India is enriched with ayurvedic herbs and natural resources that are worldwide famous for self-care, hygiene, medical and other purposes. Many entrepreneurs, mainly Indians, have combined modern technology and Indian-based natural ingredients to create a range of natural and organic products. What’s more? Some businesspeople are adapting and promoting veganism, a medium of cruelty-free and sound living with other beings like animals, plants, etc.
Today, we have two women entrepreneurs, Kimi and Rica, promoting luxurious and vegan self-care products under a brand name- Kimirica! These women are proving that adaptation to natural ingredients and products can save animals and plants around us. In addition, they have created skincare, bath, body, and gifting products using ethical and vegan resources to provide a luxurious self-care experience to the users.
Without further exaggeration, let us dig into Kimirica’s founding experience from the owners, namely, Kimi and Rica! We are sure that the tell-tale story of Kimirica will inspire something within you for ethical and natural product business ideas.

Purpose of Kimirica

It was 2012, the beginning of the digitalization and marketing of herbal products when Kimi and Rica started a company to provide natural products. The women entrepreneurs of Kimirica started the business solely to provide ethical, vegan, and luxurious self-care living experiences to the customers. For that, they have created a mindful product range that is trusted and loved by most luxury hotels and resorts in India and other countries. By 2022, Kimirica has made itself a legacy of a decade-long lifestyle and self-care brand.

Roadmap of the Company

Before founding the company, Kimirica, the founders noticed that many Indians would bring products from overseas with them while travelling abroad which was back in 2012. Hence, Kimi and Rica joined their first names to make a brand named Kimirica to offer ethical and vegan self-care products to fill the requirements in the Indian market. Here at Kimirica, the clients are given an extravagant and guilt-free self-care experience that is always tailored to their needs.
According to Kimirica’s women entrepreneurs, everything they do has them at the brand’s center as its creators, producers, and formulators. In addition, everything from the initial concept through the final product’s delivery to the consumer is handled by

Kimirica’s owners themselves.

Unsurprisingly, a team has been required to operate and promote the Kimirica brand for over a decade. To estimate the team as of 2022, Kimirica’s founders have said that over 500 employees work with them alongside a team of more than 15 researchers and scientists for vegan and natural products.
There is no denying that if you are looking for products, including bath, skincare, and body, you will find them at the Kimirica store.

Clientele Base of Kimirica

According to Kimi and Rica, the Kimirica staff makes the customers feel like they belong and that their needs are being handled, making them feel at ease. Therefore, they do not have a specific clientele base. The company has products for everyone for their self-care needs. People who work with Kimi and Rica are genuine ambassadors of the Kimirica brand.
Commenting on the clientele base question, the Kimirica founders said, “We service everyone with our ethos and values in mind. We want individuals to be able to indulge in lavish self-care without damaging the world or the environment in which they live. In addition, we are working to make that a reality.”

The Best R&D

According to Rica, one of the founders of Kimirica, the company has made the smart choice to come up with ideas, manufacturing, formulations, and innovations in-house. She also added that their team tests about 200 or more ingredients per year. The ingredients that the company does not use are put aside.
Moreover, Kimirica does more than 20 quality checks to ensure that all products get to the customer in ready-to-use forms. Kimirica’s R&D team ensures that all operations work out rightly.

Adaptation of Market Trends

In a real sense, Kimirica has always been among the first in the industry to pick up on any new idea or trend. Many chemicals used in self-care products worldwide to make them work better are bad for the environment and the skin. Rica, one of the founders, gives an example of parabens. She states that in 2012–2013, parabens were used in 95% of self-care products. It motivated Rica and her co-founder Kimi to start the first company in India alongside a movement to eliminate parabens in self-care products. Every year, Kimirica’s team surveys harmful ingredients and chemicals worldwide. The survey gives the company a list of harmful ingredients that they never use in the products. Simply put, Kimirica will never use any ingredient if it is not good for its customers.

CSR of Kimirica

Kimi and Rica started a brand of personal care products under the Cleansense brand. In the same brand name, they make products like hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, hand soap, hand washes, and so on.
Furthermore, the company made personalized COVID-19 kits for the quarantined patients around and in Indore. The women entrepreneurs of Kimirica also started and took part in some CSR projects at the state, national and local levels to help the Indian government, society, and patients as a whole.

Employee Satisfaction

Kimirica’s team is the most important part of the business. Both Kimi and Rica make sure their employees are happy by giving them a comfortable workplace.
According to the founders of Kimirica, there are many things that their employees can use to do the same activity. For example, they regularly motivate their employees by giving them feedback, bonuses, and rewards.
Kimi and Rica also add that people who want to try something new and keep learning can get help from them and their Kimirica products.

Milestones and Achievements

You would be surprised to know that every Kimirica item has its story. From the time the customers open the product box to when they use the products, it is a sensory experience. Rica says that a Kimirica product is purchased and used every two seconds worldwide. She adds that this data says a lot about the difference the company has made in the world.

Future Plans

Kimirica’s founders state that they want to make their brand easier for the customers to find because they love Kimirica so much. As a result, Kimirica plans to open more than 300 SKUs and 50 experiential stores alongside expanding its global reach.
Kimi and Rica say that the company’s goal is to spread its vegan, eco-friendly and ethical approach to personal care worldwide.

Advice to Prime Insights’ Readers

The advice of Kimi and Rica to aspiring company owners is that they must stay loyal to their vision and focus on long-term goals. They add that as an entrepreneur, one has no option; however, one will find a method to achieve their goal if the arising questions are addressed.
In the last words, Kimrica’s founders say, “You owe it to the customers who placed their confidence and trust in you to provide something of value.” to Prime Insight’s readers.

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