There is no denying saying that the transportation and automobile industry are major contributors to greenhouse emissions. Understanding the current necessary urge for sustainability, e-Ashwa Automotive Pvt Ltd has taken a conscious effort and introduced its phenomenal range of eco-friendly battery-operated electric vehicles in India. They are a true torch-bearer of making transportation go greener and emission-free. The brand was founded by Vikas Gupta- CEO and CFO of e-Ashwa Automotive and is about improving and implementing the finest battery technology. Here is an elaborative vertical dedicated to exploring the company’s success till now!

Drape of Inspiration Behind Company’s Foundation Analyzing the plethora of potential of the electric vehicle market of India, the brand always had the vision to contribute to the manufacturing era of the aforesaid. The electric industry has so much to contribute to expanding India’s economy that too with the advantage of being environmentally responsible. The intellectual purpose of the brand comes from the ecological benefits and cost-efficiency of electric vehicles. With this vision, the company was set up in 2018, and the journey traced by them is worth every appreciation.

Overcoming the Initial Flair of Challenges

Like any other brand, e-Ashwa has also faced cumbersome, topsy-turvy phases since its inception. Being new to the industry, the initial phase of the challenge came from the task of creating the laws, rules, regulations, and various policies. What seems to be smooth today wasn’t the same at their time and some of the other issues regarding the process information came often. The first approval took a span of more than 11 months, whereas today it only takes 2-3 months. Educating their prospectus to customers was also a big challenge since people were apprehensive about accepting the technology back then.

Re-Phrasing the Paradigms of Customer’s Trust

e-Ashwa believes that unless and until the trust of customers in the brand is cemented intensely, the roadmap to success seems blurry. The team is constantly working to build a platform of trust on all the four fronts stated below

  • Sturdy Product
  • Widespread Service and Support Network
  • Availability of Adequate Spare Parts
  • Quality Products for Every Budget

Focus is diverted equally on these fronts and working in the right direction with stability has brought the ball to their court of success. The core technical and development team are highly skilled and qualified individuals. The team comprises individuals with imperative experience in both automobiles and the aviation industry. The policies of warranty and reasonable prices on their products make them an indispensable choice in the market.

Company’s Services Loaded with Distinctive Quality

e-Ashwa understands that products are sold in the long term only when it is backed up with supportive assertions. This aligns with the automobile industry profoundly.


They deal with the manufacturing of battery-operated vehicles like

  • e-Rickshaws
  • e-Loader
  • e-Scooter
  • e-Auto
  • e- garbage cart
  • e-cargo cart
  • e-ice cream cart
  • e-food cart, amongst others

All the vehicles manufactured by them are packed with the latest technology. The brand delivers a wholesome package of products, service support, infrastructure, and all the related accessories. The dealers and distributors are trained on the guidelines of service support before the retail outlet is even inaugurated. This ensures that the bars of quality services are set beforehand and continue to prosper further. The company also distributes a tool as well as a spares kit, to the retail outlets on mandatory grounds. This is done so that the end-user gets immediate support on the spot without any delays. Each vehicle from their manufacturing plant is equipped with spot-on safety, comfort, and proper feasibility. Furthermore, they render all sorts of warranty as well as non-warranty services under their service prospectus. They have set up their testing divisions to ensure that the finest quality vehicles are rolled out of their units. Coming to the research and development wing, a handsome investment is made back into R&D to keep services par excellence.

Evaluating Consumer’s Perspectives of Trust

The consumers of this era are aware and educated about their rights and authorities efficiently. Especially in the last decade, the drift of alertness in customer support orientation has touched great heights. Moreover, the orientation is much denser in India as compared to other Asian countries. With the advancements in technology, now all of us have a strong and cost-effective internet connection. This has further deepened the roots of customer awareness and hence they have all the data pointers available right in front of them for assessing and comparing the services offered to them. e-Ashwa has gained more and more trust and confidence because of the transparency in its services.

Etching Company’s Name in the Heart of Customers

Valuing the customers is a quintessential aspect of any prosperous business. One single powerful strategy that works magnificently is to thoroughly indulge in taking continuous feedback and ratings from the customers. This paves a path of improvement in the direction of customer requirements. e-Ashwa implements the same and has set up a top-notch customer support function to interact with the end consumers, dealers, and distributors on a one-to-one level.
Measuring the scale of the trust factor, e-Ashwa has subscribed to many power-generating portals since the beginning. Today, nearly 8 out of 10 leads come from their brand, which used to be with the name of other brands in the past. These numbers are amazing and outshine the potential held by the company.
A customer for them is the supreme entity whose satisfaction has to be assured at any cost. Walking with the customers brings long-term growth to any organization and that is what e-Ashwa values the most.

Managing the Flow of Communication with Clients

Communication with the customers becomes a pivotal priority for the brand. So their customers have all-around access to the top management of the company including the esteemed Board Members. The access is as simple as ABC that any end customer can reach to give out his/her feedback to the high management authorities. That is why the brand is perceived as a role model in building this kind of surreal trust, as far as the EV segment is concerned.E-ASHWA AUTOMOTIVE: STRENGTHENING THE ROOTS OF SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-CONSCIOUS ELECTRIC AUTOMATION

Walking on the Road of Quality Marketing Initiatives

e-Ashwa is a firm believer in “Jo Dikhta hai Who Bikta Hai” which means “The one who gets noticed gets sold”. Implementing this belief, e-Ashwa emphasized creating affirmative sales points, and once that was accomplished; they started focusing on other dimensions of the business model. With this legacy being initiated, e-Ashwa has crossed some extraordinary numbers of sales. The company is the only one in India in the EV segment to have laid the benchmark of 500 dealers and distributors in October 2021. Thereafter, the mark of more than 1000 dealers and distributors in June 2022 was also crossed. Moreover, they are diligently working to bring the trendiest range of designs and efficient mechanisms to cater to the latest demands of every client.

Company’s Future Perspectives

The company is looking to establish prolific transformations in the EV industry. They are gearing up to achieve the target of crossing the mark of being associated with 2000 dealers and distributors by the end of March 2023. The team of e-Ashwa is also manifesting to enter into the four-wheeler segment and reach the position of Numero-Uno. The company has 12 assorted lithium-ion models in the two-wheeler category which includes scooters and motorcycles. As for now, e-Ashwa Automotive has set up more than 1000 retail stores and 26 co-assembly units across the country. They are also working towards strengthening their production capacity and their


The Rewarding Entrepreneurial Journey

Upon being asked about Mr. Vikas Gupta’s entrepreneurial journey till now, he shares that after serving numerous organizations for more than 22 years, he began his entrepreneurial journey in 2016. During the initial stages, he didn’t have any dedicated aspirations and just wanted to explore the parallel world of working. But today, looking up his five-year-long journey he feels energetic and enthusiastic about his accomplishments. But the company has stood true to its ethics and reached the top position within five years. To be able to build an organization from scratch which now offers employment to thousands of people feels satisfactory and rewarding.

A Snippet of Guidance for the Prime Insights Readers

For all the readers, the brand gives a message that learning is a continuous journey. Having the compelling energy to explore things coming on their way is the mantra of success, they significantly abide by. The younger generation must carve their personality as an audacious one because it makes one stronger inside out. So keep yourself in a bubble of continuously exploring and trying new things in life.

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