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BUSFAM Digital Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

“Together, BUSFAM is not just a digital marketing agency; it is the creator of experiences that resonate with excellence and creativity.”

For every business, having a comprehensive digital presence is an inevitable need of the hour. In today’s time, every business, irrespective of its scale, needs the guidance and support of a seasoned expert to help become digitally visible and grow in multiple folds. Turning manifestations into reality, BUSFAM, is a company with close to eight years of experience in working right from the bottom level to help businesses grow to commendable heights of success.
Founded in February 2016 by Dr. Shreya Dasgupta (Co-Founder) and Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey (Managing Director), BUSFAM is a 360° digital marketing agency catering to any and every business’ promotional needs. The company focuses on crafting creative websites and strategizing digital ads that offer excellent value for money. The team adeptly understands what each client wants, and then they move forward to create clear goals, optimise business operations, and structure marketing strategies that best fit the budget. BUSFAM caters to a diverse clientele, spanning domestic and international markets. The company deals with businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, targeting a wide range of industries.
Exemplifying genuine empowerment, two entrepreneurs, Dr. Shreya Dasgupta and Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey, have realised their ambitions by gracefully surmounting challenges. Prime Insights’ editorial team delves into their inspiring journeys through a candid conversation, uncovering the essence of their triumphs and humility.

The Inception Roots

The journey of BUSFAM began by making websites and social media graphics. During the initial years, they didn’t have any investors and completely depended on the team’s cohesive efforts. Presently, with a strong team of 34 employees, the services have expanded from just designing websites to now making ROI driven Digital Marketing strategies with a multidimensional approach that includes target audience approach dependent holistic branding to creative advertising, through mastered techniques of SEO, SMO & SMM, Pay-Per-Click or Google Ads, creative content creation, E-commerce marketing, and all other kinds of digital marketing avenues.
These dedicated efforts helped BUSFAM earn the badge of “Google Partner in 2023.” The motivation behind its inception was to become a trustworthy partner for businesses that couldn’t afford expensive offline advertising methods. Moreover, these methods didn’t even promise a satisfactory or measurable ROI. BUSFAM monitored this gap in the market and came forward to support every SME and MSME, while also working with already established brands and corporations over the years.

BUSFAM Digital AdvertisingDr. Shreya Dasgupta: A Microbiologist Venturing into Entrepreneurship

“I always wanted to do something by myself. At first, I thought about starting a biotech company, but there were already many big companies in that field. So, we decided to start our own thing with almost no investors.
My journey shares common threads with others and is marked by challenges and triumphs. Despite hailing from a very different background, with a Masters and a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Postdoctoral studies, I decided to dive into the world of digital marketing and advertising. Economics being a major part of my courses helped me understand how ads contribute to a business’s growth and build a country’s economy. Digital marketing, a growing part of advertising, particularly caught my interest.
I figured out how ads worked and researched diligently about market trends. It was quite challenging, but my passion for research, ingrained in my DNA, propelled me to start this company. I have also observed that advertising is a unique fusion, blending scientific curiosity with the world of digital innovation. So, I took a break from research and explored this industry, learning about new trends. The transition from a highly challenging academic field to entering into digital marketing was a profound breakthrough in my professional sphere. The lesson to draw from my story is that learning is a powerful tool, and it is very important to maintain a mind-set for continuous learning.”

BUSFAM Digital AdvertisingHighlighting the Essentiality of Research and Development

Both Dr. Shreya Dasgupta (Co-Founder) and Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey (Managing Director) firmly believes that R&D and the accommodativeness to welcome new techniques such as the AI, are indispensable for the company’s growth. It’s the lifeblood of innovation, fostering new ideas and solutions. The dignitary duo has cultivated an enduring relationship with R&D for the sustained growth of BUSFAM. With continuous research and development, BUSFAM has succeeded in staying at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. The team has met evolving customer needs and discovered untapped opportunities with dynamic R&D, while continuously learning and developing skills to use AI techniques proficiently.

Harnessing a Robust Work Culture

Awareness about maintaining a healthy work culture has spread on a massive scale. For this, they are motivating the employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep learning new trends. The same agenda is applied in BUSFAM, and various initiatives are taken in the same direction.
At BUSFAM, work spirit of employees is escalated by celebrating achievements, birthdays, work anniversaries, festivals, and other cultural occasions. The workforce at BUSFAM enjoys the complete freedom to work at their pace, learn new skills, and maintain corporate brotherhood. They are taught that a balanced work-life significantly contributes to collective success. At BUSFAM, it’s not just about delivering on time; it’s also about valuing each individual’s journey.

BUSFAM Digital AdvertisingThe BUSFAM Academy: A Promise to Empower Young Minds

Over the years, BUSFAM has understood that while people possess theoretical knowledge, they often lack practical experience. In response, the company has launched “Academy BUSFAM,” a digital marketing and advertising institute tailored for students, learners, and job seekers. The courses here are delicately crafted with industry relevance in mind, developed by industry experts to ensure a balance of theory and hands-on experience.
Students not only learn theory but also engage in practical classes and real-world projects across various domains. Academy BUSFAM aims to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical skills. Upon course completion, participants receive a certification, and for those pursuing the advanced digital marketing course, they are also offered job assistance and an internship.

The Future Plans

At BUSFAM, the future is all about envisioning rock-solid connections with the pertinent clients. The company is infusing emotion into every digital story, using AI and innovative tools to make them unforgettable. The team will focus more on staying ahead of the latest ad trends; ensuring clients receive the most impactful updates. They are committed not only to supporting businesses in need of advertising and marketing assistance but also to nurturing individuals aspiring to gain certifications and employment in this field.

Igniting Words from the Trailblazers

“As entrepreneurs, we would like to convey the importance of perseverance, compassion, and a collaborative spirit. We would also like to share that feeling happy on the inside is really important. When we are genuinely happy, it helps us appreciate and find meaning in our work. It is essential not to become too comfortable because being content all the time can make us lazy. We should always look for ways to grow and get better.
Also, one should respond thoughtfully, not quickly, while facing the challenges. This way, we build a better version of ourselves. Great things take time to blossom. Trust the process; incubation is more than a timeframe. Embrace persistence, determination, and resilience; they breathe life into your dreams. Ignore the doubters; stay true to your vision. Your dream is valid; let it fuel your journey. If it’s worth giving up, perhaps it wasn’t your true dream after all.”






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