Among the critical elements to maintaining competitiveness in the rapidly changing company environment is digital transformation. Predictions state that quantum and edge computing, the Internet of Things, robotic process automation, mixed reality, augmented reality, and blockchain will entirely rule the new technology sector in the following years. Still, the transformation of today’s companies will be significantly aided by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics of Kushagramati.

Brand Symbolism

Sharp intelligence is essential in the emerging global system, which Kushagramati signifies. A two-act tale called Kushagramati is recounted utilizing the Sanskrit idioms Mati and Kushagra. The latter represents cunning, sharpness, and zeal. Agra represents the tip of a sharp-edged and pointed grass called “Kusha.” Mati, which also means “Intelligence,” refers to sensory knowledge. Ancestors Charaka and Sushruta combined these components to conduct surgeries on patients.

Birth of Kushagramati

The narrative described above may be applied to contemporary business, where Kushagramati Analytics, a partner in custom analytics, assists firms in discovering new opportunities to improve their operations via digital transformation. Kushagramati offers strategic consultation to find company modernization possibilities and create plans and strategies that will help businesses embrace digitalization. The company assists customers in comparing numerous potential digital transformation methods to choose the ones most suited to their requirements. Besides, data-driven solutions are revolutionizing organizations all around the globe as big data has evolved into bulk data over time. Kushagramati comprises a group of high-potential employees and future leaders with a wealth of expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning. In brief, it is a tiny, agile, modest, and adaptable business that offers clients ways to increase productivity through data-driven insights.

Brand Inspiration

If digitization was once an organizational competitive advantage, it is now a necessary component of industrial survival. The world has recently seen tremendous change, with business goals placing digital transformation at the top. Businesses across all industries are implementing transformation strategies to increase profits via improved data gathering, better resource management, data-driven consumer insights, greater connection, predictive analysis, and many other methods. Consequently, organizations must overcome enormous obstacles as data gets more diverse, dispersed, and dense.
The generation of vast amounts of data across the board due to the addition of machine-generated data to current systems, social media, and internal applications has led to an organization’s puzzling problem. Kushagramati was founded to help these firms make better business decisions based on the numerous sorts of data they have acquired internally.

What Kushagramati Offers?

Kushagramati offers strategic consultation to find company modernization possibilities and create plans and strategies that will help businesses embrace digitalization. It assists customers in comparing different Digital Transformation plans to choose the best options for their requirements. Its team can design and create advanced data analytics systems that give users vital and timely business insights. Kushagramati periodically checks in on and adjusts the Data Analytics findings to assist the customers in remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Customer Centric Organization

Kushagramati is customer-focused. Thus it must constantly communicate with them. Its method isn’t one-size-fits-all. The company handles everyone with care and tailor solutions to issues. It improves relevancy and authenticity. Kushagramati provides high-quality services and is sensitive to consumers’ demands. It will help Kushagramati retain current consumers. The company uses these strategies to include faraway audience members.

  • Eliminate obstacles. Make people’s jobs easy
  • Strengthen the weaknesses
  • Be good

Marking the industry

Kushagramati can accomplish ambitious growth by giving clients a distinct competitive edge. Offering a distinctive “partnering value proposition” that provides significant value for the clients is the foundation of the company’s competitive approach. The following essential advantages are attractively combined to form this value proposition:

  • Core Team Immediately Available Partnering with Major Technology, Tool, and Platform Vendors
  • A Quality Culture with a Strong Process Focus
  • Model for Dynamic Business Relationships

The company’s solutions are powered by solid expertise and appropriate functional experience, combined with new-age technology, which sets it apart from other companies in the industry.

Kushagramati’s Marketing Initiatives

Kushagramati describes its company and services on social media by providing updates on offers, job vacancies, and use cases. Live and webinar sessions help the company create relationships, learn about rivals, and expand its networks.
The brand communicates with well-known specialists in many sectors and locations while increasing its network points to reach additional partners and customers to understand business landscapes. Kushagramati is exploring certain crucial efforts to promote Kushagramati in its chosen markets.

  • Cover articles about specialist solutions in publications
  • Write articles for trade publications
  • Online and media
  • Attending conferences and expos
  • Utilizing Knowledge Communities with Alliance Partners on LinkedIn

Uniqueness of Kushagramati

The company’s extensive pool of products and services ensures greater consumer data insight in a safe environment. Kushagramati works directly with each client to use its industrial and digital capabilities to enhance their data and application. We invest in technology and people to provide the customers with the most satisfactory service.
Kushagramati is a services organization with expertise in Healthcare, Logistics, Pharma, and Retail. It designs use cases for diverse industrial sectors based on its knowledge to deliver quicker customer solutions. The company has tailored its ML models to analyze data quickly, whether for data transfer, ingestion, establishing a data lake, or dashboards with business insights. Kushagramati is a small, agile, modest, and adaptable firm. It has certified 15 people in a short period. The company is happy to join one of the leading data analytics systems.

Future Plans

India is a fast-growing digital consumer market. People expect businesses or governments to enhance customer experience. Technology is set to transform practically every area of India’s economy as digital capabilities and connections improve. Kushagramati Analytics creates economic value and changes the way millions of citizens operate.
Companies that innovate and digitize quickly may boost their profitability and productivity in India’s big, connected market. Kushagramati builds technology-enabled business concepts that produce value. The company concentrates on emerging digitizing industries like Pharma, Logistics, retail, and Healthcare, which aren’t historically part of India’s digital economy but have the potential to incorporate new technology.
Kushagramati Analytics will address today’s and tomorrow’s demanding and dynamic environment with unique business models and a compelling value offer. The company wants to be a top digital transformation company. Kushagramati’s thought leaders are ready to manage the organization with unique initiatives and a focus on critical capabilities.

Advice for the young Prime Insights’ Readers

Many Indians are born entrepreneurs. Kushagramati’s CEO, Dr. Anant R Koppar, CEO & Managing Director, wants to see entrepreneurs create breakthroughs that challenge how the company conducts business.
“Entrepreneurs must work hard, have fresh ideas, and be persistent. Please avoid quick gains/high values. Disruptive ideas are always successful. Success is your contentment with what you accomplished.” Said Dr. Anant R Koppar, CEO & Managing Director.






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