In this rapidly changing world, retail businesses call for efficiency and accuracy in customer experiences. Whatever the services are being offered, customer service is the unbiased judge now! In such scenarios where customer experiences have become so crucial for retail business, the needs for technology-empowered tools are obvious. A company that strengthens the chords of customer services while increasing sales and decimating losses is SAI Group Limited.
Today we present the story of SAI Group Limited– a brand that leverages industry-hardened technology and a patented computer vision platform to fuel the efficiency in Retail Stores.
Bringing protection against the backdrops of thefts, sudden yet violent events, low stocks, and clutter/haphazard alerts, the company has tapped the pain points of retailers with technology. SAI Group functions with a set of patent-granted products that use machine vision to improve efficiency. The company recently opened an entity in Kolkata, India. Our editorial team had a detailed session with the dignitary leadership panel of SAI Group Limited. Mr. Som Sinha- CEO of the company along with Mr. Abhijit Sanyal- CTO shared many lesser-known facts and gave us an overview of the brand’s future endeavors for their industry. To see two Indian torchbearers making charismatic business in the UK is a moment of pride and testimonial of India’s potential to lead the corporate bubble. Join us as we feature the inspiring story of the leadership panel in our segment of “The 10 Most Innovative CEOs to Follow in 2023”

Inception Tale

Incorporated in 2018 in London, the idea behind the inception of SAI Group germinated from the boardroom of a major UK grocery retailer. The Co-founder Mrs. Helen Wilde were demonstrating a machine-vision system that could identify products with utmost accuracy. The pivotal aim was to revolutionize the formulaic customer journey. The retailer’s Head of Profit Protection immediately saw another use case. He then gave a challenge of checking transactions at the checkout to trace all the possible causes of in-store loss. After n-repetitions, the team ended up with a collection of retail products that are created for retailers by the retailers. Mr. Som Sinha invested his expertise during the early stages while Mr. Abhijit Sanyal poured in the accurate concepts for building a robust tech team at the core. The firm has prospered proactively under the duo’s fervent passion and calculative approach.

Competitive Edge in the Arena

SAI Group is picking up its pace of expansion and is currently deployed with 10 gigantic retailers in the UK, the US, Mexico, and Brazil. Staying ahead of the competition is not a cakewalk and SAI Group has its algorithm to secure the cutting edge. This is done via intricately listening to the customers, analyzing the existing competition, and being their disruptors. The team is too busy creating and improving its products and indeed such conscious groundwork creates innovations. Research and Development is their USP as well as an essentiality. As a product-based company, building and deploying cutting-edge products can only come with a strong R&D base. The leaders of SAI Group relentlessly believe that a company that has no R&D will get pushed back by the players who have a strong one.

Strings of Work-Life Balance

“Being an immaculately growing startup, it is difficult for us to maintain a work-life balance. But there is one mantra that we find super helpful. The trick is to work hard when there is a clear need to do so. One needs to play smart while doing this and must not waste any time on unrewarding activities. However, one needs to give ample time to personal life when there is a natural and occasional downtime like during Christmas, end-year holidays, marriages, or meet-ups. That brings everything put together in terms of personal-professional balance”, says Mrs. Helen Wilde (CCO & Co-founder)

Check-Box of Achievements Made

As the company has various patented products deployed with tycoons of the international retail business, the same norms are to be established in India as well. The organization witnessed a 15x growth last year and plans on multiplying these numbers. Being a cash-flow-neutral organization, SAI Group Limited
doesn’t need external investor capital for growth. Recently, the brand also closed a funding round with a valuation of Multi million pounds. The ardent team of 30 professionals who value each other’s perspectives and work with collaboration is SAI Group’s pillar of support to achieve those shared goals.

Employee Motivation Is SAI’s Empowerment

Continuing further, the entrepreneurial duo shares that, “Employees are the biggest asset for SAI Group. All of these assets walk out of the door at the end of the day. We have to ensure that they walk in the door with a robust drive each morning. We provide competitive pay, bonus, and increments to our employees to make them feel valued. As long as we can continue to value their efforts, our company will bring those shining stars to the table. A testimonial to our productive work culture is the company’s zero voluntary churns.”

Path to Follow Ahead

Many aspirations are lined in for the future. The plan is to become an acknowledged AI powerhouse. The team is working to grow from one product to many in the sector first and then repeat the same in multiple sectors. The ultimate dream is to make SAI Group a multinational company worth billions and continue adding fruitful values to the lives of people.

Leaders’ Take on Entrepreneurial Competition

Mr. Som Sinha also shared his perception of the panorama of growing competition in the corporate ecosystem and a few words of intellect.

“Every associate of SAI Group is equally dedicated towards their responsibilities. The struggle is no less for anyone. The only thing that makes my story of struggle different from other CEOs is how I solve problems. Faith in one’s own belief is fundamental to all achievements. Strive to become a better version of yourself. The pace of struggles has intensified today. Innovation is the new oxygen for businesses. The next breakthrough can come from any part of the world. In such cases, CEOs face increased competition. I have worked for many large companies and working as an entrepreneur is the best recipe for success. A true leader will chase his/her passion even if the situation turns upside down. Those who give up their dreams must realize that there is light at the end. What anyone says should not change your opinion about your capabilities. Exemplary entrepreneurs are meant to change themselves and the world around them.”

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