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Amy HRMS India initiated its journey back in February 2000. An ISO 9001:2015 certified global established firm, Amy HRMS India is a top ranking HR Management Consultancy in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. The company holds more than 22 years of indomitable industry knowledge and research. They are currently working with 100+ Indian MNCs, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies. The brand has also completed successful collaborations with 22,000+ Managers to enhance their career growth. Out of these professionals, more than 250 strategic business leads are placed by them. It is a moment of pride for the company because each leader is now managing a business of over one billion. In this article, we will be covering the story of Amy HRMS India which is garnering umpteen recognitions for its gold standard services.
The entire team of Prime Insights Magazine congratulates Amy HRMS India as it is being featured as the ‘Iconic Brand of the Year 2022’ on this platform. To make it more auspicious, today we have Mr. Manoj Pundir- Founder and CEO at Amy HR Management Services Pvt. Ltd. with us. He unveiled some lesser-known facts and futuristic aspirations associated with his brand. His contribution to strengthening the pillars of Indian Pharma & Healthcare Managers is immaculate and continues to inspire the youth of our country.

Commencing a Tradition of Legacy

Amy HRMS India analyzed through a deep-rooted study that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies require professionals with a certain skill base and mindset to promote products. Along with that, the team of Amy HRMS India also understood that many potential Managers didn’t have the opportunity to learn the required professional skills for accelerating their careers. With this notion, the firm was launched and sailed on a mission to serve the Pharma and Healthcare companies with efficient Sr. Managers and Managers. They went ahead to guide companies on the importance of human resources.

Unique Factors about This Venture

When it comes to an HR recruitment company, the main focus is laid on serving multiple industries. The company has been in the industry for the past 22 years and has established a gripping position. What makes the brand unique is that it is ranked as the top HR recruitment brand for Pharma and Healthcare PAN India. So the team has always believed in maintaining the standards of fineness by following optimized work processes and guidelines. This ideology has helped them to win the complete trust of their clients over these years.

A Dig Into Company’s Services

The service portfolio of Amy HRMS India provides phenomenal values to their clients for garnering gigantic business growth and furnishing avant-garde business strategies. The end-to-end HR recruitment and value-added services are Amy’s prominent attractions.

Core Values of Establishing Trust

Amy India works with a distinct interaction method called career growth discussion (CGD). This method helps them to understand the candidates on a one-to-one level, as well as know about their plans for the next three years. The company also emphasizes achieving the short-term as well as long-term vision of its clients. The team participates in elaborative discussions with their clients to stay updated on their business needs. They have served brands like Ajanta Pharma, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited, Franco Indian Pharma, Hetero Healthcare, Ipca Laboratories, Indoco Remedies, Meyer Vitabiotics, USV Limited, Wallace Pharma, Aristo Pharmaceuticals, Zydus Healthcare, and many more.
Amy HRMS India highlights the cognizance of the continuous professional growth of its candidates. Managers that are associated with the company, share their experiences of being confident in their professional lives. The candidates say that the way Amy HRMS India has carved assiduous professionalism in their personalities; no one could have done it better. Amy’s perseverance has made them stand out from the crowd. The team ensures trust and connectivity for years.

Team Building Executed with Perfection

The core endurance of Amy HRMS India lies in the great team that works diligently to empower its vision. Their contributions have made it possible for the organization to stand where it is today.

Amy HRMS India focuses on three methodological aspects needed by every team member, i.e.-

  • Continuous Learning and Development for their personal and professional growth
  • Appreciation and Recognition
  • Recreation and Celebrations are enjoyed every weekend.

Fostering Eminent Goals for Future

The next future plan is to increase online PEL (Positive Energy Labs) activities for Managers. They are currently working on fabricating a colossal staffing solution model to become the torchbearer in the Pharma and Healthcare industry by 2025.

Working on New Categories or Changes this Year

The company is able to serve its customers better by adopting the latest technologies like ATS (Application Tracking System), Robotic Intelligence Technology, and Data Analytics which has turned out to be beneficial for the team. They have improved their efficiency almost three times in the last year. They are looking forward to incorporate these technologies to the quick.

Painting the Canvas of Motivation for Managers

“Hard work will get you close to success in your job, but your attitude will give you 100% success in your career.”


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