Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd: Painting an Outstanding Aisle of Excellence in the Kitchen Equipment Industry for Over Two Decades


Kumar Equipment (India)

The company we present today has earned the recognition of being the largest supplier, exporter, and importer of commercial kitchen, refrigeration, and bakery equipment in India. Having indomitable expertise in providing holistic kitchen solutions, including consultancy, designing, and layout plans with complete technical details for commercial kitchens, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited’s story is beyond what is considered typical.
KEIPL has been associated with the kitchen equipment industry for over two decades and has successfully provided expertise to players in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, residential schools, learning institutes, hospitals, messes of the armed forces, industrial canteens, clubs, and cafeterias, amongst others, in India as well as in other countries. The company also extends services around the design, layout, and installation of exhaust and fresh air systems, as well as LPG pipelines, ensuring the highest safety protocols are followed. As an ISO 99001:2008-accredited company, KEIPL’s corporate policy is to provide the best quality products, prompt service, and timely execution of projects.

Quality along with timely delivery of the services are watchwords in KEIPL, and no deviation of any kind is tolerated in this regard. The management and workforce of KEIPL are constantly engaged in learning and incorporating technological advancements to go the extra mile for its esteemed clients. Not only are their products magnificent from a technological perspective, but they are also 100% trustworthy because of the company’s strict quality controls and R&D compliances.

Currently, KEIPL operates two manufacturing units in Delhi. These units are comprehensively equipped with the latest machinery to produce large volumes of kitchen equipment as per the design, specifications, and requirements of the customers.

To curate this narrative, Prime Insights invited the company’s Managing Director- Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Director- Mr. Krishan Kumar, and Business Promoter- Mr. Akash Singh for an interactive conversation. The conversation primarily focused on unveiling the lesser-known nuggets about the firm and gathering valuable lessons from their professional experiences. We also got to know about the initial chapters of the company’s journey and what corporate mantras took it to remarkable heights of success. So we invite our readers to cherish this admirable tale of craftsmanship under the exclusive edition, “The 30 Most Trusted and Admirable Brands to Watch in 2023”.

Kumar Equipment

Behind the Curtains of Inception

The inception story dates back to 1996, when suppliers of quality kitchen equipment were scarce and there was a dire requirement to revolutionize the space with accurate industry knowledge. Mr. Rajesh Kumar had a vision of serving the hospitality industry with quality equipment and paving the path for technological advancements to make their way to hospitality. This motivated the dignitary to start manufacturing and supplying the essential array of equipment and serving the customers.

When the business started in 1996, it was a small unit with limited infrastructure and workforce. KEIPL had to overcome many hurdles from competitors who were trying to jeopardize business dealings. Though KEIPL had issues arranging finances, the most prominent hurdle facing them was garnering the trust of the customers. Just like any new entrant fighting against the established players, KEIPL had a tough time propagating awareness of what made their products different from the others. However, with an unflinching commitment to quality manufacturing, adherence to ethical business practices, and providing the best of services, KEIPL succeeded in making it to the core of their customers’ trust and faith!

The Service Diversity

  • Kitchen Location/Sizing: The in-house industry mavens at KEIPL recommend to clients the most appropriate location for the kitchen with regard to the raw material inlet, food service outlets, natural lighting, availability of fresh air, etc.
  • Kitchen Planning: Identifying the type of equipment required in the kitchen to match the menu and covers.
  • Sizing and designing: Sizing, designing, and preparing detailed specifications of all food service equipment.
  • L.P. Gas System Designing: Estimating the total gas requirements to smoothly run the kitchens even during peak load hours. It involves locating the cylinder storage room, sizing LPG gas pipelines, and structuring the specifications of valves and regulators for safe storage.
  • Engineering Design for Kitchen Exhaust System: Under this section, KEIPL designs data for exhaust hoods along with drawings. The size of exhaust ducting is drawn, based on the correct duct velocities.

A Glimpse of the Production Processes


The entire production is separated into the following phases:

  • Procurement Section: Procuring the raw materials, stacking the required gadgetries, and organizing them in proper storage yards.
  • Sheet Metal Section: Procuring the sheet metal from yards for cutting, bending, and punching.
  • Electrical/LPG Fitting: After completing all the sheet metal work, the source of energy is being fitted or connected by qualified and competent technicians.
  • Trial Run: After finishing each product, rigorous trial runs are conducted a couple of times to ascertain optimum results and pass the checks of the quality controller.
  • Inspection by Quality Controller: After trial runs, the quality controller goes through all the aspects of the equipment and streamlines its output.
  • Installation and Service Manual: After delivering the equipment, a live demonstration is given to the client along with a thorough go-through of the instruction manual. The client is intricately briefed on the precautions, does, and don’ts to prevent any mishaps.
  • After-Sales Service: Within the warranty period of 12 months, the organization carries out a quarterly check-up of all equipment. The team continuously inquires with the client about the recent state of the equipment. In the case of any call, the follow-up is being carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • After the Warranty Period: Even after the expiration of the warranty period, if any client contacts KEPIL for further requirements, the team will attend to their concerns with minimum service charges. In case there is a need for replacement or servicing, KEIPL only charges for the spare parts being used, at optimum rates.

Constant Engagement with Customers

Kumar Equipment
Mr. Akash Singh
| Business Promoter |

KEIPL’s Managing Director, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, elucidates, “At KEIPL, the team adopts regular interaction with its customers to discuss their views and expectations. The team closely monitors their feedback and leverages it to enhance the quality of the services. We also conduct regular meetings with the team members to discuss potential areas for improvement. In this regard, our Research and Development team plays a significant role in bringing evolutions to the products that are not only cost-efficient but also stand true to the longevity perspective. These practices ensure that we always stay at the forefront of harnessing innovation and regularly improve our products and services.

Our main ideology is that our customers should get true value in return for their money and time investments. At KEIPL, we follow day-to-day developments happening in the industry of hospitality equipment. By adopting these developments and utilizing stringent Research and Development, we regularly upgrade our products and services, filling the prevalent gaps in the market. Necessary upgrades are done on our products and services when required, which helps us to be ahead all the time. Customers are the true nurturers of our sustained success. It is because of their faith in us that we are motivated to bring only the best to the table. We immensely believe and propagate the credence that customer is God.”

Reflecting on the Progress So Far

KEIPL’s Director, Mr. Krishan Kumar, proudly discusses KEIPL’s notion of firmly believing in doing business with an ethical approach. He said that since its inception, KEIPL has never deviated from its corporate values, irrespective of the adversities the company has faced. The dignitary continues, saying, “We do business the right way, and we’re honest when we make deals. We treat everyone fairly and always act with integrity. In addition to it, we also care about the environment and hence adopt sustainable practices in our business practices.”

A Deep Dive into Company Strengths

  • Robust Infrastructure: Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited boasts sound infrastructure and a dedicated workforce.
  • Active R&D Division: Being a progressive organization run by a team of highly experienced and well-trained technocrats, the company looks forward to innovative ideas. The R&D department is equipped with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) section and material testing labs.
  • Better After-Sales Services: The company realizes that effective after-sales service is essential for the round-the-clock contentment of its customers. Therefore, elaborate after-sales services are provided to customers through dedicated customer care development.

Fostering an Enriching Work Culture

As a part of the promotion for qualitative output, KEIPL trains the employees about the latest upgrades happening across the kitchen equipment industry. Whether it is administrative compliance, production processes, sales, or execution, the latest technology and innovations are incorporated through employees’ upskilling. Employees who adapt to such efficient technologies improve the working atmosphere and also proactively devote their complete qualitative time for the benefit of the company they work for.

Mr. Akash Singh, Business Promoter at KEIPL, touches upon the USPS of the company’s work culture: “KEIPL has a proactive and agile mindset when it comes to empowering the workforce to the best of our abilities. We have sincerely adopted various measures for the well-being of our employees across all aspects—mental, physical, social, and emotional. Promoting employees and providing welfare opportunities motivates them to stay committed to their responsibilities. We extend various benefits through our promotional methods, focusing on helping employees sharpen their skillset, work on their productivity, and grow in an inclusive work environment. Our workforce and associates are considered integral parts of the KEIPL family.”

Leading with R&D

KEIPL is peculiar about maintaining stringent quality in R&D. The team is always at the forefront of coming up with new, innovative products. Through the ardent support of its R&D wing, the company is also working on certain other products that are not related to the current nature of business and would be launched as diversification.

Parting Words

“At KEIPL, our sole guiding motto has become the cornerstone of our approach to success: “Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win.” This principle encompasses the essence of our philosophy, reminding us that achieving success only comes through integrity, valuing customers, unwavering determination, and persistence. We see challenges as essential bridges to success. To make this motto a reality, we encourage all our team members, stakeholders, and readers of Prime Insights Magazine to be clear about their ambitions and set a full-proof execution strategy. With a crystal-clear execution strategy in mind, one can chart the course of their intellect in the right direction.

Remember, success is not merely about setting the destination but also about navigating the journey. Keep learning from the experiences along the way, adapting actively to changes, and making the most of each opportunity that comes your way. At KEIPL, we live by these words and inspire everyone within our organization to do the same. Join us as we promise to walk on the path of determination, knowing that winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.”

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