MAXVITA FOODS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED : An Emerging Conqueror of the Indian Snack Industry Through its Line of Exceptional Products



India has a multi-million market space for snack food options. Specifying the numbers, as per the latest studies of 2023, the total size of the Indian snack industry is more than 66.9 billion USD. Indeed it is a saturated market to be in but with quality, taste, healthy aspects, and sustainability many brands have created magnetizing legacies. Our Prime Insights team had the opportunity of having a conversation with Mr. Jijy Mathew- Managing Director at Maxvita Foods (India) Private Limited. Conversing with a seasoned entrepreneur like him felt surreal for the entire team and we had a bunch of questions right from our bank of inquisitiveness. He unfolded many manifolds of his company’s legacy and how they have disrupted the market with quality services and strategic marketing moves. Knowing that our readers will be enthralled after reading this article, we had to feature the brand story of Maxvita Foods.

Echoes of Quality Services

What started with a modern manufacturing unit in Mysore, Karnataka, in 2013, Maxvita Foods emerged as one of the most eminent snack foods manufacturing companies in South India. Maxvita Foods has spread its horizons to all the major states in the south of India. The diverse range of scrumptious light-weight snacks is acknowledged to cater to all the consumer requirements while standing true to peculiar quality standards. Knowing that customers are inclined more towards brands that deliver results and not false claims, Maxvita Foods have understood the desires of its customer base whether it is about quality, quantity, availability, or cost-effectiveness. The brand has come up with the most appetizing snack options curated specifically with the highest quality ingredients & manufacturing processes. Maxvita Foods was incorporated in the year 2011 in Kerala. In 2013 it started its journey from the neighboring state Karnataka. Production work also began in 2013 and Maxvita started selling its products the same year.

Emerging as a Flagbearer

The initial response was profoundly impressive and the products fit well in the market. The products aligned with the customer’s desires and the company witnessed an annual turnover of 10 crores in its first three years of starting production. Till FY 2020, Maxvita doubled its annual turnover figure to 20 crores. The success story bolstered further and in FY 2022 the sales touched the milestone of an annual turnover of 30 crores 2022. Today the brand has set up three modern manufacturing units located in South India. The biggest unit was commissioned seven months ago with an investment of INR 22 crores. This unit is solely dedicated to the manufacturing of potato chips and other namkeen products.
Elaborating further, Mr. Mathew quoted, “Our biggest manufacturing unit has a monthly capacity of 450 tons, which comes close to 6000 tons of annual production. The second unit undertakes the manufacturing of Baked Corn and extruded snacks, with a capacity of 1500 tons per year. The third unit can produce 2.5 tons of rusks daily, which sums up to 750 tons a year. Altogether, Maxvita has around 8000 tons of production capacity with all three units combined, which allows it to serve its customers efficiently. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, when many brands were struck with unanticipated consequences, the brand managed to overcome the same and brought justified growth and success.

MAXVITA FOODS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED : An Emerging Conqueror of the Indian Snack Industry Through its Line of Exceptional ProductsEnticing Product Portfolio

Maxvita Foods offers a variety of flavorsome snacks, including potato chips, baked corn snacks, namkeen snacks, and rusks. One of their hero products is the potato chips which are made from farm-sourced, high-quality potatoes and have a lip-smacking tinge of palatable spices. Having lucrative scalability in products, Maxvita truly exhibits its ability to develop products that align with the Indian taste buds with authentic ingredients.
Their products come in vibrant flavors like Chilli Sprinkled, Classic Salt, Cream and Onion, Tomato ketchup, Masala Miracle, Chilli Chutney, and Barbeque Max amongst others. Coming to the corn snacks, Maxvita makes corn rings in Chatpata Masala and Yummy Cheese flavors, puff corns in Tomato Twist and Cheese Masti flavors, and Cheese Balls in Chatpata Dhamaka and Tomato Tango flavors.
Maxvita also offers a wide range of namkeen products like Aloo Bhujia, Soya sticks, Wheels, Super Rings, Moong Dal, Crunchy Pasta, Crunchy Noodles, and Karumkure in Tomato Tangy, Chat Masala, and Manchurian Magic flavors. Its rusks come in two varieties, Premium Crunchy Rusks and Premium Milk Rusks. A smart marketing move here is to play with the names of the flavors as hearing these words immediately creates a sense of strong nostalgia for childhood and our centuries-long history of Indian spices.

Maintaining the Highest Quality Standards

Maxvita has always walked in the direction of making the best by investing diligently in its human capital and carrying forward its tradition of quality and customer-oriented approach. The entire workforce has imbibed the same corporate ethos of enthusiasm, authenticity, and integrity. Maxvita knows the importance of a capable and experienced team, without which even the best processing systems cannot be optimally utilized. It has a team of experienced and qualified professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in the field. Having a motivated and grounded workforce has helped the brand maintain strong alliances with its suppliers, distributors, and customers. The work culture is also kept straightforward and open for the employees to exchange opinions and feedback with absolute freedom.

Picking this point here, Mr. Jijy Mathew explains, “Our brand has a loyal customer base, as they keep coming back to our products. Their trust and happiness are what motivate us to keep thriving and innovating all while keeping quality at its peak. Our top-notch processing machinery and systems have delivered excellence that rubs shoulders with international premium standards. We have the aura and spirit to surpass these International standards and let the world know what strength India has in its passionate minds. I would like to mention that all our raw materials, like cooking oil and various seasonings are sourced from Indian subsidiaries of multinational companies that provide assured quality without cutting corners. So, it is a win-win situation with irrefutable industry raw materials on one hand and the best-in-industry processing line on the other. Maxvita Foods’s vision is to be a company that strives to procure, maintain, and satisfy the commendable trust of its customers, employees, and business partners with its trustworthy professionalism.”

MAXVITA FOODS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED : An Emerging Conqueror of the Indian Snack Industry Through its Line of Exceptional ProductsThe Edge in the Realm

To create a unique market reputation Maxvita Foods emphasizes on producing products of the finest quality and aligning with its customer-centric ideology. Incorporating a tech-based working model is also a conscious move made by the team. Maxvita Foods employs sales automation software for order processing and execution, and it has adopted SAP ERP Software for all of its production, billing, and inventory-related activities. With all processes optimized via technology, the brand is in the league of achieving the goal of experimenting with flavors and adding new products that exhibit nothing but excellence in taste and customer satisfaction. In addition to the aforementioned,

the following are the distinctive characteristics that create a niche in the market;

  • An adroit team of experienced and seasoned production employees
  • Diversifying the footprints with a radically competent management team since 2013
  • Equipping the manufacturing units with top-notch manufacturing facilities
  • Business is controlled through industry-leading ERP software – SAP.
  • Sales are executed through Sales Automation software – BIZOM.
  • Optimal procedures to ensure quality at all levels
  • A dense supply chain and distribution network that enables on-time delivery
  • Being an exemplary face in the snacks food industry Maxvita Foods has created revolutionary cognizance and has added many feathers to its cap of achievements. The brand has also been elegantly placed in the list of “Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India” in 2023 by The Industry Outlook magazine.

Scaling the Success Meter

“Being in the space for more than nine years, Maxvita Foods has managed to build an exceptional market reputation due to its trustworthy products and maintain robust levels of transparency with its customers and suppliers. We are ardently confident about expanding our market share swiftly. We are working on elaborating the production capacities of our manufacturing units along with further additions to the product line. With the assistance of our dedicated sales team, Maxvita Foods is currently marketing its products in the South Indian market through a network of super stockists and sub-distributors. As for now, our market share is less than 1% of the INR 10,000 crore South Indian packaged snack market. We can definitely see an enormous envelope of opportunities coming our way. We have completed the first phase of expansion plans last year in Maxvita’s birthplace Karnataka. By 2026, the company expects to have a sales turnover of a minimum of INR 150 crore. Maxvita Foods is soon planning to build a second manufacturing facility outside the home state in South India as part of its second phase of growth plans, providing an extra 3200 metric tonnes of capacity. This new manufacturing unit should generate an additional 100 crores in sales revenue and empower Maxvita Foods in establishing the benchmark of 250 crores annual sales or more by FY 2028”, says Mr. Jijy Mathew.

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