Cambridge Montessori Pre-School: To create change bringers and tomorrow’s leaders, an eminent pedagogy of commitment is quintessential


Cambridge Montessori Pre-School

It is rightly said that a major proportion of the character development of a child happens during pre-schooling. It is also veracious that the minds of toddlers are the easiest to mold under strong positive affluence. Hence parents and guardians put in their ardent efforts in ensuring that no compromise is made during the pre-schooling period of their child. An institution that knows the value of these efforts and believes in proving the right direction to their new minds is Cambridge Montessori Pre-School. The values on which the school stands today are withdrawn from the internationally postulated philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.
Incepted in 2017, Cambridge Montessori Pre-School is acknowledged for its quality value-driven education in nurturing new entrants. The environment here is healthy and well-synchronized, creates opportunities for learning and exploring new things, and whole-heartedly cares for the children’s overall well-being. Teachers and all the other associated staff members at Cambridge Montessori Pre-School engage with the children with a conducive approach and carve their potential and confidence to the fullest.
Prime Insights has always been a platform that is passionate and enthusiastic about bringing the brand stories of educational institutions that are solely dedicated to shaping a brighter future for India. We invited Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh- Founder and Managing Director at Cambridge Montessori Pre-School to join us for a virtual interactive session. The dignitary was humble enough to join us and shared many lesser-known facts about the legacy of his brainchild. The session turned out to be extremely knowledgeable and we had to share the insights with our global readership panel. Our team feels gratified to have the opportunity of featuring Cambridge Montessori School as the “Most Preferred Pre-School in India 2023” on our platform.

A Veracious Tale of Excellence

Mr. Pankaj Kumar always had the zeal to build an organization that establishes a resilient foundation for their cognitive development and encourages their respective creative skills. He wanted to create an environment where children could become independent learners at the age of 3 to 4 years and learn to develop an adaptable mind. Hence Cambridge Montessori was born in 2017 and since then its legacy is irrefutable.

High-Caliber USPs

  • Cambridge Montessori differentiates itself from the rest by focusing on a comprehensive cognitive approach to enhance children’s motor skills, sensory development, and adaptation to the environment. A robust monitoring system is inculcated to ensure that the environment at the school provides energetic learning experiences and unfurls their respective personalities/potential. They also provide children with inquisitive learning materials/tools, linguistic training, and age-specific development programs to carve the best out of them.
  • An experienced and profoundly qualified team of teachers forms the support system of the children and handholds each one of these tender tiny tots to learn and grow to the fullest. Various training sessions, workshops, and assessments are carried out for the teachers and staff people as well. These initiatives are conducted to enhance teachers’ efficiency and empower them to handle formidable situations.
  • When it comes to the health and hygiene perspective, Cambridge Montessori Pre-School leaves no stone unturned in maintaining strict policies and standards for the same. Every center at the school is aligned to follow all the compulsory protocols of cleanliness.
  • Another ebullient feature of the teaching style here is that children are put in real-time situations to learn via touching, feeling, and doing things by themselves. This gives them a round-the-clock understanding of performing daily chores with a sense of ownership and intellect.
  • Safety is another imperative parameter that parents/guardians are concerned about the most. Knowing that these fragile minds are prone to security vulnerabilities, Cambridge Montessori is equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, live GPS tracking, RFID (Radio Frequency Distribution) Installation, and vigilant security.
  • Daycare services are also an integral part of their service portfolio. The Cambridge Montessori Pre-School and Daycare defines the purpose of perpetuating an avant-garde start to the children’s school lives. They also provide the opportunities of establishing franchises across India at affordable price points to revolutionize and strengthen the lives of many more children.
  • On the International level as well, the school has established a cost-efficient franchise model that requires low investment for all the procedures concerning the establishment and functioning of the preschool in India. Cambridge Montessori International Play School Franchise guarantees to provide a well-structured guidance model and personal assistance in marketing/management operations. Whether it is top-notch infrastructure, magnificent ambiance, or tech-driven learning gadgets, everything comes under one roof of excellence.

From the Founder’s Desk

“We are diligently working to further expand our network of more than 200 preschools across the globe. We have incorporated an amalgamation of Robotics and Mind Labs in our preschools. It came as a wonderful surprise as we witnessed children responding exceptionally well to technology-based learning. It gives them a space to think beyond their not-so-little imaginations. Our ultimate mission is to prepare the upcoming generations with astute acumen to handle the complexities of the world and that work has to be started from the ground level. As mentioned above, we have filled in all the blanks of parents’ concerns for their children. They have a sigh of relief to see their child moving ahead for self-construction.”

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