A Ray of Cheer & Hope For Ukraine’s War-Torn Children

In the backdrop of all the gloom & despair surrounding the Ukranian War – and the millions of lives it has claimed, a cheerful hotel management has sought to bring back the optimism of young Ukraine Kids.

The effort was spearheaded by an exquisite Venice Hotel on the outskirts of Kyiv. A pioneer in its locality for restoring peace via its pro-national efforts, the establishment hosted a gala event wherein the kids were offered presents.

There were further some performances that the student were deliberately engaged with. These were the consequence of a coalition of efforts by the institution’s rehabilitation center measures.

Ever since the paralyzing spree of Russia’s attacks, the kids have been a victim of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Around 60 children were a collective part of these performances – which sought to harmonize the mental & neurophysiological health of the kids.

While the mental health effects of war are well- known, little is discussed about neurophysiology in the way of its biological impact.

A plethora of mental health experts are already cognizant of the aforesaid.

On a global scale, UNICEF estimates  give a staggering figure of 1.2 million children that were affected by the chaos of the war.

The Venice Hotel thus hosts therapeutic sessions for the all-round recovery of the children.

Spanning over few weeks, they encompass the best elements in holistic recovery – in alignment with 1:1 help for the children from seasoned psychologists.

Although minor in scale, the cheerful efforts of such hotels are a step ahead in the right direction.

Instead of furthering the war paradigm, they serve as a important distraction.

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