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Olive Technohut

The inside story narrates the success tale of a company and the plunge taken by its leader to build a thriving business right from scratch. Olive Technohut is the sheer outcome of a resilient entrepreneurial spirit and passion to innovate the digital marketing industry par excellence. Olive Technohut (formerly known as Olive Media & Marketing) began its journey in 2017 but fully started its operations in 2018.

Offering cutting-edge services around IT, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, and E-Commerce, Olive Technohut started when there wasn’t a specific industry for digital marketing in India. 2017-18 was the era when people weren’t aware of the benefits of digitalization.

Businesses were reluctant to grow their online presence and were complacent doing marketing in the old-school fashion. That’s when Olive Technohut’s Founder- Ms. Bidisha Bose decided to make people understand the potential of digital marketing and empower businesses with digitalization. Our editorial team had the privilege of having a conversation with Ms. Bidisha Bose regarding the entire journey of Olive Technohut. The conversation gave us many deep insights into the evolution of the Digital Marketing industry over the years. She also shared many lesser-known facts about her entrepreneurial journey so far. Motivated by her dynamic words, we took the opportunity of featuring Olive Technohut under the exclusive segment of “The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2023”.

Company’s Preface

Starting the read with a brief about the company in focus, the Mumbai-based emerging digital marketing company, Olive Technohut holds a team comprising Social Media Experts, Search Engine Optimization Experts, Certified Google Consultants, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Internet Marketing Experts, Amazon Experts, e-Commerce Experts, CRM & LMS Experts, Software Integration Experts, and Branding Experts. The adroit team of experts holds comprehensive experience in serving local and overseas clients to present them digitally eye-catching.

The service portfolio covers a wide range of services like

  • Tech-Driven Marketing Techniques and IT Solutions
  • Website Development and Integration of CRM, ERP, and other related systems.
  • The company also offers a 360-degree suite of digital marketing solutions that includes SEO, SEM, SMM, sponsored ads, and e-Commerce Solutions. In particular, the e-commerce solutions cover everything from Product Listing on self-websites and various marketplaces like Amazon, LinkedIn, Nykaa, Myntra, and Flipkart, to Ad Campaign creation on all social media platforms, to Management and other related activities.

The experts at Olive Technohut understand every minute expectation of its clients and assist them with solutions that are tailored with an all-inclusive approach. The company solely aligns its processes with a growth-driven mindset to meet its client’s goals for the long term. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the read and have an interesting glimpse of the conversation we had with the lady entrepreneur.

Prime Insights: To begin with, what were the initial challenges you faced during the early chapters of your entrepreneurial journey?

Ms. Bidisha Bose: Back in 2018, I started building my business venture from the ground level. At that time people were not much acquainted with the digital marketing industry. Introducing the algorithms of digital marketing, spreading awareness about leveraging social media for business expansion, and onboarding clients on various digital channels were major challenges.

Being a newbie in the industry, clients also did not show much trust in us. They were confidently inclined towards the already established giants of the marketing industry. But over these years Olive Technohut has succeeded in proving its extraordinary competencies by enhancing the digital presence of its clients to newer heights. The team has etched a mark of excellence by inculcating technologies like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Database Management in our services.

Prime Insights: What stands behind the uniqueness of the company?

Ms. Bidisha Bose: Being an organization that is committed to adding value to its customers’ lives, is our significant USP. We are always at the forefront to deliver what we promise. We fulfill the affirmations of giving swift responses to our clients and providing state-of-art quality services. Our adroit team takes every concern of the client with utmost seriousness and brings result-oriented solutions. We never say no to any opportunity unless and until we can do it. Even if a client with a low budget has shown the slightest faith in our services, we promptly accommodate and provide them with top-notch solutions. The relationships we have built with our clients are prospering on the grounds of pure integrity and the entire team takes sheer pride in it.

Prime Insights: Can you please give us some insights into Olive Technohut’s work environment?

Ms. Bidisha Bose: I do not believe in setting high bars of hierarchy within an organization. We try to keep our work culture as light as possible. We ensure that every employee has their own liberated space where he/she can experiment with their abilities and put forward their ideas without any fear. Many times amidst a strong hierarchy, employees hold their ideas back with a fear of non-acceptance. Olive Technohut is more of a family and every employee has an equal contribution to the company’s success so far.

Another imperative aspect of Olive Technohut’s work culture is the team’s investment in Research and Development. We believe that Research & Development is the only way to stay relevant in today’s changing corporate world. Our team conducts in-depth analysis to curate strategies for client onboarding, introduce quintessential service improvisations, and gather knowledge about recent market perspectives.

Prime Insights: What are the future outlooks of Olive Technohut?

Ms. Bidisha Bose: Olive Technohut has immaculately ascended post-2020. We are working diligently to grab bigger digital and technical collaborations with established tycoons of the business fraternity. To simplify the lead management processes for our existing and new clients, we have launched an in-house LMS (Lead Management System) named “SalesGenieX”. This ultimate Lead Management System is meant to bring a dynamic shift in the way businesses capture, nurture, and convert leads. SalesGenieX also has the potential to optimize the client’s sales pipeline and at the same time maximize their revenue. We are in the process of bringing more such projects backed with technology and further strengthening our rapport in the digital marketing industry.

Prime Insights: Being a serial entrepreneur yourself, what is the one piece of advice you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Ms. Bidisha Bose: My journey as an entrepreneur has brought me immense fortes! I started back in 2018 when I did bounce back from lapses. I started everything from scratch, with fewer resources without thinking of what the outcomes would be. So taking action is what counts! For me being a leader or an entrepreneur means being a mentor and a friend to whom my associates, juniors, employees, or anyone for that matter, can come up and speak anything and everything they want to. I avidly believe that as an entrepreneur one needs to perceive things differently. You should be proactive about focusing on the solutions and learning from your mistakes.

With that, we have come to the end of the article but before that, we asked Ms. Bidisha Bose to share a few words of intellect for all the young minds out there, to which she said, “Many of us are still confused about what we want to do in our lives. It is also evident that people do have a lack of awareness about the plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored with an open mindset. So I strongly believe that one must seek the right mentorship at the earliest, to find the best suitable path. If something is not working for you despite giving it a fair amount of chance and pouring in consistent hard work, then it’s probably time to explore other opportunities side by side. You can continue doing it but solely holding on to it isn’t the right idea in today’s highly ever-changing.

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