Mr. Manish Mannan: A visionary leader who promises to implement ‘One Company One Software’

Mr. Manish Mannan

More often than not, Organizations have decentralized data that are generally not available in a single place. Various departments use their software, collation of all work ends up wasting a lot of time. What if a system could be built that can streamline the data across the entire organization and put it in one place, enabling a more efficient, collaboration-based and data-driven work environment. O2b Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise resource planning solution that delivers the choice, flexibility, and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout businesses. We had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of O2b Technologies, Mr. Manish Mannan, who shared his successful entrepreneurial journey

Overview of the company

O2b Technologies is a leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Engagement Management (CEM), Workflow Management, and E-Commerce Solution. The company is vastly diversified and has a global footprint of 100+ installations in over 20+ countries with large, mid-scale installations being deployed at Manufacturing, Distribution firms, other major giants, etc.

The inception journey

As the world was progressing day by day, we were not only using technology but living with it. In 2014, Mr. Manish Mannan along with his team, after having vast experience in the technological advancement space decided to start an ecosystem that will help organizations to grow, manage and generate more revenue from their businesses. They were able to correctly identify the problem area that was, businesses were running manually on decentralized data, inefficiency & low productivity accompanied by late decision making by decision-makers. Also, there were selected software available to ease the business process, which resulted in the daily use of multiple software. Overall the process was a time-intensive and cumbersome. Seeking the opportunity, O2b came forward with a solution that automates and integrates the overall business process to a single platform which is not only for big giants but also designed for small & medium-size businesses. The workflow becomes smoother, saves resources and provides more efficient, effective, and productive results. Two-way communication was also developed for Vendor/Customer portals where they can check the required information. Everything was aligned to their motto of “One Company One Software”.

The right balance

Manish believes in a work-life balance state that aligns with the vision and work culture of O2b technologies. He further adds that he has set priorities, and adheres to the deadlines he creates for himself. One more quality that he shares is taking care of all the responsibilities whether it’s professional or personal life. There is always an effort to take out time for his hobbies, and fun activities and save his leisure time.

Does the CEO struggle more in life?

Manish feels that by doing something different, there are more chances of failure than success. When you want to do something different that nobody had done earlier, you have that extra pressure to not only survive but also to get accepted by the industry and its end-users as well. Apart from this, some situations come that are not in one’s control like the pandemic, resources, locations posing challenges and many others.

Keeping pace with the market

Research is an important aspect when it comes to keeping pace with market trends. Manish gives credit to the professionals in the O2b research team helping them find the right expectation from the market. They find out creative solutions to what to develop, how to develop and for whom to develop.
Under the visionary leader, Manish, O2b believes that R&D plays a significant role in the growth of the company and spends 30% of its revenue on it. They strongly trust that with this they can innovate new products and services, create ways to compete, develop and maintain strategies for marketing campaigns, understand new & existing customers better, and overall, it helps in building a clear focus and intentions to move towards the company’s mission and vision.

The souls of the company shall be happy

Employees are the soul of the company. They keeps the business alive. It is imperative to make them part of the bigger picture of the organization. Mannan opines that a happy employee will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. Manish personally involves himself with them in their day-to-day chores and more importantly listens to them. He is not only working but also celebrating with them.

A message for all those who dare to dream

CEOs are decision-making and authoritative position and accepting both positive as well as negative thoughts regularly is a part of the job. Manish mentions that giving up on dreams can never be an option for anyone but, if you are doing so in any case, all the reasons are because of you only, you should be 100% responsible for it rather than because of some stereotypes. It is paramount to keep things simpler and focused. Manish thinks that one should not focus on problems but rather find solutions. Be it any situation, one should never give up on their dreams.

What future holds for the company

O2b Technologies has achieved many milestones, one among those being opening up offices around the globe. Overcoming and surviving the phase of the pandemic was itself a great achievement. The company also conducts blood donation drives regularly. Apart from expansions in future, the company will keep on developing more advanced solutions matching the upcoming technological advancement across the globe and give back to society in the best possible ways.

Golden words for Prime Insights readers

Manish advises all the readers that move out of anything if they are not enjoying it. Whatever you are pursuing must be your passion and if it is not, then find out what your passion is and start working on it. No matter bigger or smaller, you will start enjoying it while making the bread-butter for yourself.
Don’t forget that following your passion doesn’t mean you will not fail anytime, don’t get scared or ashamed of failures, embrace them as they are the path and sign to your success!

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