In Home Personal Services: Built to serve people at the comfort of their home

One of the greatest joys in life is to make an impact in the lives of others. The smile that you receive as a gesture when there are happy with your service is priceless. Inspired by the mission to serve people and make a difference in the community, Michael Collura, in 2004 started a company, In Home Personal Services that later went on to become one of the leaders in non-medical senior care. Offering multiple franchises of their business model across the United States, they embarked on a successful journey to deliver care to countless seniors and their families.


The Inception Story

The inspiration to set up a successful company started way before it was established. At the tender age of 15, the young and energetic Michael Collura, now CEO and President of In Home Personal Services joined his first job at a nursing home in 1990. What amazed him was the way society cared for those that have for a generation meant everything to them. The fascination of always desiring to become a part of their lives and to ensure that as they aged, their golden years be filled with life, independence, joy and security is the cornerstone of commencing this company.


Overcoming challenges

Achieving such a spectacular feat and becoming the leader when it comes to caring at the comfort of home was full of challenges. For Michael, as a leader, it was the struggle to do what was right and not look to please everyone. Pulling off the impossible decisions at the right time while even not knowing, making mistakes and realizing that at the end of the day, they, as a unit, have to overcome it. Without the team, all the hard work goes in vain. To shine brighter and see the days of success, coping up with failure is necessary.


Building blocks 

The credit behind taking this company reaching great heights apart from the team goes to the astute leader, Michael. He has been the backbone, where his entire life, both as a senior and when he started working, has been the same. Under his tutelage, Michael brings that lifestyle and choices that continue to develop In Home Personal Services today. For him, the dearest aspect of being an entrepreneur of this company is the desire to choose a lifestyle, one always wanted to be a part of. Although, during this journey, he thinks failure is inevitable and a requirement to succeed. What is more fearful to him is not being strong enough to overcome all the failures. The good news for the company is because of such an amazing team, together they sail.


Pillars of the company

In Home Personal Services was always open to change but never did they let go any of the values and ethics. They provide the most personal and intimate care and always believe that they are more than a service provider. Every service creates an impact, not just the senior care but on the entire family care. Michael explains that if someone wants to enter the industry because of the growth potential, financial security, resilience to all forms of disaster, then one should stop right now or do something else. The qualities that are vital to surviving in this industry are having a heart, compassion and a genuine desire to help others.


Paths of glory       

Great things in business are never done by a single person, there is always a team behind it. Michael shares that success is a product of teamwork and quoted an example that no professional athlete ever won a game and said that they alone did it. Adding more emphasis, he went on and said, leadership and success in a business go hand in hand like love and marriage, if one lacks then the other fails. The strength and the success of the company is the team that promises to make together a reality for those that trusted them.

One thing that stands out for the company is how they see clients’ needs and deliver the care that makes them unique. With the experience, the shared commitment and resources, innovations, they are the best among the equals. There are differentiating factors that always keep them ahead in this game.


The best fit for the company

When it comes to hiring a candidate, the philosophy of the company is a little different. They see the candidate not for the job they applied for but for the next role they will be promoted into. What is more valuable for them is the drive, the desire rather than experience, resume as the former cannot be taught but the latter can always be. They look for people who can challenge them and take leadership positions. The team that grows shall be able to remove the obstacles that distract and nurture together to work towards the mission.


Spectacular achievements

The never-ending pursuit of excellence has kept growth increasing from the year 2004 and continuing to achieve milestones during this pandemic. The expansion across the United States is happening at a record pace and the size of the franchise system has already doubled since last time this year. They seek for the care provided, the standards to be followed, quality and not necessarily growth. The greatest milestone for them is the growth of the team and cohort of talented individuals surpassing every expectation set in front of them. Building a team that works towards the mission tops the list of numerous achievements


Future prospects

The brand has been relentlessly working towards providing human service. Unfortunately, the freedom we cherish is not shared equally by all. Having this in mind, the company wants to impact Equality and help in building a society where people celebrate all those freedoms, ensuring the basic human right to all.

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