CEPTES SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED: A Decade Old Company Furnishing Innovative Salesforce Solutions



The size and scope of every firm are essentially determined by its clientele. Because of its promise to establish a solid foundation for customer relationship management, Salesforce has attracted a great deal of interest from company leaders across all industries. Offering the exclusive features of CRM, Salesforce has become a game-changing business software. CEPTES Software Private Limited is one such business that integrates the ideal fusion of programming and automation approaches into its Salesforce Development programmes. The company offers such outstanding solutions that have the power to revolutionize business processes while sustaining high levels of client retention. We have a very special guest with us today, Mr. Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, – the Founder and Director of CEPTES Software Private Limited to further explain this idea. He shared with us a lot of information about his brand’s ten-year history and rising popularity. Our team is honored to feature the CEPTES brand narrative in the exclusive section of “Company of the Year 2022” on our platform.

Introduction of the Brand

CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider that believes in elevating the business value of an organization’s Salesforce investment. It is supported by exhaustive research, cutting-edge digitalization, and superb advancements. By providing its clients with high-quality, reasonably priced services, the business aspires to become a trailblazing name in the field of cloud technology. They firmly believe in developing the skills of their employees while upholding authenticity, sustainability, and a passion for client pleasure. Their goal is to gain the trust of their alliances by becoming an internationally recognised company and offering cutting-edge solutions. CEPTES has 9+ vastly popular applications in AppExchange including DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, DocuPrime, RealE 360, and 200 OK.

An Outlook of the Services

This global company has served more than 1000 clients on five different continents throughout its more than ten years in business. CEPTES is a Salesforce-certified SI, ISV, and PDO partner with over seven products and solutions mentioned in their portfolio. More than 250 people work for the organization, and they are experts at sharing their knowledge of diverse markets, technology, and solutions.
Enterprise-grade business applications development is CEPTES’s ultimate objective. Reaching such achievements in their respective industries is a great occasion for every CEPTESIAN since the company only had 2 employees when it first began. The following is a list of the Salesforce products:

Today, the company is known in the market for a gamut of objective-driven services/solutions which include implementation, integration, migration, enhancement, development, and support of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot, App Cloud, Integration Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Lightning Migration, and Salesforce Consulting. Through end-to-end solutions, CEPTES has carved a niche in the global business fraternity, fostering trust and excellence.

CEPTES offers a gamut of enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries to add real business value. The team is passionate about strong system connections and customer cooperation. Their business model is influenced by lessons learned in a variety of industries. Every project is completed after a careful analysis of the client’s time constraints, financial constraints, available resources, and list of specific objectives. Client success is CEPTES’ exclusive line of business. When it comes to meeting deadlines and keeping a high standard of work, we consistently outperform our clients’ expectations. Our services have always depended heavily on technology because it makes our job more organized and productive. This very much justifies the CSAT score of 4.9/5 and motivates us to stay ahead of the competition” says Mr Priya Ranjan.

Ideology in the Light for Salutary Purposes

The organization is aware that for businesses to have significance, a wide range of cutting-edge products and a strong workforce are the influencing variables. As a top PDO specialist, CEPTES has helped numerous other firms launch their products and increase their adaptability by 5X. The company’s most well-known products are file and data management solutions for Salesforce, which are known to revolutionize data management requirements. Their clients have saved a lot of money because of their AppExchange solutions, which have also improved compliance, optimized data and file storage, and helped them create a future-proof corporate system with 100% data accessibility and zero data loss. The unstoppable technological know-how and support network are all housed under one roof by the Salesforce Managed Services. The skilled team of professionals exhibits a wide range of Salesforce stack expertise, including middleware and API-based system integrations. Their future strategy is to diversify their firm into various geographies by putting all of these concepts into practice. In fact, the company’s determination will continue to build a legacy of skill in the years to come.

Giving Back to the Society

The CSR responsibilities CEPTES has taken on are establishing helpful standards for sustainable development. All of the social effects produced aim to improve people’s lives and usher in a positive shift. For WFH, the workforce was relocated during the COVID-19 epidemic, and everyone was given COVID Insurance coverage. The business gives women agency and offers them equal professional chances. Additionally, they conduct yearly “GoGreen” initiatives to carry out environmental humanitarian tasks. CEPTES furthered their dynamism by pledging to donate 1% of their employee, product, and time profits to benefit social causes.

Serene Work Culture

The work culture at CEPTES is all about maintaining cooperative and healthy relationships with each other. Employees are free to express themselves and learn new things with excitement. They are free to contribute intellectually, ask as many questions as they like, deal with problems using work ethics, and set their own schedules. The business takes various steps to assess each employee’s potential and give them jobs that are appropriate for their abilities. To hone their knowledge and abilities, frequent Salesforce Certification programmes, training sessions, and technical learning seminars are held. Such an open workplace environment has enabled the business to maintain an attrition run rate under 5%. CEPTES is a prime example of a company that measures its success using the comprehensive

Final Thoughts for Readers

Mr. Priya Ranjan advises all the entrepreneurs and young thinkers who are reading this to be patient and to believe in their goals. Your efforts should be focused on achieving your goals, and you should be prepared to make sacrifices in order to do so. Understand your industry, seek to enrich the lives of your customers, and use a problem-solving strategy in every circumstance.




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