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Risks and deficiencies in global supply chains have been discussed at length in presidential briefing rooms, kitchen tables, and boardrooms during the last two years. Now more than ever, supply chains are seen as critical to any company’s ability to survive and thrive and expand and flourish. Considering the same, WIZ Freight, founded by two serial entrepreneurs, offers a platform for companies to manage their logistical operations, such as instant booking, collaborative tasks, live tracking, and digital finance. The company helps numerous worldwide companies to save up to 15% on landed rates and 30% on manual labor. In addition to the above features, it also offers door-to-door visibility of the shipments to the companies.
Today, we are putting forth one of the best companies of 2022 in which employees receive respect, career growth, skill development, and more under one roof.


WIZ Freight is the digital player in emerging markets that works directly with carriers and customers, providing a full-stack execution model that provides visibility and cost savings to all stakeholders. The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Mr. Ramkumar Ramachandran and Mr. Ramkumar Govindarajan in August 2020. Since then, it has quickly grown to a team of more than 650 people, with offices in more than 25 places and a network of more than 200 carriers. The company is expanding in the Middle East and Asia. Its new offices are opening in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Qatar, and a few other important markets.

Newsletter in Brief

The company has announced the upcoming 20,000-square-foot research and technology centre in Chennai that will house 200 people. In addition, it plans to open two more centres in Singapore and Bengaluru. The company works to provide supply chain solutions to different industries, such as FMCG & Food, Commodities, Pharma, Renewables, Hi-Tech, etc. Through technology, the company tries to give its customers a supply chain that works well.

In March 2022, WIZ Freight had raised INR 275 Crores, which is about USD 36 million and is the largest Series A in the Indian Logistics space led by Tiger Global with the participation of Axilor Ventures, Foundamental, Arali Ventures, Stride Ventures, and Alteria Capital. Earlier, in August 2021, it had raised USD 3.5 million in a seed round led by Axilor Ventures.

The company leverages modern technology to solve tough problems in the 2 Trillion dollars global supply chain space. It helps businesses in emerging markets win globally with competitive logistics solutions. The tech-driven full-stack operations give everyone in the cross-border supply chain better visibility, reliability, and efficiency. The company is using deep technology solutions like AI and ML to make an impact in a low-tech industry that is otherwise very old.

Aim of the Organization

The company wants to build a long-lasting organization made up of people with a lot of drive and talent. In the company, the most successful employees are the ones who believe in the service or product the company is creating. The company’s employees also do not mind putting in extra work to get results that the clients can trust. It is among the reasons that the company is excelling in the worldwide market in a short period.

Employees’ Recognition

The company appreciates its employees, who work hard to make a difference and help it build a great brand. The people who can stick to plans, reach their goals, and set deadlines for their work are praised.
The company has a recognition and reward system to show appreciation and keep its employees going for the best. At the same time, the company thinks that giving employees control over their work is a good way to recognize their hard work.

Work Environment and Support

The company has a very positive environment for employees with a culture of empathy and open communication. WIZ Freight’s staff system is based on cooperation and trust. Besides, the company puts a lot of emphasis on being responsible and coming up with new ideas for its employees.

Options for professional development range from learning new skills to becoming a better leader at WIZ Freight. It is because the company wants to set its employees up for success. As a result, the company always helps those, who are trying to be the best versions of themselves. At the company, employees have many chances to learn, shine, and create a big difference.

Management Style

The culture at the company is honest and open. Its team is inspired and motivated by the management, which assists the employees in making good decisions every day. The people in – charge of the company trust their employees to make decisions about their jobs. This management style at the company helps employees act and think in ways that are good for the future.

Approach To Career Development and Team Building

Some ways to build teams at the company are to create a stronger team culture, recruit the right employees, and use clear communication. In addition, the company believes in training and mentorship that helps its new employees to learn more and try new things to advance in their careers.

Work-Life Balance

The company cares about the well-being of its employees. Therefore, it thrives to create a balance between personal and professional commitment. As a result, the company has created a work environment where people finish their work on time and still have plenty of time for their friends/families. Its employees are its strengths. The company thinks that its employees are more likely to do a good job if they are happy and have a balanced life.

Hosting of Social Events or Outings

The company thinks that giving its employees a break and letting them get to know each other in a relaxed and fun setting is important for their engagement. As a result, the company’s employees can positively affect their work. The team goes on social outings and does team-building activities that are fun and big once in a while.

Ideal Employee for WIZ Freight

The company wants someone who can work well on their own and is also dedicated to the team. The company adds that employees who are trustworthy and take a lot of ownership are highly preferred at the company.






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