In Home Personal Services Bringing Senior Care Franchising to New Heights

Michael Collura’s In Home Personal Services is a leading brand in senior care franchising. The company has been operating in this market for the nearly 20 years and has made a name for itself in that time. Among its various advantages, the company offers low-cost inductions with minimum overhead and quick scale-up to revenues. It also has a very reliable franchise start-up system that allows new businesses to grow steadily and gain a firm footing in the market. Here is a look at Mr. Michael’s journey so far and how they plan to move into the future.

A 30-Year-Old Endeavour

In Home Personal Services has established itself as a leading senior care franchisor in the market through dedicated operations and a commitment to excellence. Mr. Michael spent over a decade studying and developing its primary franchise model. After that, they went into operational cycles and have been active in the industry for the past 20 years. Over time, the model that they created improved with market feedback and became the industry-leading system it is today.
Mr. Michael leads with the idea that everyone can start a franchise business if they are part of the In Home Personal Services’ system. However, he does stand firm on one important prerequisite – you must possess a genuine desire to care for the elderly. Aside from that, Mr. Michael asserts that they can train and educate a team to industry-accepted standards and beyond.
Sticking to these standards and diligently growing its business process has allowed Mr. Michael and his business to become an industry-leading concern over the past 20 years. They also have a range of professional franchise owners working with them and every managerial style adds new business intelligence to their process.

Just the Right Nudge

When it comes to motivating and aspiring but hesitant potential franchisers, Mr. Michael takes a proactive approach to help them make a decision. His biggest selling point is the system that they have established, improved, and proven out across multiple locations. He also highlights that business failure is usually predicated on a lack of adequate planning or faulty execution. This is mitigated almost entirely if you opt to franchise, particularly in an evergreen industry like senior care. Mr. Michael believes that with the right market insight and solid team, their franchise program guarantees success.

Big Numbers with Baseline Takers

Thanks to the consistent success showcased by In Home Personal Services, Mr. Michael’s business is growing at a rapid pace. They receive over 2,000% of the prior year’s inbound leads and more than half of those convert to discovery. This makes In Home Personal Services one of the fastest-growing in the market. Mr. Michael defines this as a critical moment in his business’ prospects and credits market conditions along with their own highly-vetted business model. The difference in overall operational efficiency and client value generation is beyond par when it comes to In Home Personal Services and its market competition. This has led Mr. Michael to a lot of interesting conversations and a lot more opportunities as well.

A Marketing Mix like No Other

For marketing their franchise model and related marketing, Mr. Michael takes a mixed bag approach with a lot of variety thrown in. The company’s brand growth, both locally and nationally, opts for low-cost and high-return models. They also liaise with entire teams depending on the domain they are targeting. Further, they do not require funding from franchisers outside of their own marketing and promotion campaigns. So, the entire marketing process works on a very high return and market growth potential level. This ensures that even new franchisees are able to scale up to market competitive levels of promotion and business volume potential.

Expansions Are Coming

Mr. Michael is not just satisfied by having In Home Personal Services be a top-tier enterprise in the market. He also wants to expand further and for this, he is developing several new service models. The focus here is on expanding the dimensions and degree of services offered. This lends a great degree of reliability to the entire business while also ensuring that closely related areas of operation are either included or considered for inclusion in subsequent expansions. At present, they are looking at including 2 new models into their business which will bring their total models up to 5. These models have a range of differences among them. They can go from 17% to 65% and vary by how well the operators measure the market and use the franchise facilities. On average, franchisees can gain up to 30% return rates within a short time of setting up.

Trust and Taking on the Future

Standing on their 20-year presence and rapidly growing business models, In Home Personal Services is drawing nearly 100% follow-up calls after discovery. Part of the credit goes to the entrepreneurs working with the franchise. That is why they are endeavouring towards increasing online, video and validation messaging. This will help them in integrating operators in the new franchisee prospect discovery process. This is only the tip of the iceberg and their system has many more achievements, milestones, and new development underway. As their brand and business continue to expand.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

In speaking of aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Michael draws from his own experience and journey as an entrepreneur. He urges entrepreneurs to do what they love and make passion part of their life and career. This enabled him to minimize feeling lost when times were tough and allowed him to build a multi-unit and multi-state operator’s enterprise. The key is to pick a line of entrepreneurship that can impact the lives of others every single day. Those who know what they love and can work on that every single day can expect returns on their efforts for success.


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