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With technology venturing deep into every sector of the economy, cyber threats are becoming prominent with every passing moment. Cyber security is one such concern that is imperative but quite complex to deal with. Neuailes Global Technologies is one such emerging leader of the IT and Cyber Security sector that provides security, digital transformation, and protection services. To take this conversation further, our editorial team had a detailed discussion with Mr. Tarun Arora and Mr. Shankar Suman Co-Founders at Neuailes Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The young entrepreneurial duo laid the formal incorporation of the company in 2018 and since then the legacy of success is unstoppable. We also got to know about their roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship so far along with the company’s future endeavors. To share the same enthusiasm with our readers, we have woven this story of dedication into words.

How Everything Started for Neuailes Global Technologies

Mr. Tarun Arora and Mr. Shankar Suman began the company because of their keen passion for starting their own business. The duo always had the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to curate something magnificent with their passion.
Giving a quick overview of the company, Neuailes is a team of experienced professionals in the domains of Cyber Security, Digital Marketing.The OSCP Certified professionals protect the businesses of the customers, with their expertise in DevSecScops, Source code Analysis, Vulnerability-Penetration Testing, etc. Being in the IT industry for more than 4 years, the company is supporting from startups to Large enterprise customers to secure their digital assets and reach customers digitally. The feature that separates them from the competition is their dedication to providing trailblazing services at the most competitive prices.

Company’s Take on Fluctuating Market Trends

The company embodies the paradigms of trust by showcasing its ambition. The ambition is to help global organizations overcome the fear of technological challenges of Digital Transformation. For this, they emphasize new brewing technologies which they believe would make a promising impact in the future. With their dedicated efforts, they are making transformations simpler and smarter and making people more open to diverse horizons of technology.

Being the Trendsetter of Customer Trust

The company has established its mark in the industry and the heart of the customers by meeting every standard of customer expectations. They have been able to do so by

  • Standing strong against the malpractices of cyber-attacks and cyber failures
  • Adhering to the relevant laws and regulations
  • Becoming an indomitable target by practicing absolute cyber-hygiene

In this growing digital era, brand trust is evolving and customers are evaluating their trust in those brands which stand and deliver the quality they claim. Neuailes puts in all the efforts to recognize these bars of trust and meet the expectations of their clients. For the company, a happy clientele is everything. They always exercise their limits to exceed clients’ expectations. Conducting customer surveys and receiving testimonials from their prestigious clients via video testimonials motivates them to march toward the table of prosperity with resilience.

A Snapshot of the Services Offered

To make its customers feel alleviated and appeased, the company offers services that contribute to the betterment of its clientele. Some of these are discussed in detail here-

GoDMARC: GoDMARC is a SaaS-based platform that protects a domain from Email Phishing and knows the authentication gaps of SPF/DKIM (Sender Policy Framework/ Domain Keys Identifies Mail). DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. This is the most reliable email authentication protocol in today’s corporate world.
It is used for the identification and measurement of email authenticity. The best part is that it allows businesses to work with transparency and be vigilant about illegitimate use of their domain name.

GoSimulator: This provides 100+ pre-built templates to choose from, one can completely customize any Email template along with its landing page. It also educates users about cyber-attacks and email security threats. Additionally, it automates all the E-mail Phishing campaigns in one go which enables their clients to address their target audience easily.

NeuMails: With this technology, E-mail Marketing has become easier and more lucrative as it optimizes the process of sending transactional and promotional emails quicker and efficacious.

NeuCop: NeuCop protects all web applications, infra, and apps tested against any vulnerability.

Essentiality of Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies

The team first identifies on what channels/platforms their target audience is the most active, depending upon the products or services offered. They generally use numerous channels and cross-promotions to comprehensively advertise their products. Their messaging is continuous and cohesive. The efforts are inclined towards making the messages informative to expect more engagement.

Plans for Future Expansion

For the coming years, Neuailes Global is planning to come up with new and exciting products in the cyber security domain. The main focus will be laid on-

  • Securing and streamlining core communication aspects of the digital era
  • Guarantee trustworthy internal and external communication
  • Enhance customer acquisition efforts
  •  Provide modernistic tools to accelerate effective communication

Mr. Shankar also talks about his personal and professional targets set for the future. He wishes to balance his passion for his career with his personal life. Boosting his time management skills for the company and improving the work-life balance, is his near goal.

Words of Intellect for the Readers

Mr. Shankar Suman says that -“Nobody is a born entrepreneur. We all have to learn from the experiences our journey brings to us. We all commit mistakes and to be capable of accepting positive criticism is a marvelous quality to have. Try making positive notes from the feedback you get because that is the golden key to taking your business forward in this competitive bubble.”

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