Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in India

The SAP certification is more than a course or training, it is an investment that will help boost your career. Currently, this is the most sustainable career path. Your portfolio will be strengthened if you take SAP courses. With SAP technology continuing to grow, you must keep up with changing market trends and keep up with technology.

The SAP solution is deployed globally, in 120 countries precisely, creating global job opportunities. The SAP FICO module is robust and covers a wide range of business cycles across different industries.

SAP FICO program graduates typically enter the workforce as Project Leaders, Module Leads, Process Developers, SAP Functional Consultants, etc. Their annual salaries are typically in the range of INR 2,000,000 to INR 8,000,000.

What is SAP Financial Intelligence?

SAP FI is a module in SAP ERP, which is primarily used to store financial data in a company. It allows an organization to analyze its financial condition.

 In addition, users can manage the accounting data of multiple companies and currencies. FI stands for Financial Accounting in SAP.

How to get trained in SAP FICO?

Online courses, as well as offline courses, are available from many institutes. These days there are many SAP FICO courses in India. This blog will discuss the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin – SAP FICO Course

Henry Harvin® Education is an education technology company based in Noida, India. The SAP FICO Course offered by it is one of the most recognised in India and valued by participants.

How does Henry Harvin stand out among SAP FICO training institutes online?

The following are a few reasons why Henry Harvin is one of the best SAP FICO training institutes in India

Among the many characteristics of the Henry Harvin SAP FICO course advertised on their website, they mention training methods, experienced instructors, an internship program, lifetime support, affiliate certification, and live webinars.

Duration of the course

It comprises 44 hours of live instructor-led training sessions. Within a year, learners receive 24 hours of Bootcamp training after completing the online training sessions. Over the year, candidates are also eligible to attend unlimited classes with different instructors.

Training Method

Below is a description of the SAP training methods.

  • The training can be completed at your own pace
  • Online training with virtual classrooms
  • Live projects are used as case studies

The Trainers

Trainers at Henry Harvin have an average of 12 years of experience in the industry. Many training partners and organizations have recognized their instructors’ efforts through the years. Their payroll includes a domain expert from the Henry Harvin Finance Academy.

Internships and Projects

The candidate learns about industry projects through the SAP FICO Certified Training Course. Furthermore, the internship program provides candidates with practical experience and prepares them for a  career in the field.

Placements and Alumni status

SAP FICO training from Henry Harvin offers a 100% placement guarantee and membership into the elite Finance Academy. More than 18,000 alumni networks exist worldwide, enabling students to connect with employment opportunities.

Are there any prerequisites?

Anyone involved in or interested in the finance industry can benefit from SAP training online at this SAP institute. Although the SAP certification course does not have specific prerequisites, this course is best suited for:

  • Finance executives
  • SAP FICO job seekers seeking employment
  • Employees of finance departments
  • Graduating with a successful career
  • Generalists in the finance field
  • To become a finance professional from any other domain
  • Applicants who are Bachelors, Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Commerce, or Master’s degrees.

Henry Harvin’s Sap Academy

The Henry Harvin® SAP Academy provides in-demand SAP skills to the present management and technology workforce.

Courses offered by Henry Harvin’s SAP Academy: Henry Harvin’s SAP Academy offers 16 different courses. Some related courses offered by Henry Harvin are-

2. Quickxpertinfotech.

Quickxpertinfotech is one of the top 10 SAP FICO training providers in India. Multiple lines of service are offered by the company, including training, placement, consultancy, and software development. Since 2014, they have provided training for over 30 software courses and trained thousands of students.

Key features about the SAP FICO course:

  • The courses cover top SAP FICO Courses Integration With Other Modules such as SAP MM, SAP SD, etc.
  • SAP FICO syllabus covers Business Process, Financial Accounting Global Settings, FI Accounts Receivable & Payable, FI Bank Accounting, Taxation, Integration, etc.
  • Students with an accounting background or those with professional experience in the field are welcome to apply for this course.
  • Industry professionals teach the best SAP FICO courses, which may be done live or in a classroom setting.
  • Live projects and study materials are also available.
  • One of the highlights of these top SAP FICO courses is the 80 percent practical instruction.
  • After successfully completing the course, students will be eligible for an internship as well as placement assistance.


It is unique in being the Oracle Partner, Microsoft Partner, Pearson Vue Exam Center, PSI Exam Center, and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore Authorised Partner. Acte holds the best and inevitable position in the IT-Software Training Sector. Managing an organization involves planning, controlling, coordinating, and motivating. Therefore, Acte Chennai and Acte Bangalore seem well-planned. Coordinating all subjects, lecture topics, problems, and conclusions are done by the coordinators. They will motivate students like freshmen, job seekers, and those working for MNC’s. It takes corrective measures that are needed by the trainees. It has 24-hour internet access, conditioning, UPS, etc.

Key features about the SAP FICO course:

  • They offer the SAP FICO courses at the beginner and advanced levels
  • Training is provided for 40 hours and includes more hands-on experience
  • More than 12402 students were trained and placed by certified professionals with 7+ years of experience in their respective fields. Teachers are also working with top MNCs.
  • LMS access is available for the lifetime of the student
  • They have SAP experts that design their courses
  • Freshers & Working Professionals are guaranteed 100% placement support.
  • Additionally, you will gain exposure to best practices in the industry in addition to SAP FICO and advanced concepts.
  • Training and lab facilities are provided by experienced trainers.
  • FICO certification guidance and exam dump for SAP Certified Development Associate.
  • The following concepts are covered: General Ledger Accounting, Cash and Bank Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, SAP FI Consultant Level.
  • When students have completed 70% of the top SAP FICO course material, the company will coordinate the interview calls to students & prepare them for F2F interaction

 4. SAP Education Atos

Atos is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.As a provider of SAP education services for more than 20 years, Atos believes in delivering specialized knowledge and skills. Despite the rapid evolution and growth of the SAP market, they recognize its impact. Their training and certification programs spread across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and assure the highest quality of services. All learning modes are available: Instructor-led Training (ILT), Virtual Learning Classroom (VLC), and Online Training (OLT) to provide flexibility and meet the specific requirements of both aspiring SAP consultants and end-users.

Key features about the SAP FICO course:

  • An instructor-led virtual classroom training course lasting 20 days.
  • (200 hours of training, self-study, three months of access to servers).
  • This instructor-led training (20 days) is currently unavailable to maintain social distance.
  • With SAP Learning Hub, you can learn on your own
  • There are more than 1400 global recruiting partners to help you find an internship

 5. ICA  

 ICA is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

In 1999, ICA Edu Skills was started to produce employable youth and bring them to India through a training program at an affordable fee. They also responded to the industry demand for ‘skilled labor’ by offering students not only practical training but also assistance with placement with top companies and multinational companies.

With millions of careers shaped and perceptions of Accounts, Finance, and Tax Education shifted, ICA is now recognized as the best training institute in India.

There are over 200 training centers spread across the country, making them the best training institute in India. Their work is appreciated by many brands and organizations every year.

Key features about the SAP FICO course:

  • SAP Business User course is open to graduates and professionals with a keen interest in SAP functionalities, but B.B.A., B.Com, M.B.A., and other equivalent degrees are preferred.
  • ICA Edu Skills offers the best SAP Fico Courses that use the best methods for teaching financial accounting.
  • All students can easily understand the fundamentals of accounting with the curriculum.
  • In an industry-oriented approach
  • Obtaining a professional certification
  • Learning by Doing
  • Assistance in finding a job


 Aptron is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

There are more than 300+ IT and non-IT training courses offered by this institute, providing employment opportunities to professionals, students, and employees with a 100% Placement Guarantee on selected courses in Noida. Their training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of MNCs and are in sync with the current industry trends.

APTRON offers 215+ Hardware, Networking, Computer Courses including IT software, PHP, JAVA, .NET, courses in Noida, India. APTRON provides Cisco, Microsoft, Embedded, Oracle, Java, Autodesk, PHP, ERP, MSBI training in India. Aptron Course trainers deliver training classes with real-life projects in India

Key features about the sap FICO course:

  • ERP SAP FICO courses offered by APTRON ERP SAP FICO Institute combine hands-on experience with full job assistance and hands-on training.
  • The ERP SAP FICO training course at APTRON is conducted by experienced corporate professionals who have managed real-time ERP SAP FICO projects for over seven years.
  • So APTRON provides a mix of academic learning and practical sessions to provide students with the maximum exposure, which transforms naive students into thoroughly qualified professionals that are easily hired by industry.
  • The program provides training in SD integration, asset accounting integration, payroll integration, accounts receivable reports, mapping of conditions to COPA values, profitability segments, and ERP SAP FICO placement training.
  • With advanced ERP SAP FICO course contents and syllabus, the course has been designed according to the latest industry trends to help students get placement in Multinational companies and achieve their career goals.
  • The courses are designed to prepare students to handle challenging interview situations with ease and to develop communication skills.
  • APTRON prepares students for placement in top IT firms

 7. SEED SAP Training Academy

Seed SAP training academy is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

SEED Infotech Limited has been providing technology training since 1994. SEED Infotech, a SAP Education Partner, sets the standard in SAP ERP education and training in India. They offer recruitment, contract deployment, HR vendor outsourcing, and assessment services for corporate clients. They are approved vendors for companies such as TCS, Tech Mahindra, L&T Infotech, Cognizant, Patni, Persistent Systems, MindTree, etc. They have provided its services to more than 200 clients in India and abroad.

 The SEED Infotech Placement Division offers students who have completed job-oriented diplomas and other courses central campus placement support. They have placed their students in more than 500 leading IT companies across India.

Key features about the sap FICO course:

To have a better job outlook than your peers.

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • Participation and Growth Opportunities
  • Success potential increased
  • Credibility improved and increased
  • You can add value to your credentials by earning SAP Certification

Your career will grow more rapidly if you have better opportunities.

  • The SAP Certification helps employers feel confident in the market and builds job security
  • Global opportunities are available to an individual through SAP

In other words, to increase your income!

  • There is a shortage of SAP consultants in SAP’s niche expertise
  • You will get a superior ROI (Return on Investment) with SAP Certification – it is a lifetime investment.

 8.  Sapware Technologies

Sapware technologies are one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India. 

SAPware Technologies is a SAP online training institute established in the year 2008. Professional training and services are the company’s major goals as an organization. It has worked with large and small companies throughout SAPware’s history. Combining knowledge and skills, they optimize output by quantifying, qualifying, and evaluating it.

Key features about the sap FICO course:

  • Training solutions and professional training are their main priorities.
  • Keeping a well-balanced team of content and domain experts on staff is the company’s goal in remaining a leading presence in the training and HR consulting market.
  • They have a team of talented, experienced, and unique individuals at Sapware who deliver quality training.

9. Zarantech

Zarantech is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

Best SAP FICO courses are available online through ZARANTECH, a leading e-learning company. Top SAP FICO courses are designed according to the role-based paradigm. Training is appropriate for new and seasoned professionals who want to improve their abilities or learn new technology. There are topics such as credit control, fiscal year variations, tax codes, and chart of accounts assignment as well as other key accounting and reporting topics that are covered in the training program.

Key features about the sap FICO course:

  • Candidates should be familiar with the basic processes of Accounting and Finance before enrolling in this course.
  • As well as providing Finance Domain Materials, they also provide Accounting Domain Materials.
  • A live online instructor and self-paced video tutorials are available.
  • A typical live instructor-led online training session lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on the schedule. Candidates may choose between weekdays or weekends, based on their needs.
  • On the learning management system (LMS), you can watch the recorded version of a lesson if you missed it. Self-paced video training includes a recording of every topic covered.

10. SCOTBIZ Software Services

SCOTBIZ Software Services is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in India.

The company has a highly skilled team of professionals who help find the best SAP learners for global business needs.

It is admirable to introduce methods for teaching learners like those discussed here. It is essential to provide learners with some special tools and tricks, along with detailed explanations of terminology, to make learning more enjoyable.

Key features about the sap FICO course:

  • They provide you 24/7 online access to your system as well as many other advantages.
  • Various assessment activities will keep you on top of your progress.
  • Upon completion of this program, students will receive placement assistance.

What are the benefits of learning SAP FICO?

The SAP FICO module is one of the most commonly used SAP ERP modules in the market today for financial management. Thus, employees possessing skills in the SAP FICO module have numerous career opportunities worldwide.

SAP FICO refers to the Finance and Cost Controlling module of SAP ERP, where FI is Financial Accounting and CO is Controlling. It covers almost every business process encountered in a variety of industries due to its robustness. It is one of SAP’s most important and widely implemented modules.  The SAP FICO basics tutorial will help you learn the SAP FI module and the SAP CO module.

Skills Required for SAP FICO Training

  • Students with a variety of aptitudes are sought by companies, notably those who are adaptable and not limited to general abilities.
  • It is very important to know the top SAP FICO courses deeply and the essentials of the field to get a job.
  • Underneath you will find some references to these abilities. Businesses are looking for these abilities.


There is a vast network of teachers, institutes, and coaching centers in India, but these institutes stand out as beacons of hope for those aspiring to become SAP or SAP FICO professionals. However, one must choose the right institute at the right time to get the most value for money. According to my research Henry Harvin is your wisest and best choice among the 10 SAP FICO training courses in India.

With top MNCs seeking both freshers and experienced SAP FICO talent, the demand for SAP consultants is ever-expanding. In both of these groups, SAP FICO courses are necessary to obtain new skills and to stay up-to-date. By elevating themselves as a team and functional leaders, project managers, and program managers, FICO consultants have vertical growth opportunities.

Furthermore, SAP FICO consultants have the opportunity to cross-train on SAP S/4Hana Finance, BPC, BI, FSCM, etc. As a result, SAP FICO consultants in India have endless career opportunities.

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