Top 10 Trending Content Writing Courses in India

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Content Writing Courses in India! Here are the top 10 content writing courses that are available in India. Here we go!

We’ll take an overview of some content writing facts before looking at the course list.

A career in content writing is based on skills. In the field of content writing, there are no specialized degrees or courses. A literature background is not necessary for every writer. It is recommended to have a degree in Journalism, English or Mass Communication to become a Content Writer. Good content writers have the skill of expressing themselves in words.

A content writer needs to write frequently in order to become effective. Typically, a content writer writes articles, blogs, news articles, and training modules for websites. Writing content is something a content writer embraces. You should never use vague language in your writing pieces as a writer. Knowing how and where to edit, recognize and correct common mistakes, and write vivid descriptions takes experience.

Do you know what content writing is?

Content writing refers to professional writing specifically designed to satisfy marketing objectives for online audiences. There are a number of reasons why marketers and business owners publish content on the web. Alternatively, they might want to inform their customers about a new product or service by increasing traffic to their website. Most important of all, they aim to reach an audience that is most likely to respond to their carefully crafted messages.

Where can I find the best Content Writing courses in India?

Many training institutes offer content writing courses, but not all of them are ideal. As a result, I am listing out the top 10 content writing courses in India for you. It therefore allows you to select the course that most closely matches your needs.

The following section consists of the top content writing courses in India. A long list of companies has been reviewed and compared here to bring you the top 10 content writing courses in India. First up, we have Henry Harvin Education, one of the most well-known names in the industry.

1. Henry Harvin – Pioneer in Content Writing Courses in India

Among the best content writing courses in India, Henry Harvin holds a renowned position. An excellent training program is delivered by this company. The company is now providing all its courses all over the world. It is also the winner of the “Business World Top Education Brands Award.” The company has offices in Sri Lanka, Noida, and Washington D.C.

Henry Harvin offers a comprehensive online content writing course with advanced teaching methodologies. Other training institutes encourage their students to learn from outdated PPTs, but Henry Harvin does not. In their view, a concise, updated, and relevant curriculum created by subject matter experts is more valuable.

This course is easily accessible to freshers, students of 10th & 12th standards, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, medical students, engineering students, and business owners. Students learn through instructor-led live online classes mentored by professionals and industry experts. The trainers offer weekly live 1-on-1 training sessions online for questions and doubts.

Here are some of the programs offered at the Henry Harvin Writing Academy.

  • Course on Content Writing
  • Course in Creative Writing
  • Course on Copywriting
  • Course on Technical Writing
  • Course on medical writing
  • Course on Research Writing

Why is Henry Harvin the star content writing course provider?

  • Training for 32 hours
  • CDCW Certification is recognized worldwide. For, eg. Martin (CDCW)
  • Explore more than 30 different kinds of content
  • Including E-Learning Access, Bootcamp Sessions, Internship, Job Opportunities, and a Content Writing Course in India, as well as a one-year Gold Membership.
  • Additional 20+ Industry Tools
  • Assistance with placement and internships guaranteed
  • Benefits of recording sessions
  • Access to a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Academic Experts
  • Providing career guidance
  • More than 300 hiring partners
  • Q&A live on the web

Course Curriculum

  • There are eight modules in the syllabus for the content writing course, covering topics such as Internet Skills and Content Strategy. While these modules differ from those found in books, they provide a more thorough understanding of grammar on digital platforms, spellings, sentence structure, presentation skills, and commas.
  • These skills and knowledge are acquired by learners after they complete the top content writing courses.
  • WordPress can be used to create websites, and plugins can be used to include features.
  • Applicants should understand content types, distribution channels, and publications.
  • Developing persuasive writing skills as well as converting leads to sales will be among the skills candidates learn.
  • Candidates can write content that appeals to the target audience when they create buyer personas.
  • Have you been curious about Henry Harvin’s course on content writing? Visit the website for more information


The survey has so far been well received by students. Students are very happy with the course based on reviews and testimonials they have written. They have been offered internships and jobs at reputed companies. Aspiring writers can benefit from the reviews and choose the course according to their requirements.

2. ECT or Education & Career Times– Content Writing Courses in India

The Government of India has designated this institute as a startup under the Startup India Initiative program. Delhi is the headquarters of ECT, and Noida is one of its offices. Your career will undoubtedly be boosted, which is true, once you receive an ECT certificate.

Courses (Online and Offline) with certification are offered by the ECT organization. It includes

  • Course in Digital Marketing
  • Course on Content Writing
  • Development of communication skills and personality.

Why Choose ECT for Content Writing Training?

Signing up for this Content writing course may be appealing to you because of its features.

  • You can do internships in the program in addition to writing content.
  • Along with the 32-hour live training, video lectures are included in an extensive e-learning package.
  • Upon completing the 3-month course, students receive a certificate.
  • Regular feedback and help are provided by team members.
  • There are five live projects and seven assignments in the ECT Content writing course.
  • Website guarantees placement.
  • Job opportunities at home are offered.
  • An overview of how to publish your book
  • An overwhelmingly positive response

3. UDEMY– Content Writing Courses in India

The following Udemy course is suitable for content writers and copywriters who want to learn more about these skills. You will discover a variety of free online writing tools and apps that will help you create engaging copy. Using these hacks will save you time and make you more productive by helping you generate new content ideas, avoid grammatical errors, and write content that is a hit with your audience. Udemy’s top-selling instructor, Tyler Speegle, designed and curated this course. Tyler has helped people get started writing from scratch. You will become an expert in copywriting and content writing after taking this course.

Why choose Udemy for Content writing training? 

  • Understanding the core concepts of Copywriting, Content Marketing, and Content Writing
  • The Course is accessible for life (revise at any time!)
  • Easy-to-follow lectures that are both interesting and lively
  • The Simple Formula for Better Writing
  • Worksheets, templates & downloads available for you to use immediately
  • A money-back guarantee is offered

4. Skillshare– Content Writing Courses in India

There are a lot of options available on this e-learning website whether you want to jump-start a career in fiction or non-fiction or use your writing skills for career enhancement. There are a number of trending classes on topics such as the 6 steps to build a successful writing habit, storytelling fundamentals, and creative expression through journaling. The lectures are short so that the concepts are covered to the point and make it easy to understand.

Why choose skillshare for Content writing training?

  • This class is ideal for both beginners and veterans looking for new techniques.
  • In addition to learning how to write effective introductions, you will also be able to do other things.
  • Your basics will be strengthened in some classes if you study specific subjects.
  • The first month is free, and the fees are also very low, so you end up paying less for a good education.
  • Several thousand students have already registered.

5. Online Idea Lab – Content Writing Courses in India

An organization with operations in India, the U.S., and Canada, Online Idea Lab is at the forefront of online technology. The program offers a wide range of special preparation, such as computerized promotion, Amazon web administrations, content creation, Python, and some short courses.

The content creation department offers online and homeroom courses and training camps. Clusters may be determined by weekends or workdays. In addition to establishment, advance, specialization, copywriting, and imagination, the courses cover instructional design.

Three fundamental modules comprise Foundation Content Writing:

  • Content research
  • Content writing
  • Content promotion.

Why choose an online idea lab for Content writing training? 

  • Online and in-person courses are charged differently. Urban dwellers living in communities where this organization has a focus may take advantage of study hall courses, while for the rest, online courses are the best option.
  • As a student, you will figure out how to utilize a few free and paid tools, including Canva, Grammarly, Hemingway, Feedly, and Google patterns.
  • Idea Lab has a situation team that gives students assistance with their assignments.
  • As part of the course, they give the students different tasks and exercises to draw out their imagination.
  • The low student to teacher ratios allows them to hold intelligent meetings. The course modules are consistently refreshed.

6.IIEDM-Content Writing Courses in India

IIEDM, or Indian Institute of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, focuses on online promotion, yet also offers a content writing certification program.

Why choose IIEDM for Content writing training?

The course focuses on-

  • A writer’s specialty (narrative, its meaning, and the rules of syntax).
  • Research and application of brain science of composing (understanding the reader).
  • Online writing (copywriting, specialized, and inventive writing).
  • Composition of different kinds (web sites, web-based media, ads, etc.).
  • How to seal, alter, and rewrite (after you write).

As content writing and digital advertising are interrelated, courseware and learning will be excellent. In their own words, the workforce here is made up of “lots of keen personalities.”. They take a predetermined number of students in each bunch with a flexible group schedule.

7. FutureLearn-Content Writing Courses in India

In December 2012, Future Learn was founded as a British online education platform. A joint ownership of SEEK and The Open University owns the company. It had 175 institutions in the UK and overseas, including non-university institutions.

Why choose future learn for Content writing training?

  • This is an online course to learn any skill, no matter what your career aspirations are. Online degrees and programs allow you to continue your education.
  • Join millions of learners around the world. Online learning is just as easy and natural as chatting with friends.
  • Join experts to learn from videos, articles, quizzes and discussions with educators from top universities and cultural institutions.

8. Coursera

Coursera is another multilingual, multi-subject online learning platform. Courses that are adaptable and affordable are available. You can use their colossal determination to master any expertise you want. Learn from the greatest online mentors and get right in without any preparation, transforming your path to a well-paying job.

Why choose coursera for Content writing training?

  • The Strategy of Content Marketing offered by coursera has a rating of 4.5/5.
  • The course covers the content marketing system, the fundamental setting, and content promotion.
  • Under the category of content writing, there are only roughly 102 distinct courses.
  • The sessions are designed to move at their own pace while remembering hands-on projects in order to dominate the practical side of the learning, which is crucial.

9. Digital Academy 360 Content Writing Courses in India

Content writing is one of the courses offered by Digital Academy 360. A Content Writing Certification Program teaches all types of content writing and WordPress site planning, as well as delicate skills. A team of industry experts prepares the material. Timing can be adjusted to workdays and weekends

Why choose coursera for Content writing training?

  • Homeroom training lasts 54 hours with 16+ modules
  • Each assignment consists of two live compositions and two certificates.
  • There are five or more contextual analyses with amendments and reinforcement classes and opportunities for temporary employment.
  • As with Hubspot, the accreditations are from Digital Academy 360.
  • Both freshers and working professionals are offered positions in the establishment.

There is active participation with different types of structures and content in this course. As you become more familiar with the language, your examination capacity will increase. The company has 15+ presences in India, and the expense is reasonable. To learn more about how long, how much, and how the course is conducted, you can visit their site.

10. INVENTATEQ Content Writing Courses in India

As a product preparation foundation, Inventateq offers preparation and positioning in various production areas, including writing. Various training programs aim to make understudies and working professionals more employable. Bangalore and Chennai are their main focus areas. There is an undeniable preparation establishment with a dedicated crisis response cell.

Why choose coursera for INVENTATEQ Content writing training?

  • They have the choice of classroom learning and online training.
  • 30-35 hours of preparing classes.
  • With workday and weekend batches, there is flexibility.
  • The preparation remembers hands-for experience and openness in the lab sessions.
  • The modules include fundamentals as well as different sorts of substance composing, SEO content composition, contributing to a blog, eBook procedures, copywriting, email composing, and conclude with a look at employment opportunities.

Are there any specific skills that Content Writers should possess?

A particular set of skills is required by every profession to ensure success in that field. Regardless of specialization, the following skills should be possessed by all content writers:

  • An excellent use of grammar and style
  • An in-depth research method
  • Writing skills that are fast and deadline-oriented
  • Having the ability to recognize different tones and structures
  • A specific area of specialization or expertise
  • Engaging content comes from creativity
  • Focus on the task at hand

What distinguishes content writing from other writing styles?

Content writing differs from other forms of writing in several important ways. As a general rule, writing can be categorized into three main types:

  • Fiction writing — Fiction writing encompasses novels, stories, screenplays, short stories, poetry, and essays.
  • Non-fiction writing — non-fiction pieces include essays, opinion articles, newspaper articles, press releases, biographies, etc.
  • Content writing: Content writing that aims to convert a reader, or to make him take action. It includes effective Communication

Effective Content Writing includes-

  • The best editing skills
  • SEO knowledge and understanding
  • Researching keywords is a knowledge base
  • Writing for audiences and understanding their needs
  • Know-how about social media
  • Includes everything from blogs to social media posts, landing pages, website content to reports and ecommerce descriptions.
  • A content writer may write either fiction or nonfiction because content has a conversion goal. Its main strength is its conversion-oriented goal.
  • Writing Content in a Step-by-Step Approach

 When it comes to content writing, companies aim to convert readers into customers                                 There’s a good reason why this sounds vague. Digital marketing includes a wide range of content writing     methods-

  • Creating the content
  • Creating a content strategy
  • SEO: Understanding the process
  • The use of SEO techniques in writing
  • Engaging with social media
  • Understanding the specific audience to which you are writing

The goal is the same no matter what tool is used. The goal of content writing is to convince readers to buy, sign up for newsletters, or contact you. Content of high quality assists them in achieving that goal.

Here are some tips for choosing top content writing courses

Consider the content, the course description, the format, and the duration when choosing a content writing course. Here are some details to ponder.

1. The course materials

  • It may be helpful to determine what skill you wish to gain before choosing a writing course. You will also need to decide what type of projects to study.
  • It sounds easy enough, right? I don’t think so.
  • To get started, you must take a realistic look at your writing, including your weaknesses. Once you have this information, you can determine which course content will address your shortcomings.

2. Description of the course

  • The term “best content writing courses” is fairly broad. For example, you can write a press release, a newsletter, or a script for a YouTube video.
  • Look at the descriptions of the courses you’re considering. Additionally, the description should convey what you are going to learn along with the objectives.
  • Identify which details match what you already know about the description. Think about taking a course to fill any knowledge gaps.

3. The location of the course

  • The advantages of live courses over online courses cannot be denied.
  • As a result, peer critiques and discussions are encouraged. You can ask questions and get instant feedback in live settings, on top of the camaraderie.
  • In this current pandemic, however, it becomes more difficult to keep a distance from others. Therefore, online courses might be a better choice.

4. Course Format

  • There are several top content writing courses that are passive.
  • The instructor simply provides information about the course for the students to absorb.
  • When learning a new skill, the passive format might not be the best choice. Interactive formats excel in this regard.
  • As with the passive format, information is presented using different media in the interactive format.
  • Beginners are also guided on ways to apply what they’re learning via this approach. Therefore, you will learn about content creation and even know how to utilize the skill.

Here’s the million-dollar question:


  • This concludes my list of India’s top 10 content writing courses for the year 2021.
  • Once you have honed your content writing skills, you may be able to enter the workforce as a freelancer or work in a top content writing agency
  • You can improve your career path while staying at home by taking any of the courses listed above. It is recommended, however, that you should start your writing course journey with Henry Harvin because of its high ranking and excellent online training programs taught by professionals, which will lead you in the right direction in your career.

Choose well now to have a great career in the future.

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