We all know Dr. Vivek Bindra, an inspirational speaker, trainer, and YouTuber in India specializing in business and leadership. It is tough to maintain enthusiasm and inspire it in others facing challenges.

In this aspect, Dr. Bindra is exceptional. Many people’s lives were improved thanks to his efforts, and he deserves praise for his many accomplishments. His popularity is demonstrated by the many people who have subscribed to his channel on YouTube. He has the largest subscriber base in Asia in motivational speaking and entrepreneurship.

The Beginnings

The year of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s birth is typically given as 1982, but he was born in Delhi. He did not get to experience the pampered joy of a perfect upbringing. Mr. Bindra lost his father at a young age, and his mother remarried shortly after.

When everyone else was preoccupied with cutting-edge activities, he said, he felt isolated. He graduated from Delhi’s St. Xavier’s High School despite the mayhem. He earned a business administration master’s degree from Amity University in Noida. Also, OIUM Colombo University has awarded him a doctorate in honoris causa.

A Fresh Start

During his graduate studies, he was exposed to the Bhagavad Gita, which afterward served as a source of wisdom and motivation. As late as today, he is still teaching his disciples the teachings of this sacred text. At the beginning of his YouTube channel, he discussed business tactics and solutions he had developed.
English was used as the language of interaction. He started making videos in 2017 after realizing the language had the potential to reach a large audience. His channel on YouTube, which has 10+ million subscribers because of his innovative strategies and consistent promotion, continues to gain viewers today.
Dr. Vivek Bindra’s channel has become incredibly valuable for helping people, especially business owners, learn how to deal with adversity and succeed in the business world. Today he is a globally acclaimed successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CEO Coach, and Leadership teacher.

What Does He Do?

Entrepreneurs can use Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel as a “No-Cost digital learning university.” He offers novel approaches and frameworks to help others maximize their company potential.
He avoids narrowing his focus to purely business considerations and offers advice on how to persevere under challenging circumstances. He also provides numerous company case studies to help young business owners learn from the experiences of others. His approach to corporate difficulties is well-received and respected across the country.

World Consulting and Training Academy

His dream of creating a place where aspiring leaders and business owners could grow into their potential led to the formation of this group. “Bada Business” is the name for it. After launching in 2010, the company expanded and gained traction in its industry thanks to its innovative approach to mentorship and guidance.
Personality development is a key service they offer to their clientele. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that they have significantly improved the training sector. Companies may now spend far less on each worker due to their efforts. Unintentionally, it increased the company’s ROI by over 100%. They achieve this through innovative approaches to outsourcing the training process.
Mr. Bindra and his group monitor the whole training process to guarantee that each student receives the individual attention needed to succeed. As of now, more than 1500 companies around the world entrust him as their primary CEO coach and employee trainer. Mr. Bindra has also released a mobile app called “Bada Business App,” via which he offers two courses: one on “Everything About Entrepreneurship” and another on “Problem Solving Courses.”
These courses have saved the day for many who could not otherwise afford a costly MBA or entrepreneurship program by providing real-world answers and relevant examples. Aspiring business leaders can learn from his experiences and follow his guidance.


Organizes the largest HR training event ever, which Guinness World Records recognized.
The 2019 International Glory Awards named him “Best Motivational Speaker.”
Marshall Goldsmith was named “Best Asian Leadership Trainer” at the World HRD Congress.
The Times of India, “Best Indian CEO Coach,” was awarded to Speaking Tree.
Maruti Suzuki has named him the best Indian corporate trainer.
A World Leadership Federation “Think Tank” for businesses in Asia.
The Economic Times named it their “Game Changer of the Year” for 2019.


You can never go wrong if your heart is in the right place, like inspirational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra’s. His work guaranteeing that budding businesspeople have equal access to resources is admirable. He hopes that by giving people greater agency, he might help boost the economies of India and the world. As more Indian businesses find financial success, the country as a whole will improve, in his opinion, he says. He hopes to build up the corporate training industry so that the next generation of professionals may lead the country to greater success.


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