Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane: A Leader Nurturing Sustainability and Holistic Industrial Development in a Nutshell

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Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane | ULTRA-TECH Environmental Consultancy and Laboratory

“Amidst the wave of industrial development, embracing sustainability positions us to procure opportunities for mitigating environmental challenges.”

As we mention these lines, we are all well aware of the fact that environmental degradation is an inevitable impact of the era of industrial development. However, if not completely vanquished, our cohesive efforts, utilization of technology, and dedicated vision to fulfil our responsibilities towards the environment, can significantly reduce these impacts.

Prime Insights, with utmost ebullience, brings before our readership panel the story of a company that has positioned itself as a trendsetter in providing top-notch environmental solutions to various industries. ULTRA-TECH Environmental Consultancy and Laboratory has grown to become a prominent environmental consultancy and service provider firm operating in multiple locations across India, including Thane, Pune, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi, and Gandhinagar.

Founded in 1986 by a visionary chemical engineer from IIT Bombay by the Late Mr. Shekhar Tamhane, ULTRA-TECH began its journey with a comprehensive environmental laboratory. He recognized the growing environmental challenges due to industrial development and committed himself to revolutionizing the environmental consulting industry.

Under the intuitive leadership of the company’s current proponent panel, Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane: Managing Director, Mrs. Aarti Tamhane, Mrs. Deepa Karnik, and Mr. Deepak Tamhane, the legacy carved by the Late Mr. Shekhar Tamhane continues to prosper across all dimensions.
We had the opportunity to feature this exceptional tale of entrepreneurial excellence on our platform as we invited the dignitary leader, Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane, for an interactive conversation.

Through this conversation, we gained knowledge about the company’s lesser-known facts. The dignitary also highlighted the evolutions the company has undergone to get to where it is today. Compiling all of the illuminating words Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane shared with us, we have placed his story under the enticing edition, “The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders to Follow in 2023”.

A Glimpse of the Company

The company specializes in offering a wide range of services related to environmental consulting, environmental laboratory testing, ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) engineering, STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) engineering, WTP (Water Treatment Plant) engineering, and Project Consultancy, along with operation and maintenance. With a team of over 250 professionals, ULTRA-TECH is committed to providing quality environmental services and has gained recognition for its expertise in the field.

ULTRA-TECH has created a reputation for excellence in the environmental consulting industry. The company has created a benchmark of differentiation with its quality environmental services delivered within a scheduled time and at affordable prices. Its esteemed clientele includes tycoons from various sectors, including infrastructure, industrial, construction, and large-area development companies like ONGC, JNPT, Tata, Hiranandani, Raheja builders, RNA, Piramal, Aditya Birla, Jet Airways, Indian Oil, HPCL, BPCL, SRAs, etc.

The Chronicles of Inception

“When ULTRA-TECH’s Founder, the late Mr. Shekhar Tamhane, started his journey as an entrepreneur, his path was mired with challenges and sacrifices. He was audacious enough to leave his handsome corporate job and choose to pursue his vision of addressing environmental issues caused by industrial growth. During the late 1980s, addressing these issues required immense dedication, strategic initiatives, and perseverance. The scenario changed after the 20th century when people started to evaluate the drastic changes our actions were causing to the environment and realized that our planet was on the verge of vulnerability. Since the onset of the year 2000, ULTRA-TECH has grasped the hold of the environmental consulting market and, alongside, trained individuals for various employment opportunities in the emerging sector.

Indeed, he has left behind a platform for us through which not only we can take forward his vision, but we can also spread the agenda of consciousness towards our environment. His dream, futuristic vision, and perseverance continue to be our guiding energy.

As a new-generation entrepreneur with ardent and round-the-clock responsibilities, I have learned to prioritize a balance between personal and professional life through flexible work arrangements, outsourcing, and efficient time management. The importance of building and leveraging a professional network is indelible, as we grow the most under the shadow of people’s experience and knowledge”, says the Managing Director, Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane.

Overcoming Stereotypes

The entire proponent panel at ULTRA-TECH believes that the active participation of leaders in the entrepreneurial world is crucial for setting examples for young minds. Their leadership standards drive innovation and contribute to creating a remarkable story churned out of hard work, consistency, and a positive mindset.

Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane, Mrs. Aarti Tamhane, Mr. Deepak Tamhane, and Mrs. Deepa Karnik encourage business leaders not to let stereotypes hinder their dreams. They propagate the message of being resilient, carrying an ignited vision, and implementing a dignified approach to break the barriers of stereotypes. To have faith in your ability even if situations take the wrong turn and holding on to your instincts, will make you realize that even the sky is not the limit; one can go beyond it.

A Conducive Work Culture

“At ULTRA-TECH ensuring client contentment is paramount. Our company pays unshakeable attention to fostering a work environment where every individual has a part to play in contributing to business decisions. We achieve this through fair compensation, professional development opportunities, a positive work environment, and an open communication channel. We also run various employee engagement and welfare programs to retain talent by letting employees feel their contributions are equally important to sustaining organizational growth.

It is of utmost importance to give our employees a culture that makes them feel like family. Our company’s well-established HR department keeps an extensive check on taking care of their needs in the best possible manner. Within ULTRA-TECH, the workforce is regarded as the company’s most invaluable resource.”

The Social Arm

Apart from offering these services to its affluent clients as environmental consultants, ULTRA-TECH is committed to giving back to society through corporate social responsibility initiatives, sustainability improvements, environmental compliance, and contributions to environmental causes.

Coercive Plans for the Future

ULTRA-TECH is planning to restructure its entire organization and list it as a public limited company. With this initiative, ULTRA-TECH plans to invite investment opportunities for the optimization of the company’s business operations. The team is diligently pouring efforts into alleviating its serving capacity and introducing new expertise for services in Solid Waste Management, Bio-Medical Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management, and many demanding services in corporate social responsibility, sustainability improvement, environmental compliance, and the mining sector.

As the company is making efforts to enhance capacity building and setting stringent service norms to achieve the quality of services, ULTRA-TECH also promises to safeguard the trust of its clients and stay committed to taking care of their entire environmental problems. ULTRA-TECH is also planning to utilize the evolving technical developments in AI and chatbots to foster efficient communication with clients. The team is set to embrace ways through which sustainability can be adapted on a profound scale and manifest to turn this universe into a greeniverse.

An Adieu to the Readers

To wrap up the read on an enticing note, Prime Insights expresses humble gratification to Mr. Niranjan Shekhar Tamhane for sparing his valuable time and joining us for this collaboration. We requested the dignitary to conclude the read with some captivating advice from his treasure of knowledge. Here is what he quotes:

“I, on behalf of the entire family at ULTRA-TECH invite Prime Insights readers to join us in our journey to transform the world into a greener and more sustainable place. Watch for our developments in digital and print media as we continue providing quality environmental services. We would be elated to have you onboard, extending us the opportunity to give you an experience of our services for all your environmental obligations.

The readers can stay tuned with us through diverse digital and print media about our ongoing developments. We look up to leaders who prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical business practices. To those who look up to us, we convey the importance of integrity, commitment, and continuous unflagging services and ethical practices while pursuing your ambitions.”


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