A Brisk Overview of Company and its Offerings

Mrs. Pranita Baveja, CEO of Levo Spalon took its charge in 2019. With her astute business development and management skills, in no time the business turned up the tables of success. With her expertise, Levo Spalon reached unmatchable heights of success and became a pioneer luxury brand in India. The brand also helmed major connections with international names in the industry. What truly defines Levo inside out is the essence of beauty, style, and indulgence. In two years, the brand has spread its charm to seven different locations. Now Levo has had seven successful center launches in the last two years across Goa, Udaipur, Pune, and now in Gurgaon. It was because of Pranita’s ambition to build a world-class luxury brand concocted with her surreal motivation and dedication that paved the way for Levo to become what it is today.

Know more about the Magnetizing Leader of Levo Spalon: Pranita Baveja

Talking about the talented women entrepreneur Pranita, she graduated in business management in the year 2005. She took her first step as a novice entrepreneur after joining her family business as the COO of Travel services International (ITS). She was the one behind transforming the company’s offline business to online. With her diligent efforts, the company traveled to the depth of growth in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. TSI’s turnover multiplied from USD 70 mn to USD 380 mn in three years and later the rights went into the hands of Yatra.com. Over the years, she gained experience working extensively in the travel businesses and further expanded her horizons in the service industry.

Balancing the bridge b/w Personal and Professional Fronts

“Balance is not something you find, it is something you create”
it is According to Pranita, the thin line of balance between the personal and professional spheres of life needs to be curated and not to be fetched. Maintaining the aforesaid is not everyone’s cup of tea. She consciously makes efforts to indulge in de-stressing herself by spending quality time with her dear ones. Her sigma mantra is to schedule the priorities.
Working with the Audacity to Welcome Hurdles
Obstacles are an indispensable phase of any journey and one need to embrace their occurrence to become successful in every sense. The biggest hurdle faced by Pranita and her brand came during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The kind of setback it brought to the beauty and wellness industry was profoundly intimidating. They had to immediately set up new operating procedures adhering to the government protocols but also had to hold back the client’s faith in them. The only strategy that worked for them to face these difficult times was the vision to hunt for the opportunities of prosperity in adversity. To be able to achieve this is a matter of utmost pride both for Pranita and Levo. She further explains that the special genre of clients served by the company hail from the higher, middle, and luxury classes, being veterans in the market. During the COVID days, Levo was the only preferred choice of their clients as the company managed to hold authenticity of COVID protocols.

Streamlining with the Diversifying Contemporary Swings

Pranita continues to say that the process of continuous learning about the wavering market trends and environment is quintessential in today’s corporate world. Since she is well acquainted with the technology background, she ensures that impertinent time is spent analyzing the data and keeps an eye on international blogs by experts in their industry. Their team always works with a detailed study of the ongoing trends and keeps a vigilant eye on the different perspectives of development. Without any second thoughts, she believes that being transparent to the customer and their needs is the best practical way to do the same. She is also a true fanatic for bringing new products and conducting regular training sessions for her employees.

Impertinent Role of Research and Development

Research and Development is a vital influential factor for any business firm to make lucrative growth, says Pranita. Hence it becomes important to understand the latest statements and customers’ preferred choices and coalesce them into a solution that works veraciously. The beauty industry is all about going with the ongoing trends and to survive in this field, the company has to stay abreast with the aforesaid and bring innovations over and over again in their products.

Company’s Moral Convention of Safeguarding Employees’ Contentment

Pranita says that an ardent vision keeps the team bonded. With many tests and trials, they ensure to evolve and expand themselves to create a mind-blowing customer experience every time. For doing this it becomes a true necessity to invest in the employees. The core team at Levo comprises indomitably experienced stylists, therapists, and technicians. They regularly conduct training workshops, create incentives and organize frequent meetings, to recognize and polish the potential of their employees. These activities also help to strengthen the pillars of motivation and hard work in their employees. Pranita believes that motivated employees are most engaging, industrious, creative, and dependable and also bring a positive impact to the company’s growth.

The Aisle of Levo’s Futuristic Aspirations

Now coming to the upcoming goals set by the company, Pranita says that she has the vision to establish Levo Spalon as the largest spa and salon operator in the country. Presently working with a team of more than 100 motivated individuals, Levo wishes to witness its existence every 60 days somewhere in India. To make Levo synonymous with the best luxury brand in beauty and wellness is Pranita’s near aspiration for the future.

A Heartfelt Note for Prime Insights Readers

To conclude this vertical, Pranita talks about how any business can be turned into a successful one by implementing the right story. A dedicated business plan and beforehand preparation is a prerequisite for a business to turn profitable. Selecting the appropriate niche for a brand attracts the loyal client base. Moreover the downpour of a good work culture and providing in-depth knowledge about the services being provided all sums up to betting high on futuristic success.

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