Rubystone Hospitality: Leading the Path of India’s Hospitality Industry with Flying Colors


Rubystone Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry that is driven by experiences. We also intricately acknowledge that India is a country where hospitality has an imperative contribution to the economy. People always strive for uncompromised experiences when it comes to travel and staycation. In such a scenario we need leaders who have an innovative approach to reform the entire chain of hotels and resorts. For all good reasons, Rubystone Hospitality (Hotels and Resorts) has introduced the much-needed pivotal breakthrough!
Rubystone Hospitality is a hotel management-based company in Noida with a zeal to cater avant-garde management services and advisories to hotels, resorts, and restaurants of all scales.
In a tete-a-tete with our editorial team, Mr. Sandeep Singh- Founder of Rubystone Hospitality talked about the company and his years-long journey of entrepreneurship. He also highlighted the differentiating factors that make his company a leader in its segment, be it its workforce or its work ethics. Leaving us startled was his vision to serve people and the company’s mission to offer turnkey hospitality and management services. What we have woven into words are the insights from the conversation we had with Mr. Sandeep Singh. We are sure that our readers will love to go through this fascinating draft and learn valuable lessons from it.

Know About Rubystone Hospitality

Established with an aim to reposition hotels and resorts to help them stay ahead of their competitors, Rubystone knew that independent hotels and innovative lodging concepts have an extra edge over the formulaic chain franchise of branded hotels. By serving customers with the best of the best services and leveraging their positive reviews to reach out to the global market, there was a huge need for strategies and initiatives that enhanced the individuality of these hotels.
As a leading Boutique Hotel Management Company, Rubystone is building a stronger portfolio in important destinations for hotels and resorts. The team is up for grabbing opportunities for rock-bottom developments, accentuating the value of existing assets, and re-evaluating the position of not-so-prominent properties.
Their work ethics are driven by integrity, commitment, transparency, and professionalism. All of their hotels are an emblem of leisure, comfort, and top-notch business traveler facilities. They meticulously introduce technology and innovation to enhance their client’s experience.

Inspiring the Workforce

Mr. Sandeep elaborated that his company ensures the sustainability of employees and motivates them to perform as per their potential. For the same, various trainings are provided to enhance their future capabilities towards larger responsibilities. Rubystone also curates a flexible and amicable working environment for a smooth flow of communication between the employees and other higher authorities. Permissible liberties are also an important aspect of Rubystone’s work culture to convert their employees to assets.

“We firmly believe that the professional growth of the workforce is a fundamental aspect of an organization’s growth. As an experience-driven brand, not only do we understand the employee closely but also firmly believe that once they enter the office, we have to provide them with a happy, healthy, and contended working environment. We encourage our employees to learn from their mistakes. Such serene work culture ensures that the employees focus on their job profile and work with maximum dedication. We truly acknowledge that employees’ state of mind directly affects their interest and apprehension of working. So our company pays attention to conducting time-to-time programs where the employees are recognized in the presence of their families. It also brings an immense amount of pride and pleasure to the families of the employees. They also feel like an integral part of the company.” says Mr. Sandeep. This initiative has brought a tremendous effect on the growth, development, and longer-term sustainability of both the employees and Rubystone. This also marks Rubystone’s overall productivity and growth-oriented management style.

“Internal promotions, improved responsibility levels, a closely coordinated work environment, and creating platforms for the employees to perform, have become the ultimate tools for employee growth at Rubystone. Such initiatives evoke a sense of achievement and motivate the employees to outshine their potential. Many other team efforts and career-building exercises are also conducted within Rubystone.”

When asked about some outdoor engagement activities conducted with the employees, Mr. Sandeep replied, “Yes Rubystone ensures recreation, social outings with family, and team building exercises periodically, without having any effect on the company’s work schedule. The only way to integrate the workforce is by putting trust in every individual and ensuring their well-being in all aspects. In regards to the work-life balance, as stated earlier, our working atmosphere is flexible, to a certain extent it is a hybrid. It is profoundly convenient for our employees to maintain the work-life balance.” Employee engagement programs conducted nationally and internationally make Rubystone a prolific company to work with.

Aspirations for Future

The company plans to create a robust market position and recognition in terms of its business excellence and alliances. The plan is to continue to acquire existing properties in demanding markets and work for their advancement with strategic partnerships.

Words of Wisdom

“Failures we feel are a backbone for every success whether individually or as an organization. Until we try and learn from experiences, we can never become perfect. That’s the philosophy the company holds on to. So, instead of highlighting the obligations of behaviors, the management takes it as a learning ladder. Failures in our organization are taken as an opportunity to learn and grow out of them. Don’t be in a hurry to witness the success you anticipated. Introspect yourself and make realistic promises to your self-belief. Create a model that works within the framework of your potential.” believes Mr. Sandeep.

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