A skill-based team-building activity can enhance the skills of the team members required for their respective jobs. A value-based team-building activity is a win-win situation for both the organization and the employees.

First and foremost is a positive attitude which is then complemented by competency & commitment. At FOSS, Attitude is everything as the company hires its employees for attitude and trains them with the right skill sets. This is followed by the employee’s willingness to learn and contribute to ideas. To sum it up, it takes a lot to be a good team player and FOSS is blessed to have all teammates with this trait.

Confronting Struggles with Competence

Failures are virtually inseparable in most households, organizations, and cultures. A sophisticated understanding of failure’s causes and contexts will help to avoid the blame game and institute an effective strategy for learning from failures. At FOSS, the work culture is open to analyzing failure with a lens of conscious introspection. The team taps and corrects those points behind the failure with dignity. They also practice self-compassion and respect vulnerabilities but also acknowledge their strengths and create a plan to become better. This strategy ensures that the employees maintain healthy self-worth. Periodic counseling, a cohesive learning ideology, corporate brotherhood, multilateral collaborations, and helping each other evolve are the essential ethos practiced at FOSS.

USPS of FOSS’s Work Environment

FOSS is a family-owned and driven business. The workforce functions like a family and every individual is an integral part of this one big family. The environment at FOSS is that of Confidence, Commitment & Striving for Excellence every day. The culture and the values that FOSS stands by and the productivity and efficiency which people demonstrates here, make this one of the best places to work.

Mr. Aswani continues, “If you’re managing a remote team, you know how important it is to communicate frequently with your co-workers. That interaction should include meeting regularly with team members one-on-one so you can stay attuned to their career aspirations and expectations. With that in mind, we follow some initiatives like twice-a-year performance appraisals, career progression discussions, well-defined KPIs with clarity of role, promoting the training and development of employees, encouraging fervent mentorship, and creating succession planning programs.”

What Does it Take to Grab Spotlight at FOSS?

FOSS has established itself as a value-driven company in the industry. Forming the core of the company’s business model is the value of “People & Knowledge’’. This value solely exhibits what FOSS predominantly focuses on, its employees and imparting knowledge. For anyone to be successful here, it requires the person to be immensely dedicated to the profession in terms of both professional development and delivery of excellent results. The entire team adheres to this value and procures it with utmost zeal.

Impeccable Interdisciplinary Management

FOSS boasts a visionary management style where visionary leaders give direction to their colleagues and channelize their energies toward the right responsibilities. The top management develops a vision for their employees to follow with integrity and encourages them to create excellence. Once the leaders communicate the action plan to the respective employees, they guide their team to accomplish these tasks on their own with complete empowerment. The management team will often monitor and check in on employees to answer any questions or provide additional guidance if needed.
“There’s an inter-departmental collaboration inculcated in every task performed here. It’s the need of every successful organization, extremely essential for strong growth and FOSS is no different. The skills that make difference in success are- Persistence to stay focused on the path and going for extra mile every single day even if it hurts, overcoming difficult moments, learning new skills, refurbishing the confidence across organization to pitch for ideas, and knowing how to execute transparent communication well.”

Champion in the Game

Mr. Bharat Aswani elucidated how FOSS has all its eyes on growth and opulence with a strong passion to become indomitable in the analytics industry.
“We are obsessed with growth and each activity/effort that we put in is with a focus to drive growth. Collectively as “ONE UNIT” we have been one of the fastest growing SSS (sales & service subsidiary) in the FOSS group and growing at a CAGR of 20.54% YOY in the last 6 years. We have increased our market share considerably in all the segments that we operate and we strive for similar double-digit growth in years to come, setting very high standards for ourselves.”

Unlocking Goals for Future

As FOSS is venturing into a new strategy period from year 2024, the entire team is buoyant to continue the good work going and implement a strong decisive presence in every execution. Here in India, FOSS has opened a new corporate office entity in Pune, invested in the new state of art lab and doing all sincere efforts to extend support to its valued customers, also carrying out many customer centric activities to diversify its growing presence.

“Digitalization, Food Safety, and Process Driven Solutions are our key focus areas ahead and we are expanding our footprints strategically to ensure maximum benefits for our valued customers”, says Mr. Bharat Aswani.

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