Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd.: Redefining The Packaging Landscape Through Eco-Friendly Solutions

Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian packaging industry is on the cusp of a magnanimous paradigm-shift. Newer and more sophisticated packaging methods are being introduced to the market each day, some of which have engendered drastic industrial reforms. In addition, there’s an increasing emphasis on sustainable, environment-friendly packaging solutions, as the industry is imbibing the ‘Go Green’ agenda taking place globally.
Keeping pace with the changing industry dynamics, Ficus Pax Pvt. Ltd, an Illustrious design and packaging company, has come forth with numerous packaging solutions that’re heavily environment-centric. Ficus Pax is driven by a passion for relentless advancement, which is especially evident in its avant-garde products and services. The company has helped redefine the Indian packaging scene with its visionary processes and quality performance.

Ficus Pax: A Prominent Name in International Packaging

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Ficus Pax is its long-standing reputation. The company has been in existence for the past 22 years, during which it has consistently scaled new technological and economic heights. Furthermore, it is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that’s globally renowned in the Industrial Packaging domain.
Ficus Pax has over 350 satisfied clients across India and UAE. The company’s clientele includes some of the most eminent MNCs, such as Schneider Electric, Volkswagen, General Electric, General Motors, Tata Cummins, Rolls Royce, Philips, Siemens, Biocon, ABB, Danfoss
Ficus Pax’s market prominence and commercial success, to a large extent, have been determined by its ability to deliver quality whilst maintaining the health of the environment. Unlike many other packaging companies, the brand exclusively focuses on sustainable solutions, obsessing less over monetary objectives.

Inception to Inspiration: The Company’s Story Thus FarFicus Pax

Ficus Pax was founded back in 1999 by Ameen Rahaman and Capt B R Vijayendra, both of whom come from diverse professional backgrounds. Mr. Ameen holds a law degree and has rich experience in the fields of finance and administration. Capt Vijayendra is a retired veteran from the Armed Forces who has held senior executive positions at multifarious companies.
Upon starting out, the company was initially focused on serving Indian exporters. The specialized focus was on exporters needing precision packaging for high-value goods. This was a very niche market and the team was positive that they’ll grow substantially in it. Soon afterwards, however, they decided to take things up a notch and offer products that were eco-friendly as well. Owing to this emphasis on green products, the company was able to differentiate itself from the competition. It thus paved the path for a more sustainable way of packaging.
In 2012, Ficus Pax grew in capital by a staggering 600 times. Over the years, it has also massively expanded its service range across several different industries, such as telecom, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and heavy & light engineering. The company’s astounding growth serves as a source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs who aspire for ‘green goals’.

Ficus Pax’s Emphasis on IngenuityFicus Pax

As a champion for reformative thinking, Ficus Pax always ensures that it sparks innovation through its products and services. This is why its service portfolio has grown extensively in the past two decades, to encompass all the latest packaging needs of customers.
Given below are the brand’s most ingenious and successful products:FICUS PAX

Ficus AAA Corrugated Board

In the automotive industry, where means of packaging have been pretty much monotonous for decades, Ficus Pax was instrumental in ushering in a wave of change.
The company’s AAA Corrugated Board boxes offered a novel alternative to the conventional wooden boxes which were used in transporting vehicles. Unlike the wooden boxes, one cubic meter of which weighs 110 kilograms, the boxes from AAA Corrugated Board weigh a meagre 18 kg (of the same volume). They offer an exceedingly greater degree of convenience and portability whilst retaining the necessary robustness.
Another noteworthy benefit of the boxes is their immense productivity. 100 Wooden Boxes of 1m3 = 10 Trees, whereas 100 Ficus AAA Boxes of 1m3 = 1 Tree, Thus Ficus Pax’s Clean & Green = 9 Trees saved
Traditional wooden pallets, much like the wooden boxes, are another conventionally used but redundant piece of transportation material. The Ficus Pax Corrugated Pallets offer a superior choice owing to their lightweight yet durable built. They weigh 70% lighter than the wooden boxes but offer a lead-to-weight ratio that’s three times greater.
Even in terms of productivity, the Ficus Pax Pallets are way ahead of the conventional ones. Wood from one tree can create 500 no’s of AAA corrugated pallets, whereas the same wood can only create 50 wooden pallets.

In addition to the aforesaid benefits, Ficus Pax AAA Corrugated Boards also enable:
A safer working environment and less manpower requirements.
Significant reduction in transportation costs.
Up to a 66% drop in carbon emissions from transportation.

Paper Honeycomb Board

Ficus Pax’s Paper Honeycomb offers an eco-friendly alternative to the widely used Thermocol. Unlike the latter, the Honeycomb doesn’t cause any hazardous effects on the environment. It provides all the convenient benefits of thermocol, actually surpassing them in many aspects.
The Honeycomb Board is made of Kraft paper, which is made from the wood pulp obtained after an intensive chemical process. It enables the given packaging advantages:

  • An equal or greater strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Enhanced cushioning ability.
  • Improved Sound and Thermal Insulation.
  • Greater recyclability.
  • A drastic reduction in water consumption; producing Honeycomb Board requires only 10% of the water needed to manufacture thermocol.

As with all its other products, Ficus Pax’s Honeycomb Board is engineered with a holistic perspective. It not only serves as a neoteric packaging means but also emphasizes values like preservation and cost-effectiveness.

100% Compostable and Biodegradable PolymersFICUS PAX

Offering a hands-down practical and eco-friendly Approach to single use packing, Ficus Pax’s Biodegradable Polymers save a lot of hassle and hazards that’re typically associated with plastic use.

Unlike the infamous plastic, Ficus Pax’s Biodegradable Polymers are 100% compostable. Regular plastic can take over 500 years to degrade, while Ficus Pax Biodegradable Polymers decompose into the soil within 4 to 6 months, when subjected to the ideal environmental conditions or treatment from composting machines.
Although having the desirable characteristics of plastic, Ficus Pax Biodegradable Polymers are made of starch. They burn without emitting toxic fumes. Moreover, they have only half the emissions footprint of regular plastic.

The Company’s Ardent Value-Centrism

Values have always been at the foundation of all of Ficus Pax’s operations. Above all, the company focuses on transparency, integrity, and sustainability. A efficacious combination of these three have helped the company in attaining an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction.

The company’s packaging systems adhere to a stringent set of principles, some of which have been listed below:

Design and Engineering

  • Safeguarding product vitals using multi material design capability.
  • Providing protection against shock by giving the right inner and outer packaging.
  • Ensuring Packaging Development by keeping climatic shifts through the lifecycle.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Checking through necessary country regulations and compliance for both origin and destination.
  • Ensuring complete protection and risk containment.

Competitive Cost AssuranceFICUS PAX

  • Adopting a total cost approach to ensure that the packaging is optimized, reducing total cost in customers’ supply chain.
  • Learning the packaging process to reduce the waste, resulting in cost reduction.

Guaranteed Product Safety

  • Ensuring that the product is safe throughout the journey to the destination.
    Meeting vital health parameters.
  • Principles, and not mere strategies, are at the core of every established brand’s success. Ficus Pax very well understands this, hence it ensures staunch adherence to the above principles.

A Zealous Team: The Driving Force Behind Ficus Pax

Just like any other successful brand, Ficus Pax is driven by a team of competent and dedicated professionals. They’ve been working relentlessly to advance the company to ever-greater heights.
First of, the company’s management team has an immense experience of 21+ years in High Precision Packaging of High-Value Goods. They’ve been instrumental in spearheading the novel processes of the company.
The company’s design engineers have been exclusively selected from the esteemed IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging). In total, there are 40 design engineers in the team from all across the nation They offer customers a whopping 10000 hours of cumulative design experience for practical solutions.
At present, Ficus Pax’s workforce consists of a total of 850 employees. All of them have been recruited on account of exceptional merit and relevant work experience. The harmonious functioning of the team has made it a collective force that effectively sets and achieves its goals.FICUS PAX

Ficus Pax’s Holistic Success

Success, in a conventional sense, is a unidimensional affair that encompasses only monetary growth or critical acclaim. For Ficus Pax, however, success has been very holistic. It has not only attained numerous business milestones and awards but also maintained utmost sustainability while doing so.

Given below are some of the most noteworthy achievements of the company:

  • The Best Vendor Award, 2006 by Tata BP Solar
  • The Best Supplier Award by Larsen & Turbo
  • The Corp Excel Award
  • 5th SME Excellence Award, 2017
  • Small 7 Medium Businesses, Karnataka
  • Niryat Shree Awards.

Apart from this, the company has also attained numerous certifications, some of which include:

  • Certificate of Excellence for the Top 50 SMEs by Assocham, Bangalore.
  • Certificate of Participation by Schneider Electric.
  • Certificate of Appreciation by Diya India.
  • Certificate of Appreciation by Inno Pack.
  • Certificate of Appreciate for Services Rendered by Bloom energy.

In 2020, Ficus Pax was audited to satisfy stringent conditions pertaining to carbon footprint.
Speaking of the company’s business growth, it has been able to set up a total of 10 manufacturing units, 11 of which are in India and one is UAE. Today, the company’s market value is estimated to be worth a staggering $50 million.

Shaping The Future

Being a visionary company, Ficus Pax has some ambitious plans for the coming years. It has devised some strategic plans to systematically go about their execution.
The major objective of the company is in offering and popularizing Green alternatives in packaging replacing Foam & single use plastics in packaging. FICUS PAX
In light of the current pandemic, it has introduced Anti-viral coatings on all its packaging solutions, which would protect humans to a very large extent from viruses & bacteria, when used on packaging material it enhances their safety during transit and its end user. Ficus Pax in strategic alliance with MAAK IMPEX offers Anti-viral coating on corrugated boxes, pallets, plywood, pinewood and wooden boxes.

Ficus Pax essentially recommends all companies to use the antiviral solution on their packaging material which would protect workers & staff in the logistics division & in their stores, on the shop floor from viral infections, as most of them are touched by the human hand in the daily course of business in production and dispatch to its end users.

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